New Old Photos of Baler

And we’re back! Thanks for hanging in there. The ever reliable Poppo Olag responded to our call for more old photos of Baler. He emailed me this bunch. All captions are his.

1939 Photo of President Quezon taking a Dip in Cemento.
1939 Photo of President Quezon taking a Dip in Cemento.

1950 Feast Celebration of St. Isabel in Castillo.

1. Jorge Querijero, 2. Tomas Ranillo, 3. Militon Querijero, 4. Isidro Gonzales (Upay), 5. Fontanilla (I forget his first name), 6 Mateo Bautista, and 7. Segundo Duaso. Picture was taken in 1929 at Dibucao.

More photos after the jump.

Mayor of Baler in 1950 with his Municipal Council. From the left: Filomena Valenzuela, Pedro Lopez, Guillermo Gomez, Mayor Pedro V. Guerrero, Juan Angara, Anacleto Mijares, and Tomas Angara.

1947. Front Row: From the left, Andres Bitong, Maximino Valenzuela, Bernardo Angara (Bim). Second Row: From the left Gabriel Gonzales, Isidro Gonzales (Upay), Kinching Teh, and Antonio Gonzales. Top from the left, Darwin Veloso, and his father Dr. Veloso. Picture was in the Old Dispensary where Mt. Carmel is now located.

1950. From left, Francisco Guzman, Poppo Olag, Vicente Gonzales (Benting), and Eulogio Grasparil (Attaboy).

Poppo Olag 1949.

Click here for more old pictures of Baler and Aurora.

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  1. jayson says:

    yan pla ung mga taong naunang tumira sa baler…
    nice,may mga alala papala sa atin ang kasaysayan ng baler…

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