The Aurora Inter-Organizational Alliance – USA

(AIOA-USA’s officers.Standing from left to right: Andy Leander, Atty. Terry Herrera, Roland Protesta, Ezer Teh, Primo Teh, Efren Padua, Dante Rubio. Seating from left to right: Jennifer Duaso-Faustino, Doris Pena-Herrera, Alegria Querijero-Wong, Dr. Belen G. Guerrero, Violeta Morada-Ferraren, Lucy Gonzales-Entac, Merle Francisco-Manalac and Cely Ruidera-Antonis)

I got acquainted with Mr. Dante Rubio via Facebook. Mr. Rubio is a former Board Member of Aurora Province and is now based in the USA. He is the President of an umbrella organization of Auroranians in the USA, the Aurora Inter-Organizational Alliance – USA. I asked him for some info about AIOA-USA. Here’s his message:

The Aurora Inter-Organizational Alliance-USA was brought about by a clamor to put up an umbrella organization for Auroranians in the US- which will serve as a venue- where we can vent out our longings and yearnings, and consequently, bring meaning to our exilic life here in the US. The association was preceded by a series of frustrations aimed at putting up a similar organization for Auroranians, but fizzled out to oblivion for unclear reason.

On its third year now, the AIOA-USA is bent on making an impact on the lives of, not only our members here, but to the people of Aurora. We realize we have to take advantage of the blessings of this great country and share it with the less fortunate of our kababayans. We dream to contribute to the development of our beloved province specially in the area of education, environment, tourism and hopefully, with God’s grace contribute to the living standards of the poor, by embarking on something that will provide economic impact on the province poor population. Last year we started to make our advocacy a reality by distributing used computers to the different schools located in the outskirts, like Cemento, Pingit, Obligacion in Baler, Dimanayat, Dikapinisan, Ditumabo in San Luis; Diome, Dikildit, Ditailen in Maria to name a few, and the rest of the towns getting their equitable share. We have distributed used clothings and other second hand stuffs, so that those who have practically nothing can have something to cover their body during those cold nights in the outback. These are continuing projects which we hope to continue for as long as we can sustain. The organizationis doing its fair share here in promoting tourism-by way of our press releases that saw print in Fil-Am newspapers- in the equally majestic Aurora known also for its pristine beaches, ctystal clear rivers, awesome waterfalls, breattaking mountain view and the giant waves that mesmerize many.

Hopefully, with the grace of God, we will get positive response from notable foundations like the Oprah Winphrey Foundation, Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation to partner with us to realize the org’s big dreams. We are also trying to hook up with the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.

And as we, the Ak-kaws, the Wadi Lak-kes’ and the Ilokdits weave our dream and make our mark, we hope that while exilic existence is not at all easy, we can do our part as we look back to our land of origin by bringing in small tokens of gratitude to the land that nourished us during the days of our innocence.

Current officers of the association for Year 2010-2112 are: Dante H. Rubio, president; Doris Pena-Herrera of Casiguran, vice president representing DIDICADI; Rey Tan of Baler representing Baler, San Luis, Maria Aurora and Dingalan; Violeta Feraren of Baler, secretary; Lorna Pena-Alilain of Casiguran, asst secretary;Lucy Gonzales-Entac of Baler, treasurer; Ezer Teh of Baler, asst treasurer; Robert Teh, auditor; Merlyn Esteves of Casiguran, PRO; Leggie Querijero-Wong of Baler, asst PRO; Cely Ruidera-Antonis, asst PRO; Andy Leander of Baler, sgt at arms; Primo Teh of Casiguran, sgt at arms.

The Board of Directors are: Dr. Belen Guerrero (Baler), Luisa Hertazuela-Pilapil (San Luis), Atty. Terry Herrera (Casiguran), Efren Padua (Maria Aurora), Jennifer Duaso Faustino, (Dinalungan), Roland Protesta (Dilasag, ex oficio) Rosemarie Dumadara-Mangosong (Dipaculao).

Advisers are: Lor Ancheta, Carlos Lumasac, Adel Angara-Maxion, Dan Mora, AmeLita Briones, Ernesto Avenilla, Zosimo Novicio. Legal Adviser, Adolfo Villareal-Nabor.

More power and good luck to Aurora Inter-Organizational Alliance-USA and to the other association of Auroranians in the USA like the Aurora Association – USA, Aurora Association of the Midwest and the Casiguran Association – USA.

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3 Responses to The Aurora Inter-Organizational Alliance – USA

  1. Dante says:

    Dear Joseph,

    I prepared this message hastily (my Facebook message to you) after you inquired about some information about the AIOA-USA, moments after you posted your message of inquiry. As in any exchanges between chatters in Facebook, some particulars/details, including grammar are being inadvertently ignored. In our exchange, you mentioned in passing you don’t have to write the article anymore as my message seems sufficient. For clarification though, lest I might be misunderstood, because of the reach of this website, it was way out of my thought that there is another organization here (the Aurora Association) that is based in the East Coast. Continental US is so huge nobody would think you are in one country when referring to various organizations (California alone is as big as the Philippines), and it was certainly out of my thought process when I refer to the AIOA-USA, as if it is the only Aurora Association here. For the record, AIOA-USA is based mainly in the West Coast which has a three hour time difference with the East where the Aurora Association is mainly based. I am writing this clarification to set the record straight.

  2. balerian says:

    Congratulations and more power to AIOA-USA.

    Are you planning to organize endowment funds to have a sustained momentum of your projects? For a long time I have noticed that so many projects in RP including the ones in Aurora seems to be knee-jerk projects—mostly short terms like one or two- day medical missions, typhoon /disaster relief operations etc. I think Endowment funds would also give a positive impressions for the AIOA especially with your plans on linking with the well known Foundations in USA.

    Ak-kaw ang raming taga Angara St…simulan sa Quezon St papuntang lugar ng mga dehin…Belen, Robert, Ezer, Kuya Dan,Violeta, Andy, Ka Ernesto at sino pa nga baga? Pwede nang lumaban sa bayatu!

  3. balerian says:

    Totoo ‘yang sinabi mo kabayan, nababalita na sa maraming lugar ang natural beauty ng Aurora kasama ang unique flora and fauna. Marami sa West Coast maski sa Austalia gustong pumunta sa Baler. Maski si Sim nagtatanong na kung paano raw ang pagpunta ng mga turista diyan. Ang Canili o Villa Aurora Route ay alam kong hanggang Casiguran na pero maraming nagtatanong kung patuloy hanggang Cagayan at laguslos sa buong East side ng Luzon. Kailangan baga ay SUV 4×4 ang gamit? Sino po ang may alam?

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