Messageboard Closed, Email Group Opened

Due to some problems with malwares and spams, I have to close the messageboard. There were more spammers in the forum than real people.

To the forum members who turned homeless because of my demolition job, I have created a yahoo group where we can continue our discussions. the group name is batangbalergroup. Go there and sign-in for membership. Here’s the long address:


To the ANSHS grads populating the alumni thread, please go to the Galing Ansci website and offer yourselves for adoption. To my batchmates using the Batch 88 thread, email me at batangbaler at gmail dot com for plan B.

For those looking for a quick fix, the Batangbaler Chatroom is just one click away.

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2 Responses to “Messageboard Closed, Email Group Opened”

  1. else says:


  2. dragon says:

    Me pagasa ba bang bumalik ??
    I noticed also that when i go the batangbaler messageboard site my antivirus suddenly activates indicating viruses being downloaded to the temp folders…this may have been caused by the spammers …etc

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