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DOMINGO ESARSA OLAYRES a.k.a. Ka Inggo as he fondly calls in the neighborhood is a native of Bicol and idolizes the people’s champ/pambansang kamao Manny Pacquio. He spends nearly all his life in farming. He was born on September 14, 1946 and married to Catalina Basia-Olayres, they have an adoptive daughter named Ara Mina who is in an incoming grade four pupil at Diego Ortiz Elementary School at Brgy. Pingit, Baler, Aurora.

He was awarded with 1.3643 hectares of land on July 1989 under the Emancipation Patent (EP) of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and one of the early recipients of the program.

Farming is the only profession he knew as it is the single largest source of livelihood in the barangay as he worked hard in the field since childhood, he is a rice farmer at Sitio Dipanamianan, Pingit where a large number of agrarian reform beneficiaries reside. Ka Inggo and Ka Cina both in their 60’s is a picture of a happy couple who live in simplicity and humble ways, they are still both active in farming despite their age. Ka Inggo’s yield translates to 80 cavans per hectare as compared the last two year’s 60 cavans brought about by the adoption of the technology under the Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM).

His determination and solid hard work have reaped some gains making him equipped with farming implements like two (2) baby threshers and three (3) handtractors for hire. He also has three (3) carabaos, with three (3) push carts or kariton and owned a tricycle, being a man of few words we find it hard to let him talk about his other investments.

While rice is his main crop of production he also ventured into some high value crops in his backyard. He is also an active member of Saint Francis Development Cooperative (SFDC) which is one of the most sought after non-government organizations (NGOs) in Baler. Ka Inggo works his way to acquire a loan amounting to Php 100.000.00
for his backyard piggery from the said cooperative for being a member of good standing making him gain a thorough understanding that success in farming can be attained not just to one source only but to other ventures as well. He realizes in the long run that planting rice alone is not enough to cope with life’s hardships to sustain the needs of his family. He has also tried his hand on tilapia breeding but he fell short of what was expected due to unavoidable force mejure, but it didn’t stop him
from doing what he does best…improving his farming life through rock solid self-reliance.

Ka Inggo and Ka Cina enjoyed the daily pressures of maintaining the farm awarded to them while some farmer-beneficiaries cannot
cope with financial constraint due to high cost of farm productions he is on his best foot forward and for that he spells a big difference.



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Life at some point in time have to be dramatic…in this media crazed society we live in, exposure on certain types of show serves as an outlet or venue where they can express their frustrations, wishes, ideas etc…

Blogging like reality TV can drive us nuts but there is a certain something that thrills us knowing that what we say at the moment really mattered to us….what are we up to in this time of the day where you almost got a perfect score in the exam and the next minute your boyfriend in haste would gonna dump you like hell…arrggghhh!!but sometimes we are denied of the moment to get back at our feet and pick up the pieces again….

It’s a passion to write what we feel… it says in the article “blogging dissected” by Family Counselor Fe Atendido it explains the worldwide fascination, on another level it is a form of fantasy, where one gets to express their best or better self. Blogs also help people get the attention they maybe lacking in real life, though the tendency to make believe is quite stronger….but then we have to keep a limit to what we’re posting….it can leave us vulnerable to misinterpretation, you see those sexy…revealing photo of a lady judge in a plunging neckline in her friendster account has put her in compromising situation..but if i happen to be blessed with a body of Angel Locsin…ahaa…its a diff’rent story…i wouldn’t have any slightest…not a bit inhibition to flaunt it…yeah it took only just one click for all the world to see it like a canister scandal that have created havoc to our country particularly in the medical profession…we have so much respect on doctors, nurses as they are the instruments given to us by the Lord in saving lives….but we never realized at some point that they would do such an inhumane act to an innocent patient..

I’ve been blogging for a little less than two years now….i never knew that i would get this far so much of it that i wanna make a collection or maybe a simple compilation of what i’ve been written for the past freakin stressful months, it’s rewarding somehow to come up with something which i would in anyway gonna cherish for the rest of my life….hey wanna thank Kidlat for creating a new site for me …super thanks talaga…be patient with me guys…expect the super expected!!!whehehehe…


if stuff isn’t MTB


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Of course you can’t expect anything new here….except that it isn’t about teleseryes or anything showbiz this time…it’s about me this time…hehehe whaattt?…. gosh what about meee? do i have something new to share? do i fin’lly able to catch a worm? o my gooolay….since i started writing all this singlehood stuff i’m quite convinced that this is it….it’s not as if its my fault…well….there’s a certain whatcha call dignity in being single….i’m not engaged, married, even vaguely involved with anybody… what?? my bad..i hate to admit that dignity is the right word for it…

