Walking Stick

Spotted some kids playing on this huge walking stick at the dam going to Ditumabo Falls last Saturday. We didn’t go all the way to the Falls (i think it’s now called Hydro Falls), i’m not ready to see the change yet but a big building near the dam and some huge metal pipes provided some sneak preview.

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2 Responses to “Walking Stick”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i have read that ditumabo falls is now hydro falls can you give us some info about this project is it run by nia or by a special project.

  2. Kidlat says:

    The project is being implemented by the Municipal Government of San Luis using a 1 miilion dollar loan from a European country.

    I don’t know if they will operate a separate power distribution in San Luis since Aurelco has no interest with the project (i’ve heard, i could be wrong).

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