Oplan Villa Aurora

Part 3 of Aurora Volunteers’ relief operation in Villa Aurora on December 31st was another success. The Villa residents are now in Sitio Dimani and we were able to give them our small yuletide presents. Going to the place is another story, the road was one big landslide from Diteki to Villa, and i guess up to Labi in Bongabong. Most of the concrete roads are now gone or unusable and the road condition reverted back to the 1960’s. Villa is one big mess of a place. All structures were either submerged in sand or covered with landslides.

Big thanks again to those who helped with the goodies and the actual operation. Thanks also for the pandesal, the lunch, the cake and the merienda. Our New Year felt much much better.

Some part of the road are so bad we have to get out of the jeep and walk. Notice the concrete double box culvert thrown out of the road.

Cooling off the engine. We were perched on the roof of the jeep because priority was given to the goods. During the operation, people were treated only as second class cargo.

Arrival at Sitio Dimani

Sitio Dimani, located approximately two kilometers from Villa Aurora is located on the top of the mountain and was relatively unharmed during the disaster. The place served as the evacuation area for the Villa residents. This is also where the dislocated Villa residents will be permanently relocated.

The small chapel served as backdrop for the relief operation. Priority were given to Villa residents

Large crowd turnout.

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    astig kayu!

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    panalo!!!mabuhay kayo!!!

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    good work team!keep it up!lets help more people..thats our mission aurora volunteers forever…-alvinbuenconsejo

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    akaw galing anu..sayang wala aku :) keep it up peeps!

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    keep it up bro! good job!

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