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Love Notes
MERVIN RUBIO ( [email protected] ) Ak-kaw galing!
Mervin is close friend so I guess this is biased. We're friends since Menudo was hip. He's a Baler local and works in this satellite thing in Ortigas or Makati.
ang ganda! talagang ginastusan ang kubo este suman
festival anu?
MARYJANE CASTILLO ( [email protected] ) I love it! I've seen a jillion websites, this is one of the coolest.
Of course! That's also from an old friend, from whom Mervin and I borrow Menudo tapes. She's from Quirino, Maria, Aurora. She's in the USA earning jillions of dollars.
ANONYMOUS  What can I say? .... hands down... I love it... I just love everything in this website from the pictures to the diaries...thanks for the pictures...they're all beautiful...and the stories about Baler...hey that's Baler what can I say?
You've said it baby! If you only told who you are I would have sent you a ton of "ilas" and a bucketful of "ibobug". Congratulations for being the second person to love this site. Next to maryjane who fell in love only once, but you loved it four times.
SIENA ONG NATE.  Good Job!!! This is really a wonderful site for everyone from Baler to see... it let the citizens of Baler who are out of the country know what's up and current....Baler should be proud & thank the creator of this website for all the effort he's giving.
I'm not dreaming of becoming the Bernie Rada of the Internet. I knew Siena since she was 20 inches tall. I was an elementary friend of his Kuya Ronald and we used to climb their balimbing near the Capitol, pretending we were monkeys. It's good to meet her again through this Internet thing. She's now living in the USA.
RIC VINCENT FERNANDO ( [email protected] )A big WOW!!! It's great and you're really a genius. This site is much exciting than I'll take a look on the book "Apocalypse Now" you're trying to have. I'm not promising but if my pocket fits on the prize of the book I'll buy that for you.
Also coming from a good friend, a former school mate, a former office mate, and a fan. Vincent is from Suklayin near the Caledian portion and now works in Singapore. It's my purpose to be more exciting than, in fact i made this website because i was bored of And i'm still dreaming of the Apocalypse books.
The first time I logged here I enjoyed the pix, but I appreciate much of the articles you've written. Read it and you will say...meron pala non sa Baler? Mabuhay ka KIDLAT!!
There, you leaked my Indian name.
Kidlat..congrats to all the awards & applause you deserve it mate! see you in baler this 3rd wk.april...invited ka pre sa B-day ng 2nd baby ko sa maria.Sama mo si Kolog para partner at utol metz.
Sounds like i won a nobel prize. He's talking about this website being chosen as SITE OF THE WEEK by Tanikalang Ginto, a directory website of Filipino Sites.
GILBERT P. RUBIO ( [email protected] )Small drink drink, small broken. The saying of your grandfather, Ka Andres Gonzales, alias labot.
That revealed my geneology. Mr. Rubio is a relative, my Uncle really. He's my father's cousin but we never really met. It's true that the Web can bring families together. Mr. Rubio is in the USA somewhere near DC.
EDISON LAPITAN ( [email protected] ) Byutipol...bakit walang pix sa Bogno?
Vincent's high school classmate. Definitely from Buhangin since he's feeling nostalgic about Bogno. I'll probably recall who this guy is when I see him personally. Can't wait.
What can I say... you're a champ!!! The site is very informative and your innovative ideas certainly strenghten the spirits of Aurorans. More power and good luck.
Now i'm a Jollibee hamburger.
POPPO OLAG  ( [email protected] ) This website rekindles my memories of Baler, the land of my birth, and the most beautiful spot on earth, a Shangri-La never imagined.
Baler's no.1 lover, Olag Zelasnog. This ancestor of mine remains as one of the great blessings of the Internet for me. I knew his name since high school and I never thought that he really exists. Until I found him, or he found me.

Don't forget to post the stories I gave. They were intended for the people of Aurora province to know how our province existed.

