Los Ultimos

Mr. Bryan Alvarez pointed me to this Inquirer article about Los Ultimos de Filipinas, an old Spanish film about the Siege of Baler from the Spanish pesrpective. The film was screened yesterday at Greenbelt 3. The article is also a review of the 1945 movie.

Recently resurrected from the archives, the 1945 Spanish film, “Los Ultimos de Filipinas” (“The Last Ones in the Philippines”; showing tonight at 7, Cinema 2 of Greenbelt 3), has attracted much interest in film and history circles since it depicts the siege of Baler, an incident in the Philippine-Spanish war that seems to have been lost in the annals of Philippine history probably because of the shortsightedness of Philippine historiography and the notorious inaccuracy and myopia of our history textbooks. The lapse is surprising, considering the battle was won by the Filipinos.

The film can be viewed at Google video if you’re interested. See my previous post about it.

These Youtube videos might also be of interest: Friendship and Memories, Shared Victory Uncommon Valor, and Baler.

Personally, I would like an account of this historic event from the Filipino point of view. The history from the Spanish side is very detailed including the names and accounts of all the Spanish soldiers involved in the standoff. However, few Filipino names are credited and accounted for in this event.

Update: Belinda Olivares-Cunanan from the Inquirer wrote a few paragraphs about the film, read here.

The hearty applause from the predominantly Filipino audience showed that people revel in the nobility of action and purpose regardless of race. Congratulations to Instituto Cervantes director Pepe Rodriguez, who has been aggressive in promoting Spanish culture here. I suggest that the Spanish government try to market this plot to Hollywood for a remake, in the tradition of celebrated historic last stands, such as that of Texans and famed frontiersmen against attacking Mexicans at the Alamo in Texas or the tiny band of British troops defending a hospital against thousands of Zulu tribesmen in Rourke’s Drift, South Africa, or the Israelites’ last stand at Masada.

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2 Responses to “Los Ultimos”

  1. topher says:

    Parang ito yata yung pinanood namin nila kuya erick, dons, else at babes sa Instituto Cervantes nung nasa leon guinto pa sila. Makatuwa dahil mga Kastila din ang gumanap na taga-Baler. Walang sub-title kaya lnakadepende lang kami sa visuals. Sana yung pinalabas sa greenbelt may subtitles na…

    Tanda mu pa iyun else?

  2. else says:

    yes. pero tayong tatlo lang iyun nila kuya. de kasama si ate and babes. de ko maisip ung title. point of view ng mga kastila anu, sila ang bida kaya antatanga ng mga taga baler. nasugud with their itaks, versus the barils of the spaniards. gustu ku na pating magrebolusyon nuun din.

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