The Baler 400 Stamp

Baler 400 Stamp

These stamps were issued yesterday (June 30) during the celebration of the 7th Filipino-Spanish Friendship Fay to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the evangelization of the town of Baler. The stamps features the old and the new Baler church. An official first day cover envelope was also issued with the stamps. The envelopes with 2 stamps were sold yesterday for 22 pesos each. I bought 2 pieces for souvenir.

Baler 400 Stamp

A closer scrutiny of the stamp showing the new Baler church reveals some errors in the illustrations. The bell tower is too small and the walls of the recessed baptistry on the front right side of the church is missing and replaced by a window.

A news about the stamps appeared on the Philippine Star courtesy of Manny Galvez

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  1. tikis says:

    Nice work in promoting Baler consciousness all over! Its a prayer however that we are aware of the cultural significance more than just the venue that Baler had been and is…

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