A lot of articles say….An unmarried woman past her thirties or forties is considered a lost cause, with the first flush of youth gone, the chances of finding a suitable husband were slim already, to say the least…more so in the eyes of society…at 35,36,37 or 40 and still kabooommm….SINGLE is to live an unfulfilled life…afterall…a woman’s role was to be a good wife and a loving mother….without a hubby, a woman was said to be a social oddity, an object to be poked fun at….pitied, ridiculed and at best tolerated…huhuhuhu…the double standard is there….the single men of the same age on the other hand were considered charming, desirable, and extremely eligible, way into a middle age…the picture of a happy bachelor was an accepted part of a society…the single women wasn’t….even the terms used for unmarried women are so mean and dispirited…the word “spinster” conjures up images of a lonely old woman with her hair in a bun and only holding a cat for comfort…and so it was not so surprising then that anxious parents would rush to let their daughters down the aisle into the arms of some or not so young beau.The alternative for women at that time was not a pretty picture….marry or face a miserable life of loneliness and dissappointments…

I really feel with all my heart that i’ll be a swinging single till the day i die because i don’t see any good prospects around..yeah until now…ngaaaakkk… i’m not so full of myself to think i’m a good catch…so there lies the problem…i’m not really a good catch and i’m expecting to get a good one? now you know why i think i’d be a single forever….

So i’m what?….if let’s say i get married after i graduated from college…whew i must have been a veteran wife…a mother of TEN? whooaa or maybe even a doting LOLA now… i just feel that i had my opportunities before but i bunged them….let’s not talk about it anymore….i’m not used to crying over a spilt milk…well as filipino culture dictates until now…women cannot court the men, so we just settle for the ones who gets lured and attracted to us…too bad these men are usually the wrong and unexciting ones…and all the right men my age group were already married…the available men are either

1.married…..taken….and OMG

2. too horrifying a prospect for a husband….

lasenggo, sugarol, mambubugbug, durugista, siga, biyudo, butangero… and kalbo.…oh my God i’d rather be dead than get tired forever with them…..bwahahahahahahahaha…super cruel naman ako sa mga kalbo hala..

In striking contrast to the past years being single this time does not mean….unattractive or undesirable.…today’s single women is more likely have a full time job, has travelled a lot and enjoys a full and active social life….all without that little gold ring in her finger….while a growing number of women are choosing to put off marriage for another much later date, many others are finally decided…like me… to throw convention to the wind and forget the…”something old, something blue bit for good…

If you would ask me why i choose to stay unattached….well….i can come home from a hard day at work and not have to bother about cooking dinner or cleaning up, i can just veg out,pig out, watch TV all day and all night, eat so much junk food if i like…and yeah i don’t have to exert so much effort to look sexy or being the perfect woman all the time…i just thought that being married and not happy is like a closest thing to misery and calvary.

i’m happy being single…maybe i could be happier if….ay ayawan nga!!
tomorrow’s gonna be another day….and i luv it anyways.

single all the way


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If the shoe fits for you….by all means wear it baby…well.. as destiny would proudly claims it, if its meant to happen…it will…no question about it. In this cruel society we live in, being single all your life can be misunderstood and misinterpreted in a number of ways, is singlehood a contagious disease?noo i beg to disagree… but is it really runs in the blood? I guess… haha

There’s this fast growing population that’s quite alarming and unappreciated. Taking my own sweet time to wait for the man of my dreams seems futile and as they say…my tomorrow will never come anyway….taking a lot of moments to give myself a break to collect all my thoughts regarding this particular topic…allow me to catch my breath at this point….ahh well…life is not really fair sometimes….but being alive and fine is quite rewarding. Being alone….loveless at that, isn’t a death sentence or a lethal injection for that matter, really, there are many things in the world that I really want to be thankful for….and that includes….being free and single whehehe yeah so hard to admit it, before I hate to talk about it as I’m overwhelmed with so much hope…but I really have no choice but to blog about it. finally…bwahaha :D

Yeba… four months to go or a little less… I’ll be forty-two years old already, still single and childless, for one my relatives and my friends are used to it already that they never give it a damn to say anything about it anymore…hahaha finally they get tired of asking me the most dreaded question that any singleton can ever encounter. “o ay kailan ka naman na mag-aasawa baet?”ay baka po sa next life ku mag-asawa na po aku!! In this days and age when reach the age of 28-35 years old and still unattached it’s but natural to panic at this combination, the fear of being alone….as in who would take care of you when you get old?…bakit sure ba tayo na tatanda tayu? And except for a mother who has nothing more to do than to hide her child in a convent or in a dresser just to get away from “badboys” in the universe, I can’t think of one except Amah who would actively encourage this lifestyle. To a lot of people in fact, it really sounds so bland and lack of substance. We live with a thought of wanting to connect and to have an own family but after 41 years of living by myself I come to realize that everyone is not meant to get married…I maybe one of them… and only the brave and the bravest can cross that road, so is it fair to say that to take the plunge, so to speak, isn’t for the timid and the weak? I beg to disagree says Anene, hoyyy I’m not timid says Amah….

