John Arcilla stars in Himpapawid, a film by Raymond Red

Our main man John Arcilla stars in Raymond Red’s new film Himpapawid. The main character is played by Raul Arellano. The film’s website is here.

Inspired by a true event, Himpapawid (Manila Skies) tackles the astounding story of a lone deranged hijacker who is pushed to edge as he struggles with the oppression of surviving in modern Philippine society. The film dwells on the common story of a desperate simple man from the countryside searching for a decent means of living in the big city, Manila. He keeps stumbling as he moves from one “station of the cross” to another. In dire straits, he later joins an amateur gang plotting a wayward heist to get even with a corrupt employer. This ultimately ends in devastation. Further hounded by guilt that his father is helplessly ill in the province, he draws his last straw and plots the insane hijacking of a plane to finally take him to his ultimate destination – home or hell.

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