Gov. Angara-Castillo - Most Outstanding Governor

During the 11th National Social Welfare and Development Forum, Hon. Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo was awarded as the Most Outstanding Governor at the National Level on September 26, 2007 at Grand Men Zeng Hotel, Davao City.

In full recognition of her exemplary achievement for the development of the Social Welfare and Development sector through empowerment in service delivery and its upliftment of all sector in the province of Aurora, Hon. Bellaflor J. Angara-Castillo was awarded Plaque of Recognition of the Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Incorporated.

The Provincial Government of Aurora through the mandated agency-the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office has made significant strides in empowering the marginalized sector of the society. This impacted the lives of the have nots through her innovative program management strategies and leadership.

Her rich educational and professional background on law and her stint as a lawmaker have provided her substantial experience and know how in crafting policies for program development.

Her innovative management strategies are enshrined in the implementation of Good Governance through leadership by example. Governor Castillo possesses a strong political background which she translates into solid local policies, programs and services. Her administration is characterized by its ability to pin-point the problems and gaps in social services, takes a fraction of the energy and character of actually carrying the tasks necessary in addressing the problems and making sure they are done well.

With clear and definite vision of what she wanted to happen and her consistent and effective leadership, no doubt she deserves the award.

from: PSWDO/Nicanor Binter
Photo: Michael Palispis

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