Joe and the Whale Shark: by Robert Geier

I linked this article during the early days of batangbaler. I’m glad it’s still up. Here is it again for those who already forgot about it and to the new arrivals. It’s about a kayak adventure near the famous Charlie’s Point in Baler and an encounter with a whale shark.

Have a taste: “The shark was swimming towards the river mouth, and it had just been coincidence that we had been between it and it’s feeding grounds. We stopped paddling and the shark came up to within a meter of us, swimming past with slow flicks of the tail, mouth open, filtering the water. Paddling around the shark, following it towards the shore I waved to the surfers, indicating the fin and waving them closer to get a better look at this amazing endangered animal. Of course, the surfers, being further away from the shark, and more exposed to attack took one look at the fin I was pointing to and I have never seen surfers paddle so fast. They didn’t stop until they were on the beach out of harm’s way, and out of hearing as we yelled out to explain that the shark was harmless.”

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