Gallery of the Seas

Gallery of the Seas

The week-long Kalahi Summer Arts Workshop conducted on May 18-24 by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts as part of the Baler 400 Celebration culminated on May 24 with a simple program and a display of the sail paintings created by artists from the Arts Association of the Philippines and local artists. The short program was graced by no other than NCCA Executive Director Cecille Guidote-Alvarez. The local government was represented by Baler Vice Mayor Pilot Bihasa and Mr. Jennings Grefalda who represented Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo.

Gallery of the Seas

Click on the slideshow below to view the pictures from the event.

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The Mission of Casiguran

Agta Ako is blogging Casiguran again. Go to the website and read a longish article about the 400 years Anniversary of the founding of the Mission of Casiguran. The town will celebrate the quadricentennial anniversary of its evangelization next week, which is their Fiesta. I want to go, someone invite me!

We heard that some officials in Casiguran are doubting the fact that it’s Casiguran’s 400th founding. What could be the motive or benefit that can be derived from making Casiguran younger? “Matanda na tum bayan tam ay…” the saying goes.

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By the way, i’m still waiting for the official Baler, Aurora website to be updated. It’s not enough to put up a website. Content is King!

The Bounty of Baler

from the Business Mirror written by Benjamin Layug:

BALER, the provincial capital and center for trade and industry of Aurora province, found itself back in the radar recently when a namesake movie won as Best Picture and a host of other awards in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, its plot based on the 337-day (June 27, 1898-June 2, 1899) siege of its Spanish garrison by Filipino rebels.

When the garrison finally surrendered (the last to do so in the country), Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, in admiration, declared, on June 30 (now Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day), that the remaining 33 Spanish soldiers were not to be imprisoned but honored as friends. Me and my family watched the movie and, being actually filmed on location, I was also impressed by its rugged scenery and decided to visit it. I did so on Holy Week. With me were my two kids, Jandy and Cheska, plus lady friends Lourdes “Lulu” Siguenza and Rosevie “Vi” Sevilla.

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I just want to correct something. In the article, Mr. Layug wrote:

Long before the movie, Baler was already known as one of the country’s top five surfing areas, its tall waves “artificially” created when the town’s engineers opened the mouth of Baler Bay to the town’s river to prevent flooding during the rainy season. The clashing waters coming from the river and the Pacific formed strong, sharp break waves that now provide an exhilarating high among experienced surfers.

This is not true. Baler always has big waves and they were not artificially created. Town engineers periodically open or enlarge the river’s mouth to prevent floods during typhoon season but they only affect the natural waves near the river. The more popular surfing spots along Sabang Beach and Cemento Cove are all natural.