Nursing and Physician Board Exam Results

The results of the latest Nursing and Physician Board Exams.

New Nurses
New Doctors

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Congratulations! Please use the comment link to congratulate Aurorans in the lists. May they stay and serve in the country for a while before they go abroad.

2 Responses to “Nursing and Physician Board Exam Results”

  1. 83twothree Says:

    congrats mam 8384-lynette hernandez and goodluck to your next plan..tc

  2. melsantos Says:

    you cannot balme our kababayans to go abroad after finishing nursing and getting their license. in the states alone by the year 2010, the state of new jersey alone will be needing at least 40,000 nurses to fill in the gap and the needs. not to mention other states like florida, which is really much in need of nurses. in fact some of the hospitals are asking some of the retired nurses to come back to work again. there are nursing schools that cannot give out graduates and there are no instructors. i have retired almost two years from my previous job in one of the major airline in chicago, but decided to go and study to be a CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT(CNA) we are only nine in the class. CNA are now being sought after because the hospitals are doing what they call BEDSIDE TRAINING because of the shortage of nurses. now, i am enrolled as A LICENSES PRACTICAL NURSE(LPN) and we are only six in the class. i will not go further to RN because i am not that young anymore. americans does not like this type of job because for them it is too dirty and they will loose their social life once they come into this field. would you beilieve the RN program in my school has only five students for this semester. . the problem with our kababayan when they come to states and work in the hospital is they buy a very expensive car immediately that has to be paid in five years time.they will have lots of charges in their credit cards and all those tempting merchandise in the market are immediately bought by them. i hope to see our kababayans working the states so that their parents will see the fruits of their labors for their children when they were sent to school.

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