Filipino-Español dia dela Amistad: Expulsar el Beredeman Way

Beredeman Production

You have to give it to the long-time band cooperative Beredeman Production for coming up with a regular barrage of rock events to showcase their local rock star talents. This time, one of the hardest rocking Pinoy ninja metal band Pentavia will be joining the riot, their first time in Baler. I hope they will also include that parke boy who do great original rap compositions.

Poster design by okrakills

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2 Responses to “Filipino-Español dia dela Amistad: Expulsar el Beredeman Way”

  1. ashes says:

    hehehe ayus salamat sir kid sa pagpost!!!kitakits..antayin ang pentavia… avia… ayus!

  2. okrakills says:

    salamat lagi sa link sir!! ayus.. :D

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