HELEN VELUZ MCLELLAN  ( [email protected] ) Wow...very nice all the news. Anyway my name is Helen. I am originally from Dipaculao, Aurora. I bet you know my sister. She is one of the announcer in the radio station in Baler. Her name is Evelyn Calugtong. Say hi from me.
You bet. I used to be a DZJO tambay and I know Avet. I met her since I read this message and the HI has been forwarded.
OLIN DUASO ( [email protected] ) Panalo!!! Maganda ang bigayan dito!!! Obra din kaya akong mag kwento ditu? Paritu na kayu at makipag oronan...
Olin is an original Buhangin boy and should be credited for keeping the surfing spirit alive in Baler and not Pres. Arroyo as she claims. If you can tell stories as good as your Uncle Olag, your "orons" are definitely welcome.
L. GONZALES  Thank you Mr. J. Gonzales for those wonderful pictures of my/our hometown.
Your welcome. I wish you can tell more about yourself. Maybe you can start with your full name, my relative.
ELLA FRIGINAL  ( [email protected] ) hahaha...mali pala yung una kong mail, but just the same, I want to greet my friends namely.... ha! ganda nga, c jo-an kidlat, shake hands kayo, sya yung nag-iisang amerikana sa email ko na frequent visitor daw nitong site mo na maganda nga.
Ella is my PR manager. She's responsible for directing most of the traffic in this webpage and i owe her a super supreme pizza. She's from Dilod and works in a big newspaper company, he he.
Oi! Kidlat, I want to tell you that I am responsible for some emails here, kaya bayad na ako sa yu! Kaw yu still owe me sumthin! Call me when you get here, ask our art director for my number, ciao.
Sige magpa-deliver ka na at ako ang magbabayad. Our art director is Metong who works at some show in GMA.
TINTIN B  ( [email protected] ) Very well written articles!
Ella told me who she is but I forgot the whole name. Also stateside. I'm not really proud of my writings. But whenever you see wrong spellings and revolting grammar, blame my English teacher.
LELENG CABLING, JR  ( [email protected] )Congratulations! This is the best means of info about our hometown. I could not compare our beautiful beaches & abundant natural resources in any place in Europe. Keep up your good work. Okey ba p're...
Thanks. OK p're. Me too, I could not compare our place to any country. Maybe because I've never been to any other country. Hell, I've never been to Obligacion.
Binabati ko ang bumuo/nagsikap upang mapalapit ang mga magkakababayan na nagmamahal sa Aurora. Ipagpatuloy at palawakin pa sana ito. Iwasan sana ang mga komentaryong (guest) may mapapangit at maanghang na salita. Mabuhay kayo!..
Salamat uli. Katuwaan lang talaga ang pinagsimulan nito. Siguro ang binabanggit mong masasamang salita ay yung sa Sana burahin ng webmaster. May naliligaw din na ganun dito pero binubura agad. Para masaya.
ZERLENE FERNANDO ( [email protected] )Kumusta ka na Kidlat? Kumusta na rin ang iyong isparing partner na si Kolog? Ano na ngay-un ang pinagkakaabalahan ninyong dalawa?? Sige balitaan mo na lang kami dito.
Zerlene is the other half of Vincent and we used to live in the same house in Reten back in college. Kolog is my friend Joseph Morada and about your question, Ellyn, his answer is CHICKS!
RAYMOND ZUBIA  Ang galing mu boy. Limut ku na kung kailan ku kayu huling nakatsismisan. Dagdagan mu pa itu ha.
Another one of my long lost acquaintances. Emon, i think is somewhere in the mideast. I saw him last Christmas break but he never saw me.
REAGAN PALISPIS ( [email protected] ) Am putaeres ay...ayus bok...pwede na....

Aku na naman Bob!!! ayus na ayus!!! galing bok... musta kala ka seleb, ka willy at yeh-yeh??? bok sama kami sa nxt generation ha!!! 

