Mount Carmel High School Batch 70 Reunion

Mount Carmel high School Batch 70

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From Mr. Boyet Teneza: Credit to all the members of the MCC High, Batch 70’, the implementers of all these innovations. Wow!, it’s 37th year!, we have gone and done it again. Allow us to give everyone a big pat on the back, over this recent achievement. We bring special thanks to all members of the batch who, in any way, got involved and exerted efforts to make this reunion successful and made all preparations possible, amidst communication barrier. We occupied Gregorio Peñamante’s residence, who graciously hosted the affairs, in Cabanatuan City. The Manila-based chapter, headed by Lucette, with yours truly Boyet, Myrna, Erlyn and Ben, had associated with Baler-based chapter in the errand activities by way of cellphone instructions only. With this effort, the Baler-based chapter had pledged their support and received the task assigned to them. At the morning of December 8, 2007, the place was set with tables and chairs, on a garden setting - fresh and cool open air and surrounded by green trees. As you get inside the compound, a hut (kubo) - which Greg referred to as “pahingahan”- is seen at the left side, festooned with blinking lights. It was very, very cozy and homey for everyone. First to come, was the group of Lucette, (with Erlyn and Myrna) at around 1400H. Then by 1700H, three vans from Baler composed of Mrs. Hokam, the couples Loida and Maning Ico, Loida and Tirso lapig, Tendo and Leny Espana, Rodante Cuento and family, Ka Pureza and Wa-ito, Irene Trinidad with lone son, Ella Gabriel, Maritha Kuizon, Yolanda Rey, Carolina Sotero, Inday Merin, Doya Bitong, Maribel Leander, Elsa Gloria, Aguey Bitong, there also Jinggoy Samano, Effed Querijero, Danny Atayde, Speck Jimenez, arrived. Then Zenaida Basquiña and husband arrived. With Zenaida’s family in the tsinelas-making business, she brought in a total of hundred pairs of home-made tsinelas for xmas giveaways. The last to arrived that afternoon, was the group of Ben , with (yours truly) Boyet Teneza, Ambet Carrasco and Noli Mejico.

AS soon as the last group arrived, all got themselves busy setting up the dinner buffet table, the assorted colored balloons that adorned all sides, and the Karaoke Bar. The next wave was the scheduled program that was hosted by Lucette. It was set-off through the opening prayer and the welcome remarks. After getting their share of dinner from the buffet table, everyone took their own spots to eat their dinner. Later that night were the games, door prizes, singing contest, and contest on colorful outfits (something like fashion-beauty contest). A remarkable part of the program was the Visual Presentation, presented by yours truly Boyet, that narrated the history of MCC Batch 70. Another highlight of the program was called “Sharing of Stories”, wherein a volunteer had to share his/her funny, touching, or success stories during high school days. Every winner of the contest received a corresponding award in the form of Xmas gift and cash ranging from five hundred to one thousand pesos. It was then followed by awarding of winners and awarding of Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Gonzales and Mrs. Hokam for their untiring support to the batch. After the program, some took their time in Karaoke singing. Many joined in dancing cha-cha in the beat of Karaoke music. Others enjoyed chikahan and found themselves so excited to hear updates from each other. The girls had fun drinking red wine and the boys were energized by drinking wine. And the show went on… the group switched to singing “If we hold on together” (by Diana Ross) and, “I have a dream” (by Abba). Everybody had found themselves enjoying the party. It was at that night that we had fun, laughter, inspirations, and dynamics. We’ve got nowhere to go, but up! Everyone deserves a tap on the back for a job well done. We will always remember that great night and we are looking forward for a more solid and supportive batch.
Long Live the MCC-high, Batch 70’!!!

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