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Discovering Baler

from the Manila Standard Today online, another review of the Baler, Aurora book. By: Mae Gianina Cabalida.

As with all books, it’s not important what writers have been through, but what the writers produce and it’s not important what the book looks like, beautiful as it is, but what it contains.”— Manuel L. Quezon III.

Baler takes the reader into a journey through the capital town of Aurora, a province situated between lush and formidable mountains, and a vast coastline opening to the Pacific.

The book describes in detail a town that has been witness, and sometimes casualty to, a rich and colorful history. Originally three miles closer to the shore, Baler was transferred to its present site after a tsunami in 1735 wiped off the original town, leaving only five surviving families: the Angaras, Bijasas, Bitongs, Carrascos, Lumasacs and Pobletes.

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