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Manuel L. Quezon


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Shrimp Matters TONETTE OREJAS. Aurora Shrimp Farm Cuts Mangroves, Pollutes Bay. An investigative article from the Inquirer, published on May 29, 2000. Great find.

Aurora Hats & Crafts

AURORA HATS AND CRAFTS. Who would think a small enterprise with a handful of weavers and a capital of PhP 6,000 could become a multi-million peso business in the export market in just ten years? ROAD TRIPPING TO THE PACIFIC's EDGE
Inquirer article by Tals Diaz
Jegegoys Gallery JGEGOY SLAYER's PBASE GALLERY. Pictures of Cemento and Dikasalain.
Bertoy's Gallery BERTOY'S GALLERY. Collection of great digital photos of Baler and Aurora. Taken by a visitor named Bertoy.
X-Angel X-ANGEL. Project website of a promising web designer from Baler.
Kage Gozun's Gallery KAGE GOZUN's GALLERY. Frequent Baler visitor, Kage Gozun's picture gallery of her posse's surfing visits to Baler. BALERIA.COM. A website dedicated to Filipino-Hispanic Friendship and deals mostly with articles and news about Baler. Created by Jesus Valbuena of Spain, a descendant of one of the survivors of the Siege of Baler.
Lakwatsa Sa Aurora LAKWATSA SA AURORA. May 1-4, 2003. The Pilipinas Sierra teamed-up with the Maria Aurora Outdoors Club and the Aurora Tourism Office to stage their second Friendship Climb in Aurora.
Batang Baler BATANGBALER A Personal webpage of Kidlat. Made in Baler and contains news, information, rants and raves, pictures and boring things.
ASCOT AURORA STATE COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY. The official website of the only state college in Aurora. Contains extensive information on instruction, research, extension, and extension. AURORA.PH   The website of the Province of Aurora. Extensive information on geography, history, tourism, investment, etc. Also the website of Cong. Bellflor Angara-Castillo of the Lone District of Aurora. Check out the guestbook, the real real lifeblood of this Congress-initiated webpage. AURORA.GOV.PH   The Official Website of the Provincial Government of Aurora. The answer to the initiative. Designed and being maintained by the League of Philippine Provinces under the Prov.Net project. With nice pictures of Gov. Ong and contact address and numbers of basically all restaurants, hotels and resorts in the province.
Travels With Juliana TRAVELS WITH JULIANA Ms. Vangie Palacios, international traveler and water-sports freak, frequently visits Aurora and helps organize surfing events in the province. Her website includes journals and photos of her visits to the province. Includes postings on Aurora Surfing Cup, Suman Festival, The Millenium Tree, Travel Tips, ASCOT and Buklod Anyaw.
Olag Stories OLAGSTORIES  Five stories about Baler and Aurora. Written by Olag Zelasnog, a US based Balerian who left his hometown back in the 50's but still remains as fascinated with his hometown as ever. A Batangbaler website.
Mystic Waters MYSTICWATERS  Participation with some friends in Pilipinas Sierra's Baler Friendship Climb in Aurora, an isolated province in Eastern Luzon, bounded by the vast Pacific Ocean on the east, and by the formidable Sierra Madre mountains on the west. PHILIPPINE SURF: BALER Though a trip to Baler spell quite a few hours on a bus, regardless of the direction you are coming from, it also means a visit to one of the Philippines more scenic localities. Even if you don't surf you will find Baler a great place to unwind for a while.
akawww_billedo.jpg (3474 bytes) BILLEDO PICTURES A photographers gallery of beautiful Aurora Pictures. About a dozen pictures of beaches, landscapes, surfs, people and a giant spider.
Go East GOEAST! SURF AND TREK IN BALER, AURORA You know you've exited Nueva Ecija and entered the Province of Aurora when the bald mountain scenery turns fully forested and green. (Who cut all the trees of Nueva Ecija? Who fought hard to preserve the forests of Aurora?)
Mobile Media Team THE MOBILE MEDIA TEAM A giant tidal wave submerged the town in water on December 27, 1735. Only four families survived -- Angara, Bitong, Lumasak and Bihasa. They moved to higher ground and founded the current town of Baler. WAYPOINTSDOTPH You can actually go to any station that has a bus that can take you to Cabanatuan City. In the Baliwag terminal, one bus for Cabanatuan City leaves every hour on the hour. Fare is around 100 pesos per person and 3 to 4 hours to get there. After you get off at the Cabanatuan City terminal the trip gets rough.
Pilipinas Sierra PILIPINAS SIERRA: BALER FRIENDSHIP CLIMB Last March 17 & 18, 2001, PSI held its annual friendship climb in Baler, Aurora Province. With 191 participants, including 25 from Buklod Anyaw (direct from Baler), the Baler Friendship Climb was a success in terms of thrill of the terrain and the joy of camaraderie.
Wild Philippines WILD PHILIPPINES Baler is known throughout the international surfing community as the place where Francis Ford Coppola shot the famous "Charlie Don't Surf"  scene from the film Apocalypse Now.
My Favorite Vacation Place MY FAVORITE VACATION PLACE Life in Baler is very simple, quiet, and calm. The residents in this province make their living either through farming, fishing, or small business. The families use very few advanced technologies such as microwave, electric stove, or washing machine.
Home Online HOME ONLINE: AURORA Aurora was first explored by Juan de Sacedo in 1571, when he reached Casiguran and Baler from Laguna. In 1609, a Franciscan mission was founded in Baler. In 1735, Baler was destroyed by a tidal wave from the Pacific Ocean.
Travel Intelligence TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE The locals still remember the time when Hollywood moved into town, haemorrhaging money by flying their ice in from Manila and building entire villages which were razed to the ground in seconds. SINGLETRAVEL.COM Two small but imposing islands lie south of the islet of Dimadimalangat. These islets jut straight from the sea like bullets, with shrubs, small trees and other greenery growing on top surfaces. Kingfishers, gulls and hawks use these islets as lookout points for fish. EXPAGE.COM Baler is basically located in the eastern coast of Luzon Island. Baler is known to be the passage way of  Typhoons and basically Tidal waves occur. We are now facing the Pacific Ocean for that sort.
Boots N All BOOTSNALL.COM After about an hour of surfing Chip shouted out that he had seen a fin, but couldn't tell if it was a shark or dolphin. We all saw the fin the second time, and it was definitely a very big shark - over 5 meters.


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