More Mutya ng Pilipinas Pictures

With permission from the photographer Jory Rivera, here are his  pictures of the Mutya ng Pilipinas candidates during the press presentation on July 29.

Sheryl Rose Guerrero, Aurora

Candidate #18 – Sheryl Rose C. Guerrero (Aurora)

Athena Mae D. Imperial, Aurora

Candidate #1 – Athena Mae D. Imperial (Aurora)

Therese Anne Francesca Meelhelb, Northern California

Candidate #2 – Therese Anne Francesca Meelhelb (Northern California)

Dominique Lagrimas, Camarines Sur

Candidate #3 – Dominique Lagrimas  (Camarines Sur)

Disayrey Sayat, Batangas City

Candidate #4 – Disayrey Sayat  (Batangas City)

Ma. Katrina Lopez, Quezon City

Candidate #5 – Ma. Katrina Lopez (Quezon City)

Mary Grace Morala, Cotabato City

Candidate #6 – Mary Grace Morala (Cotabato City)

Melissa Paula Travora, Davao del Sur

Candidate #7 – Melissa Paula Travora (Davao del Sur)

Jennielyn Natividad, Quezon City

Candidate #8 – Jennielyn Natividad (Quezon City)

Jelyssa Madrid, Canada-Vancouver

Candidate #9 – Jelyssa Madrid (Canada-Vancouver)

Ana Baladad, Texas

Candidate #10 – Ana Baladad (Texas)

Lovett Keziah Avenido, Cebu

Candidate #11 – Lovett Keziah Avenido (Cebu)

Mae Lanie Chan, Manila

Candidate #12 – Mae Lanie Chan (Manila)

Jo Ann Peria, Palawan

Candidate #13 – Jo Ann Peria (Palawan)

Agnes Santiago, Pangasinan

Candidate #14 – Agnes Santiago (Pangasinan)

Roselynn Solis, Tarlac

Candidate #15 – Roselynn Solis (Tarlac)

Lenny Gamboa, Pampanga

Candidate #16 – Lenny Gamboa (Pampanga)

Abigaile Fausto, Navotas

Candidate #17 – Abigaile Fausto (Navotas)

May Ann Buenaventura, Taytay

Candidate #19 – May Ann Buenaventura (Taytay)

Christina McGarry, Midwest-USA

Candidate #20 – Christina McGarry (Midwest-USA)

Karen Nacario, Cebu

Candidate #21 – Karen Nacario (Cebu)

Rene McHugh, East Coast-USA

Candidate #22 – Rene McHugh (East Coast-USA)

Dianne de Vera, Romblon

Candidate #23 – Dianne de Vera (Romblon)

Samantha East, Canada

Candidate #24 – Samantha East (Canada)

Consolacion Timbol, Tarlac

Candidate #25 – Consolacion Timbol (Tarlac)

Jacqueline Schubert

Candidate #26 – Jacqueline Schubert

Jenn-roe Gubat, Bulacan

Candidate #27 – Jenn-roe Gubat (Bulacan)

Jane Banares, Legazpi City

Candidate #28 – Jane Banares (Legazpi City)

Zsaharah Nor Mantawil, Davao

Candidate #29 – Nadine Karla de Roxas (Tagaytay City)

Zsaharah Nor Mantawil, Davao

Candidate #30 – Zsaharah Nor Mantawil (Davao)

Marie Loraine de Guzman, Makati

Candidate #31 – Marie Loraine de Guzman (Makati)

Darlene Dina, Batangas

Candidate #32 – Darlene Dina (Batangas)

Pearlyn Hortelano, Cebu City

Candidate #35 – Pearlyn Hortelano (Cebu City)

Nadine Halvorsen, Norway

Candidate #36 – Nadine Halvorsen, Norway

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62 Responses to More Mutya ng Pilipinas Pictures

  1. marie says:

    god luck 2 all candidates of mutya ng pilipinas 2009

  2. iza says:

    NO VOTE RIGGING AND RESULT MANIPULATION . . . Surely, all of you who are complaining are guilty of creating multiple and not legally registered accounts, just so you can vote as many as you can. . . over and over again. The Website monitor that. As you can see, your relentless pursuit has caused the website to crash a few times bring your votes along with it. PLS. . do not complain about website security when you guys are the very people who are EXPLOITING its vulnerabilty. Before you make an accusation. . pls. . pls examine yourself. Be professional. Yo know, moderators and forum administrators has no way of manipulating the results in favor of anyone. in other way around, . . sa inyo bumabalik ang pagiging illegal ninyo.

  3. razalas018 says:

    ganda tlaga ng mga tga aurora! go go go. . .

