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Joseph Tomas Gonzales

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Celebrado Carrasco Gonzales
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Calixta Molina Carrasco
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Francisca Morales Molina
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Sabino Molina
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Fray Jose Urbina Esparragoza


you can contact me at [email protected]
or look for me at Facebook: Joseph Tomas Gonzales

5 thoughts on “The Author”

  1. ser joseph, ang galing nyu naman po at nakapagpanukala kayu ng ganitung uri ng website.., makakatulong po itong mag-promote ng patriotism at self identity ng mga anak ng Aurora.

  2. Hi! Tito Kulog or Kidlat!?!
    Im trisha, daughter of arvin ruzol! :)
    I like your blog and my dad too… I would like to ask how you got sponsors and donations for your blog! Please help me! Thanks!

  3. Dear Mr. Gonzales,
    that was a pleasure to visit your website.
    I was living in Manila and Clark from 2003-2007 and still have fond interest in filipino culture.

    My wife has a friend in (i have to ask her, she is at work right now) somewhere Nueva Ecija – I haven´t been there yet but we will consider to visit this region and Baler.

    Best regards from Germany

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