Announcement for freedom bar gig was deleted. Reagan is in this band of Baler and San Luis kids called Bonog Fever. They perform at Freedom Bar and Music Museum.
RAMIL BITONG  ( [email protected] )It's great. Good that we now have high tech advertisement of our beloved town.
Thank you, sir! But I'm not advertising baler. I'm just telling that it exists.
My God, I can really hear the clapping!
MAGANDANG YMAY ( [email protected] )Hayop! Iba ka talaga kidlat. La akong masabi. Simple pero rock. Yaan mo ipapakita ko kay Mamang itong gawa mo. Lalo na siyang bibilib sa iyo. Gud Luck!... Merry X-mass na lang see you un Baler. I-feature mo naman yung mga pintasero at pintasera ng reten.
Magandang Ymay is Ymay Calugtong, who still lives in Reten my old street in Sampaloc.

Ayus na kidlat, sabi ko sa iyo ay bilib na naman si Mamang sa iyu. Tambay na rin siya sa

kidlat,mukhang marami kang pasalubong sa ka olag mo ah!.pahati hah!kita kits na lang sa baler.

kid,madami ka ng utang.marami na akong na recruit na
bibisita ditu.mga amerikanong hilaw.heh,heh,....

hello, musta? hi-tek na pala kayo. mapapadali na ang pag-update mo. wala bang bago? bang! nabaril dhil dipuntu

akkaw! ang galing...salamat sa libreng...heh, heh, heh,...kakaadyu rin sa building ng kkk. bye. ang galing mo kidlat.

NEIL FRANCISCO ( [email protected] ) blah blah.... the most impressive Baler website I've seen! great job!!!
Neil Francisco is in the US. Of course this is the most impressive because there are no other Baler website.
Sa nagset-up ng website: paano mo nagawa ito? akala ko ba walang telephone line sa Baler?
Akaw, madami nang telephone line sa Baler. May PLDT, PT&T,RCPI, Smart. Pero walang Internet. Kaya sa uway ko pinapadaan ito. Ang bilis p're, broadband.
I don't think this is a "chat" area but i'll leave my message anyway: joseph - i don't think i know you but you are "o-sam". I'll get you your book as much as possible. I'll email you too. Please say hi to my lola binday aragon.
Where are  my books? Sigi ka baka ka ma-kongkong! Get me "Notes on the Making of Apocalypse Now" by Eleonor Coppola. I already have  "The Apocalypse Now Book" by Peter Cowie courtesy of Poppo Olag. I deleted them on my About page. Just send it to Aurora State College of Technology, 3200 Baler, Aurora. 
Thank you for putting the pictures up! parang nagbakasyon ulit ako! thanks again!
Neilpogi is talking about the Aurora Suman Festival pictures.

dito na lang tayo sa walang nag-aaway! by the way
agnes, i was just wondering po if you are cheryl's mom. are you?

Thanks again Joseph for the new pictures. They do i say this...very inspiring (for their guts) and...troubling at the same time! lol :)! thanks again
about my generation 2 concert

How come there are less people here, when this site is far better than the other one. there's no fighting here to begin with.

