The Beaches of Aurora

Here’s something to chase the bad news away:

Canawer Beach, Dilasag, Aurora

Canawer Beach, Dilasag, Aurora

Casapsapan Beach, Casiguran, Aurora

Casapsapan Beach, Casiguran, Aurora (photo: Ferdie Delos Reyes)

Diniog Beach, Casiguran, Aurora

Diniog Beach, Casiguran, Aurora

More pictures after the jump

Dalugan Beach

Dalugan Beach, San Ildefonso, Casiguran (photo: JA Zaballero)

Dinadiawan Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora

Amper Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora

Amper Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora (photo: Olin)

Dibut Bay, San Luis, Aurora

Digisit, Baler, Aurora

Baler Beach

Dicasalarin Beach, Baler

Dingalan Beach (photo: Jay Jallorina)

And that’s only a sampler. Good day!

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6 Responses to “The Beaches of Aurora”

  1. oscar says:

    May nakapag-imbestiga na baga kung bakit karamihan sa lugar sa Aurora ay nagsisimula sa Di?

  2. joseph says:

    oscar: most places in aurora and the adjoining towns in isabela were named by the Dumagat’s. “Di” is a prefix they attach to words to mean “where there is” or “there is plenty of”. Example is Dilasag. “lasag” is a Dumagat term for meat. So “dilasag” supposedly meant “where there is plenty of meat”. The problem is most of the words where the prefix “di” is attached to are not clear to us Tagalogs. So the meaning is lost in the names. Maybe someone should try to look for Dumagats who still use their native dialect and try to unravel the mysteries of our Di-places. I would like to know what Dimadimalangat or Dicasalarin means.

  3. LV says:

    very good joseph your doing youy homework…..anyway aurora beaches are beautiful really ……but some folks are not just responsible enough to preserve its beauty….im from sabang and im so disappointed about how they dispose their garbage,…

  4. la lang says:

    joseph, baka maraming salarin (ng anung krimen?) hehehe.. dun sa dicasalarin! hehehe..o kaya “salarin” from the word salad..hehhe salaring pako, buko..wala lang…….ganda naman talaga ng lugar natin..hehehe..parang stranger tuloy ako in my own place..de ku pa talaga nakita un iba diyan ay…

  5. death metal says:

    ang ganda talaga ng aurora

  6. ivm says:

    great! great! great! ahhh, wala ako masabi talaga