The New Aragon House

The Aurora Aragon Quezon House

More than a month ago, I noticed that the Aurora Aragon-Quezon house on the corner of San Luis and Rizal St. was missing. It was demolished in less than 2 days. Then immediately after, construction started in the area. Now, the new house is almost finished. It’s supposed to be a replica of the Aragon House, or the house of Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon. I have no idea how the real Aragon house looked like but I think it’s not as grand as this one. I think the plan is to open it during the Phil-Spanish Friendship Day on June 30. It’s interesting to note that during the Spanish period, the owner of the house, Pedro Agaron, was imprisoned by the Spanish and died at captivity. But that was a long time ago. Now we’re friends. But we should never forget.

This is how the old house, which was also a recreation, looked like:

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4 Responses to “The New Aragon House”

  1. Mike says:

    The Aragon House was restored by no less than the heritage fighter himself Arch. Augusto Villalon, he has a column on Inquirer.

  2. McJordan says:

    Hope this project, The Aragon House, will serve as an added attraction

    that will improve the Tourism Industry and will generate more income

    for the town of Baler.

  3. [...] Quadricentennial of Evangelization. Aurora to host Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009, announced by SEDJA. The Aragon House being reconstructed in front of the Baler Church fast taking shape. A visit to Aurora by Rina [...]

  4. myrna says:

    I was browsing looking for something and I came across to this website and Alas! it’s a wonderful thing. I was astonished, I do appreciate subjects like this which is a good contribution to our society.
    Philippines is one of the most wonderful place in the orient and Filipinos are so blinded by
    money (which I regret, really) because of poverty , I am referring to the poor, but the money is not found, anywhere, why? ( due to very very serious corruption by the people who sits under the ceiling of the Phil. Government.)
    It is so sad to see the truth, (you do not have to seek for the reason) THERE WILL BE NO
    CHANCE TO SEE PROSPERITY, AGAIN. PHILIPPINES IS LIKE A PLACE IN THE MOVIES, PEOPLE REVOLVING AROUND IT ARE ALL ACTORS (I am not referring to the actors like Fernando Poe, but just plain actors, get it?) . I am so sad about my country called ” THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT”.

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