EMIL DUASO  ( [email protected] ) Keep up the good work! Nice site!
Thank you. Good work = heaven?
ENOD BUEN ( [email protected] ) Kidlat ayos itung ambag mo. Ipagpatuloy mo. Panalo ito.
Talagang mahilig kayong mag tong-its dyan sa project 4, ano? Subukan nyo sa, may online tong-its.
DANNY KABIGTING  ( [email protected] ) Great stuff in here. I plan to visit the Philippines in September this is a good start to get a closer look at Quezon Province. I was always fascinated about this place and yet never set foot on its soil. Looking forward to it in 8 months!!! Thank you!!
Thank you too. But Baler is not in Quezon anymore. Baler is in Aurora Province. It's been that for 23 years now.
ERIC FRIGINAL  10. Hafta be guilty, that abby award in high school was not as perfect! 9. Need to admit: Larry McMurtry! 8. When are we gonna start to get the golg about how we called us the 'grabbing hands?' 7. Hazel 6. Precy + sandcheeze et. al. didn't have sound (unlike the chickensound!) 5. Boek's blue sunvisor 4. Ms. montes' "geometry song" 3. First ever photo shoot unsuccessfully not reaching Dicasalarin with a-ha dreams and "the adventurers".
Of course we all know eric. Check his webpage in my menu. These thinga are all inside stuff. If you can relate to these things, you're a soul mate.
ROMMEL ESPINOSA  ( [email protected] ) Igan, isang napakaiging bagay na aku'y nagkaruun ng pagkakataung mahalungkat ang iyong website, paumanhin na laang at sa tinagal tagal mu na itung ibig kung makita ay ngay-un laang naisakatuparan.
Metz home is in Kabiran and he works as the art director of Sis and that Michael V thing on Channel 7. He he.
Did you know that AMCO beach resort is not located on a beach. It's located near a river.
RIC ATIENZA ( [email protected] ) Pare, You are doing a good job. I believe that someday you would be recognized as the pioneer and greatest endorser of Baler, making it famous to the world. All batang Baler would soon all be proud of their hometown just like me. Maaaring di mu na aku kilala.
Kilala pa, pare. You're Ric Vincent Atienza de baga? I know you from high school but i can't remeber your face anymore. Greatest endorser of Baler? I'm not endorsing Baler, i also put scary stuff in this website to drive away tourists.
JUN OF ORLANDO FLORIDA ( [email protected] ) Good job, great work. Being a BatangBaler myself, it will keep me updated on what's happening in a place I will always go back to.. the land of my birth.
Florida is where neon go to retire. 
A KID FROM 328 GOMEZ ST. I left Baler when I was 15 yrs. old (in 1986) and never been back since then. I just want to thank you for creating
this website the pictures you've provided to your visitors are incredible the views are breathtaking! I truly miss my birth place.
For a moment there I thought Freddy Kruger visited my website. So its Gomez St. not Elm. I like Gomez St. there's a gasoline station there that didn't change looks since the seventies. I'm sad now they they closed it. 
ERROL DEL ROSARIO ( [email protected] ) Kamusta sa lahat ng kababayan ko. Ang galing talaga ng tiga baler. I'm so proud and overwhelmed. sa mga kakilala ko email nyo ako.
Named after a 60's Hollywood star, Errol Flynn now stays near Hollywood.
RUST ( [email protected] ) Nakikiraan din. Pwede ka bang mahalin. hah, hah, hah!...
Pwede la-ang.

akkaw ang galing mo yun lang

ARNEL DULAY  ( [email protected] ) Para lang akong sesepotaw dito. Maganda at nakakaaliw, ipagpatuloy.
Sesepotaw, hmmmm...not yet in the dictionary..
ED FONTANILLA (meridian gamefarm) Well, I am surprised about this. I wish my nephew Arnel Dulay tahnak you for sending this website. I will keep in touch.
Hmmm...Batangbaler....keeping you in touch (nice copy but not original).
NESTOR TE  ([email protected] ) Baler is one of the best towns in the Philippines. It is very clean and the people are very friendly. The foods are all fresh specially the seafoods and the fruits. I enjoyed the picnic the most because of the kamayan in the banana leaves that everybody is eating....(message cut)
LONGLONG  kidlat!!!!ako to! outdoors heeeeeelooooooo!!!!!
Last words of Ron Soriao before he was impounded at the PMA.
MICHELLE QUERIJERO GUERRERO ( [email protected]) This website is soooooooo goood!!!!
That's goooooooood. Thank you.
BADONG AT NINA  Ang galing mo! more power!
Thank you again.
AGNES P. MAGCALAS  ( [email protected] ) I enjoyed reading all emails from our townmates. I missed Baler so much.
ALAIN S. CALDERON It;s a nivce place we have here in our land. You guys have to work for more so we can bring to the world how nice Philippines is.
Alain, tagay mo pre!
BETONG ( [email protected] ) dyableg laang,ay ba't baga ngayun ku lang nabisita itu,taeres COOL NA mga walang kwentang titser ng science,wala lng!hehehe. kay vidson,kado,bee,at lahat ng nakababag ko, mabuhay kayo.
Betong is Herbert Fernandez of Sabang. And not all teachers from Science are "walang kwenta".
HIYAS QUERIJERO ( [email protected] ) K'musta Sir Joseph! Si Hiyas to yung tinuruan mo ng Graphics Design (tinamad akong tapusin sorry hehehe! Nga pala may website din akong ginawa sa Geocities pero nahihiya akong ipakita sa lahat. Mga kaklase ko lang sa UP ang nakakaalam.

