Bangon Dingalan Movement Tree Planting Project

Sulong Dingalan Movement
Sulong Dingalan Movement

Bangon Dingalan Movement, a group formed this year by concerned OFWs from Dingalan will have a massive tree planting project in the municipality. The initial phase of this project will be on December 28, 2010. So if you’re near the town on that date and interested to participate, you can get more info at their Facebook Page.

Bangon Dingalan Movement was formed with the aim of conceptualizing projects which may be helpful in uplifting the condition of the municipality of Dingalan, Aurora. The group is being led by Mr. Edelio Alday, who was already featured here in Batangbaler in 2006. You can read about him here. Read all the way to the comments, there’s a surprise ending.

The Bangon Dingalan Movement Facebook Page

The group has been renamed to Sulong Dingalan Movement
Click here to see pictures of their Tree Planting Project

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