Magna Cum Laudes from Baler

Well, better late than…..later.

Congratulations to these two outstanding Balerians:

Kristina Correa - Magna Cum Laude, AB Communication, Ateneo De Manila University
Anna Jamaica M. Huertazuela - Magna Cum Laude, BS Business Administration, University of the Philippines Diliman.

15 Responses to “Magna Cum Laudes from Baler”

  1. ECRMNHS' Hunk Says:

    Congratulations to Ms Jamaica! Its expected from her.
    Hope you still remember the guy from ECRMNHS who is your consistent opponent in academic competitions, and of course, the one you have beaten so many times.

    Joselito A. Japson, CPA
    SGV & Co.

  2. Joselito A. Japson, CPA Says:

    Ms Jamaica is a girl with brain and beauty combined.

  3. larry marco Says:

    akaw… binabati ko ang mga magagaling na bata na itu…

    Ayuussss… ganyan dapat… kongratz

  4. Mark Angara Hayward Says:


  5. akaw! Says:

    Congratulations! We’re proud of you!

    Let’s hope a miracle happens and you will decide to serve your home province. But most probably, you will work elsewhere (for bigger bucks of course) and Aurora will never hear from you again.

  6. ivm Says:

    Congrats! Wherever you go, i am sure you will never forget Aurora, akkaw!

  7. vin Says:

    congrats sa inyong dalawa!

  8. Teng Says:

    Yes. It’s AB Comm :)

  9. jAm Says:

    thEse twO arE vEry gUd fRiEndz Of minE siNcE hyskUL..cOngrAt’s to bOth of yoU tEng-tEng and mAi-mAi.. :-)

  10. jAm.. Says:

    congratulations to both of you, teng-teng and mai-mai. :-)

  11. Nick Says:

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    I hope you can join the the writing project and write a blog post on your reaction, I will link to your post, and I will collect the links everyday and post them up on a single blog post. This starts Wednesday up until Sunday.

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  12. UJ Says:

    HELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GALING MOHANGA AKO SAU!!!!!!!!!!!11

  13. KG Says:

    someday i’ll be like the two of you.Congrats po.

  14. jalwin Says:

    hey!!ive been searching for you for a long time mai mai…sana kilala mo pa ako at tanda mo pa..ako ung namit mo nung regional press conference sa lipa batangas..na kasama mo din sa marikina for the national youth gathering..Lam mo ba na hinahanap kita sa net kc nawala ko nga dati number mo..ol i have e ung add ng skul mo nung highskul at ung skul paper nu na ikaw ang editor in chief.at ang alam ko nga lang e asa UP ka pumasok kc un lang nalabas sa mga searches ko..galing mo naman mai..masaya ako kc lam ko matalino ka naman e….sa mga makakabasa ng comment ko na 2.baka naman matutulungan nu ako malaman email ad ni mai mai..or painform naman sa kanya na sam1 na frend nia dati e gusto xa makausap at nagbabakasakali na makumusta naman xa..maraming salamat.e2 email ad ko kung [email protected] salamt.

  15. jalwin Says:

    ei frends of mai mai out there baka naman po pdeng matulungan nu ako makontak c mai mai..kc matagal ko na po xa frend but we lost our communnication and ive been searching for her. fo a long time..pakisabi namn po sa kanya JALWIN ang name.pakiusap naman po.maraming salamat po..

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