As for turning forty two in november…nothing explains turning forty two…as in… life begins? As Joy Cunanan-Canlas said in her article at MOD many years ago….that if thirty is the most horrifying age? What is forty or above by the way?…the most horrible age? What difference does it make if they have the same connotation, but I really don’t mind it half as much as I did when I was 30 when I couldn’t let a day pass without thinking that I wanna be a wife and a momma of a beauty queen or a heartthrob…a child whom I would proudly raise and love dearly and get to know very well…who would discover the world with my help….well…. well I’m just afraid that maybe I cannot measure up to the responsibilities….

I’ll grow and age gracefully with God’s help, I’ll be turning forty-two yeah.. but I’m super fine and laughing it out loud, “it’s really not the be all and end of it all”…. It’s liberating to think and live freely without all those pressures and problems of a miserable married life haha….where you can’t get out of it anymore….

Surely being single affords so much freedom which marriage or commitment curtails by its nature….and even if there’s a truth to the saying that “what good is a view if you have no one to share it with? In a more positive way….we should take heart in knowing that as far as being alone and not lonely is concerned we are not…….uh….alone… hey whatta heck…I’m okay, I’m good…and uber fine…with friendster, facebook, multiply, flixter, tagged and twitter accounts yay!!



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ANGEL Republic thread

by: culasha

ANGEL GLAMS…..SHINES AND SIZZLES as the new image model of FOLDED & HUNG

angel 1

lovely……dainty…fancy…these are the stuff that remind us of innocent time in our lives where delights came in a form of sweet candy wrapped in a colorful…glittering package, whoaa…girls can very much indulged in sweetest things of a fashionable variety as those must have jewelry and delightfully, quirky get-up but ANGEL LOCSIN’s latest endorsement took a notch bolder and sexier as the new image model of F&H…folded&hung (in addition with Claudine Barreto and Maja Salvador) which has brought the house down literally and figuratively at the Trinoma Activity Center held two Saturdays ago.

But before I go further… you guys have to congratulate me first and foremost (mang-impose… saka mag demand anu!!) for my first ever attempt of having some sort of a my fashion review of what could be the most talked about launch. Yeah i’m talking about the super TOPLESS poster’s so damn HOT…super HAWT…I maybe sounding like a dilapidated or just a pirated CD but ANGEL glams…shines and sizzles like no one else…allow me at this point to make a bit of a “kwento” of how things went so fine on a Saturday and super major “lugmok” the next day all because of FRANK….FRANK…FRANK…damn you frank… grrrrrrrr @#$#^%$ how could you be so damn cruel to do this to us? we haven’t done anything bad to anybody nor have committed any kind of mortal sins like adultery, murder, kidnapping yikes ngiii how morbid hakhak to deserve all these disappointments….lugmukis ever.

angel 2
angel 9
geometric prints never cease to amaze, circles, stripes splashes of colors give some outfits a modern charm.

My cousin and I took our precious time to go to Manila not for any other reason than this yeah it was maybe for a breather and that include going to Trinoma Mall for the very first time for angel’s F&H launch and of course the super most awaited LOBO farewell show at SM north edsa the following day….so since we traveled for like eight hours as we came from the other side of the planet, it really wasn’t easy for us to stay fresh, made up,dolled up and uber porma as any good natured city girls are…but we’re really so amaze to death to find out how people from all walks of life can be so fond of our ANGEL….super OA as you may call it but we went straight to trinoma mall as early as 1PM surprisingly the peeps were already patiently waiting at the activity center… to think that there was something like cocktails graced by a good number of entertainment press which went fine and dandy at 6 PM before the show proper which was done in a breeze….so fast that you wouldn’t wanna blink at all!!!i really cannot say anything….cuz i was so damn starstruck to the max….i was stunned in less than an hour. i couldn’t say anything in an instant….so mesmerized and deeply enthralled…i shouted i wouldn’t miss this for the world…of course i’m exaggerating….hehe

‘Twas really my first time to see ANGEL in a flesh….i can never imagine how Angel exudes a cool aura of sensuality the moment she came out on stage….i was screaming to the top of my lungs!!….she figures in the circle of talented young actresses in the industry….and when it comes to giving performances she definitely gives others a very tough fight…i always thought that her role as Lyka in LOBO have made such a great impact on her on being such a fashionista.…what with her perfect curves that made a lot of women green with envy.