Kuya Joseph, ok yung My Gen 2 na gawa mo... i would never had imagined kung ano na ang itsura nila kung walang pics. Tnx.

Kuya Joseph, sana from most recent ang sequence ng guestbook mo! Ang hirap kasing dumaan pa sa lahat ng nagsign bago mo ma-view yung pinaka latest.

Galing! Sana may audio rin para napakinggan ko si Alvin...

DODONG HULIPAS ( [email protected] ) The site is the best! A site for pipol of Aurora to converge. A SALUTE TO U SIR!! Note: anybody from the first batch of the former AURORA SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL PLS MAIL ME TO THE ABOVE LISTED EMAIL.
LOKENS ( [email protected] ) Hello people! congrats sa napakabilis na development ng music industry ng aurora. marami talaga ang may talent, and given the right opportunity, they will succeed.
ALVIN MORADA ( [email protected] ) Kidlat!!!!! Salamat!!!!! kita ko piktyurs namin dito ayos ganda salamat ulit!!!
ISPURUKUTUK Bakit puru surfing ang pinapakita nyo??? skateboarding din daw at marami nang mga trasher di umano sa baler lalong lalo na si yeyek!!!
BJ ( [email protected] ) Miss ko na Baler...cguro kilala mo naman c peachy ng bay's inn. Sabihin mo naman sa kanya lapit na ako uwi tpos bisita kami uli baler.. he he salamat nice work with this dude.
WILBUR ( [email protected] ) galing lupeeeeeeeeeet mo brad.
RUEL  ( [email protected] ) this is a cool website...wanna greet all the persons involved and visiting of our own site....pasali ha...lolz
GERONIMO La lang, Elles, Babes, Wilma, mga mistah, next time dun naman tau magovernight sa medyo malayu, yung walang nakakarinig, nakakabukahaw kayu ay, sa sementeryo na lang. Anyweis, ganda nitong naisip nyong ito ah. Marami nang option for communication.
RONIMEL "OME" MORA  What's Stuff men? Akkaaaawww!!! iba ka talaga Sir, panalo....
AYRIN   ( [email protected] ) Kidlat, gwapo ka sa personal!!! Wala lang!!! Nakaka miss ang dating samahan.
POL QUERIJERO   ( [email protected] ) de aku makapaniwala nung may nagsabi sa akin na may website na pala ang baler. natutuwa aku dahil kahit de na aku umuuwi ditu ay alam ku pa rin ang mga aktibidades ditu. mabuhay ka at sana'y ipagpatuluy mu itung nasimul-an mung itu.
BRIGETTE OF MAKATI   mukhang may kayabangan ang mga nagpo-post d2! GRABEE!
KAMAGONG   Napakahusay talaga ng pagkagawa netong BB especially sa Surviving is informative at the same time transparent of what any Auroran must do to improve or adhere to the potentials of tourism industry in Baler....keep up the good work.
ASH  ( [email protected] ) i'm not from baler but i think this page is cool. i just happen to have a friend who lives in your place. she introduced me this site. can i make friends thru this site?
TENGTENG   ( [email protected] ) nakiki-internet lang po ako. ang ganda ng web site. dis web site rockss...parang c yeye at ung tito nia,,,he he
SIENA ( [email protected] ) ipapamalita ko sa buong mundo ang website mo. hala! baka dumugin ng mga turista ang aurora! ang galing naman ng batang susunod...more pix pa at more info tungkol sa kung pano raw magpunta don sa mga nilagay mong lugar...hindi pa kasi me punta dyan.
AL  ( [email protected] ) ipagpatuloy ang nasimulan! Congratulations Mr. Gonzales. Sana mas marami pang balita.
OLIVE  ([email protected] You're my idol...Baka naman pwede niyo kaming turuang gumawa ng magandang webpage tulad nito. Keep up the good work.
BOYAN   ( [email protected] ) Hello, Great website. Keep up the good work. Hello to my brother, Samuel Friginal, cousins, aunts, uncles and other relatives in Baler, Maria Aurora, San Luis and Dingalan. God Bless. Boyan from New York, USA.
NANCY   ( [email protected] ) ARE AY BAGA
DENNIS   Ayos site ng aurora dagdag pa. kuha me ng mga pics ng my gen 2 di me napanood sa sayans hi.
BAROK   ( [email protected] ) babala sa takda ng panahon! nagbago na ang hihip ng hangin at panahon d2 sa amerika. sa susunod na winter ay uulan na ng buhangin.
ARAVHEL   ( [email protected] ) ok......mga tollll. ang galeng ano.....omak kumusta ka na ba dyan?
GANDA KO TALAGA   ...joneng....alanita....tony.......mga bruha.....kumusta na kayo.... J-smack.....mabuhay!!!
MHANACAPARA   ( [email protected] ) Magandang araw, sir. Salamat sa pag-feature ng mga local bands dito sa Baler. Pero sana kinumpleto nyo yung nga members at may kaunting profile (he he he...) Pero kahit nam thanx pa rin (dahil nanduun akuh!) 'Yun la-ang bosing.
ABS  ( [email protected] ) wow, ang galing pala i'm, i don't know the proper word so i'll just say impressed *eyes casted down* wow kuya joseph turuan ngang gumawa ng website o webpage ewan pasensya na i'm still a neophyte eh so pardon na lang my ignorance sa mga vocabularies.

