Metz checking the relief goods the morning after the arrival at Baler. Their house at Gloria Street became the temporary headquarters of the Aurora Volunteers.

The River at Dimanagsag in Calabuanan, Baler, Aurora grew to about 20 times in width and flooded the residences near the river up to a meter deep. The roads were nearly wiped out. This picture was taken one week after the flood.

The brothers Sinsay handing out relief goods to residents of Dimanagsag in Calabuanan.

One of the most devastated areas in Baler is Sitio Gabgab in Buhangin. One week after the flood, the area is still covered in mud and some pockets of water still remains. The November 30 flood hit them at midnight and covered most of the houses up to the roof. Most of them spent the rest of the night on their roof until they were rescued by boats in the morning.

Handing out relief goods to Gabgab residents.

The flood washed out some of the riverside residences at Sitio Puduk in Buhangin. The bridge where this photo was taken almost collapsed when half of the foundation was washed out by the water. For days it was unpassable to heavy vehicles.

The other side of Pudok River.

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