  4. #6 pretty xia wala n akung nkta n maganda/ taga cotabato city xia pero lakas ng dating go cotabato city go #6 go………………….r0d0lfo cabacang of IV- ST JUDIEL. good luck

  5. ……..gAlingan mo sa performance mo do your best #6 and good luck donT FORGOT TO PRAY to GOD …..Sana manalo ka im KArl brayan A. balquin of .. IV-ST.JUDIEL

  6. piringkit says:

    akaw! talagang walang kwenta ang voting system na iyan! SUPER KADAYAAN LAANG…hehehehehe….hindi naman yan ang pinaglalabanan ay…nasa entablado at sa mga pinagdaanang challenge at screening ang batayan ng resulta mamaya! haaaaaay, God’s will pa rin…acceptance lang ang mahalaga mamaya…basta masaya laang manalo man o matalo si no.1!

  7. justine guerrero says:

    to alex,

    well, thank you for being transparent but who are you to know who can and who cannot compete for an internat’l beauty pageant? i don’t think you’ve been there and done that…accent? oh, so you’re an accent trainer now…look who’s effin talkin’ here? baloney!

  8. tikis says:

    sana maganda viewership rating sa Aug 16 ABC 5 telecast…. makabawi naman ang promotions! Tulungan naman kaya natin promote outside the province…

  9. susut says:

    areh ai ALEX bagu ka magcomment ng kung anu anu diyan at may nalalaman k pang ACCENT???!!!!! ai SPELLING LANG NG PAGEANT ai de mu alam!!nakita ku na pati ung mga ibang comment mu mali2 din ung spelling..kung aku sau boy magaral k muna ng simple english spelling pra nmn mging CREDIBLE ka!!!AKKAW ai bka wala k pa sa pinagaralan ni no. 18…ai cguru kahit civil service exam bka de ka pumasa at spelling lang ng pageant at iba pa ai de mu alam..mag-aral k boy muna anu?advice ku lng pra de k nmn ngmumukha din katawa2..kasi nmn npghahalata lang ang walang pinagaralan d2..kailangan p manira hahaha!!!!local beauty ka jan..ai ikaw cnu k bga?

  10. jayjay burgos says:

    i read a lot about the biographies of the candidates, as i read about other blogs and comments to katrina lopez (#5) she’s a member of religious group Iglesia ni Cristo…and i just thought they’re conservative why all of a sudden it’s okay for them to join in beauty pageant which mostly candidates are show in their bathing suit?!?!?!?!?!? muslim’s also are conservative that’s why women from their group are not allowed to join pageants and their consistent about that, that’s why there is no MS. KSA (saudi) in international pageants…this is just an observation i’m free to listen for any explanation about katrina lopez’ participation in mutya? anyways she loses so i don’t think there is an issue anymore…thank yu guys!

  11. Jonas says:

    Really?Candidate no.5 is a member of INC?How come that she joined in this contest?Does she really wants to exploit her body?I just noticed that she has a sag breast.No Offense meant.I am a man who appreciates beauty but for me she’s very plain.I mean not as beautiful like Bea Alonzo and KC Concepcion.I think she’s liberated even though she is a member of INC.I wondered why their religion allowed her.

    Well,her looks are not fit for a Beauty pageant like this or even Miss EARTH and others.My best advice for her is to concentrate in a career job.

    To organizers of this Beauty Pageant,next time be choosy in choosing candidates.Look for the real BEAUTY!

    Why not convince Megan Young?She’s a real BEAUTY compared to Katrina and other candidates.

    Well,good luck next year!

  12. Wesley says:

    Jayjay Burgos and Jonas: You 2 really know how to be mean. I saw candidate number 5 sa personal. And I think she’s really beautiful especially without makeup. Coz I saw them na nagsusurfing dito sa Baler. She looks really hot in a 2pc. And I think the reason why her breasts look saggy here is because the swimsuit doesnt fit her right, as well as with d other candidates. It’s kind of pulling it down kasi it’s too fitted that’s why it looks that way. Notice the same thing happened to other candidates who are gifted as well. I believe the religion INC is ok with beauty pageants because it’s somewhat for art’s sake. And Regine Angeles poses in underwear in billboards and magazines. She’s also INC. Pati yata si Yasmien Kurdi. Actually I have a huge crush on Maria Katrina kasi I was able to talk to her and smart siya kausap n she makes sense. Mesmerizing. Kaya naman I am defending her. I also heard that Sen. Angara got her as his executive assistant n she’s also teaching workshops here in Baler. Which goes to prove that she’s really a beautiful lady with intelligence and good heart. And Jonas, are you serious about convincing Megan Young? hhaha. Pipol, before you belittle the candidates, can i please see your photo in your swimming trunks?

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