Hey is it possible for me to send this site sa mga friends ko i've been trying to figure out how pero wala akong makitang pwede kong i-click, he he he. when can i view my comments. my friends would die for those pics, they have been pestering me eh.

SAM  ( [email protected] ) akaw ang ganda! kumusta sa mga paytit at payrong ng bo dilod.
MOMIE   ( [email protected] ) well, ok na ba tayo dyan? me problema lang tayo sa site, medyo nagkakaroon ng error. pero pwede na.
DANAH   ( [email protected] ) it's a good thing that we have this website. At least we will know what's happening in Baler, specially for those who seldom visit the town.
JEFFREY CABAGNOT   ( [email protected] ) you've got the most homesicking site i've ever browsed my whole life (Arrohoy!). If you're truly a "Baleriano" you're gonna love this site and crave-crazy to see it.
MERLO GUTIERREZ ( [email protected] ) bok, napasok ko rin sa wakas ang website mo ay...kaylan tayo mag-iinuman...maghanda ka na ng lambanog...bilog na laang....
THONIE ENIELLE SINSAY ( [email protected] ) galing mu bok!! inggit yung mga officemate ko ala silang ganitu. malupet talaga ang taga-baler!! kumusta na lang ke mang celeb at sa lahat ng taga-science!! hi din ke joan (ganda daw) kidlat, ela frig., babeslog, tombong at sa lahat ng taga-dos!!Inuman na!
JIMMY BAUTISTA   ( [email protected] ) Dear BB! woww!! the Baler dictionary is so rich, it takes me back to my childhood memories and the good old days in Mt. Carmel Baler. My compliments to all of you, what a splendid research. I am sitting at work and all I did was to blast with laughter.

To all Batch '73, Mt. Carmel High, this is Jimmy Bautista calling all of you for a Class Reunion in 2003 in Baler. Please reply by return email: [email protected] - my official e-mail at the United NAtions Office in Geneva.

SECRET Dapat merong Audio, teaching the right way of speaking it puntong baler way...right diction, right tone, right melody, etc..ha ha.

Pero in fairness uli...ang ganda! lalu na ung kay duaso d surfer? galing! clap! clap! clap! pero ung audio ha. i don't just want to see or feel Baler....i want to hear Baler!

IRENE ( [email protected] ) Ilagay mo rin yung paborito natin nuung elementary, ang salitang "gamas" (o baka nailagay mo na dati - nalimutan ko lang) ... hope my website din si Jeho Bitancor... brgds:-)

This is better than the previous one. Mas interactive. Sinusubaybayan ko to e :-) Best regards. God bless.

BAY'S INN BOY   ( [email protected] ) This is a very good site. Very funny too.
JON ESTEBAN  ( [email protected] ) OK. Ang galing talaga ng mga taga Baler. Keep up the good work. HAPPY FIESTA sa mga taga Baler.
BONG RUBIO ALATA  ( [email protected] ) OK to 'tol, ng dahil sa iyu, nasulatan ko tuloy ang pinsan kong si Mervin at marami pa akong nasulyapang pangalan sa gesbuk mo na aking kakilala. Maraming salamat, hayaan mo, ipapasa ko and website na ito sa mga tiga Aurora na nasa Sydney...cheers mate.
CAESAR GONZALES   ( [email protected] ) aka topher nakikidonghe lang po.
PANYANG  ( [email protected] ) Sir Kid.....mustah ...hapi bertdey!!! miz yu so mats!!!! hows AOC? balita ko gud na saw... heheheheh..keep up the good work...regards to every1....
LOR GONZALES  ( [email protected] )   Hello!!!
EWYN[email protected] ) Ay kaya lang ako napadpad d2! gawa ni juki! ng txt na gusto lang daw nyang bumati syo! "kc" ari ay punto ano! hehehe! kumusta na kidlat? ma miss k na ni olive! bruhang yun! buhay p pala! minsan n lang akong dumaan sa reten ay, sya pa ang una kong nakita.
CHAY  nice work...tnx s mga comments sa bay's inn...c u there!! party tyo!!...
DOKIE  kidlat, hello ang galing mo naman babes . heh heh,... kunyari lang napadaan lang gawa ni ate ymay. c u sa fiesta.
LENNIE   wow! ang galing mo naman kidlat. keep up the good work...wala na akong masabi
ALEXIES  ( [email protected] ) ok to, thanx sa assign ko, univ Phil
KUPS  Joseph, i was disappointed when you took off the messageboard. however, you managed to redeem yourself big time with the pyesta pics. thank you. One comment though: more Ms. Baler pics please. laters!
SPY i agree. more picture of miss baler please....What's her name?
ROGER TESORERO  ( [email protected] ) Hi Sir, hows you? musta naman ako sa mga 4th year and especially kay Sir Eric (miss him so much)
TINA  wanted to emphasize how grateful i am and impressed to you, mr. webmaster for being so updated here. yesterday, i have visited here to check for baler fiesta features, but there were none yet, but to my surprise, meron na ngayon!!! you satisfy your viewers.
BOY-T-BOTIR  ( [email protected] ) Keep up the good work BB! and thanks for updating us.
JENNIFER "SELASNOG" EDEJAR ( [email protected] ) This is absolutely a great site that makes those of us who have never been to Baler realize exactly what we're missing. You grasp every wonderful aspect of Baler that my father so often speaks about. Well done!
EDWARD OLIVERA hayop pare, lupet nyo lahat, salamat...salamat....wait 4 d big fat spampi...


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