But why it took me two weeks to post this thing is really a mystery and has a life on its own..well it maybe a little bit DR as in “delayed-reaction” on my part but nevertheless fulfilling and rewarding anyways… guys i wanna share with all of you some pics that i considered my most cherished possession of being a fan…fan…fan..

angel 3

Some kind of swift…energetic comfort caress which reveal sleek and relaxed sense of beauty and elegance….couldn’t say anything….so breathtaking!
angel 4

angel 5

angel 7


Angel with Phoemela Barranda who hosted the event..The launched was so successful such a fleeting moment bursting with light and colors…swift and oh sooo chic….i just can’t shake it off that TITO PEX has this limit of posting only seven images, as i wanna pour it all in one post but there was no way for me to do so…wanna see more?



i’ve seen with my own eyes yeah!!! how angel can have these legion of fans from young and old alike…grabee...subra adulation can see the mirage of weaving tales of a kaleidoscope of emotions igniting a never ending excitement….i will never forget this moment where OMIGOD…. so…ganito pala kaganda si ANGEL!! she’s just glowing, i was asked by a lot of people nax…feeling naman ako..whehe if Angel is just as gorgeous in person…my answer is so truthful as i wasn’t blinking nor batting an eyelash at all nax na naman, i told them in all honesty that she’s radiantly fabulous in a rock glam diva look and super stunning, she stands 5′5 plus her 4 or 5 inches stilletos, and gosh her SMILE, if you can feel its intensity and impact when you watch her on TV just imagine how mesmerizing she is up close. yay hayy naman sana kasing ganda nya tayong lahat anu?!!



Angel Locsin’s looked so fab in a runway…intense…playful and sauntered down the catwalk wowing the crowd… she was sooo humble when she said to Phoem na feeling model daw sha…model na model naman talaga dating nya super!!…..and the people has swept away by her beauty and grace…need i say more??

so what’s your new year’s resolution….duh!!


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Promises are made to be broken…..yeah that i guess is one of the most popular if not the most appropriate lines uttered at the end of the year where you didn’t even accomplish anything out of the long list you’ve plan to achieve throughout the year….. i want to lose weight….i should be in my darn best self when the clock strikes at twelve midnight to welcome the year with so much promise and hope so that i can look and feel best all throughout the year….yeah right….only the first few days of having a strict diet and a series of workouts for a number of days and…few months and then boom….back to old ways….as the saying goes on and on and on…..old habits die hard…..pano nga ang hirap mag diet ay…hassel din kung minsan mag work-out….i’m busy….i’m freakin tired to the max for working like a dog…oh well…a lot of alibis and reasons beyond your control kuno….kuning

No matter how cliche it may sound….how gasgas it may seem to be…how lutlut things can be….but still it is in our psyche to look forward to a brighter side of things no matter how hard it is for us to cope with so much pressure coming our ways…

I guess one of the reasons why we didn’t get what we want to do or accomplish something is when things didn’t turn out the way we expect them to….Kurdapya is so determined to lose 10-20 lbs to look good for her prince charming….only to find out that Pikolo is about to marry her best friend…Kurdapya rants to the top of her lungs….i wanna die….i wanna die…

gosh….so sad….super sad….huhuhuhu……but we realize in the long run that we still have this undying spirit up in our sleeves not to lose hope and give it another try…sige na ilista na new year’s resolution ninyu

anyway….we’re human….born to make mistakes…..and learned from it….

happy new year everyone!!!

this thing called life 2!!


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Time flies so fast that i never imagined it’s just a few days to go before we hit 2008…. a lot of things have happened in a jiffy, my previous post can very well described how we could cope with life’s complexities….we can’t understand the fact why some bad things happened to good people….one of the most painful situations in ones’ life is to let go of a person who became a part of your life…. a dear friend whom you practically saw everyday, someone whom you trusted so’s so hard to cope with her sudden demise……

I’ve experienced a lot of goodbyes in my life but it made me realize that….everything that God allows to come our way is with a purpose…..HE uses even the greatest error and the deepest hurt to mold us into persons worth of value….looking back can make us feel down and disappointed…but life teaches us to be strong and grateful that there is something to look forward to…

The only wealth i have on earth are the lessons i’ve learned and the people around me who took pains to be with me in good and bad times….at the end of the day..( i can’t remember anymore who said this)….you would only know the winner not when he is up…. but when he is down….

me…myself and the pudgies! i’m such a fan…!!


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originally posted at Bianjoe Thread
Pinoy Exhange Forum

I really don’t know where to start….hey, I dunno what’s come over me..maybe I’m just crazy freakin character in a popular soap who seems so lost in the wilderness…kinda weird huh? there must be something that’s got to be there in the woods…it’s outta here to get me anytime soon…slowly gripping little by little and putting me again into a bad light…it’s been countless times already where I myself have felt down and out…freaked out…totally wreaked, crushed and burned and yet how come we are still here? What on earth are we doin all our
lives to deserve this? I tell you guys no one in his right mind would love this thing, hate it so much…it’s like loving a person who can’t love you back….it’s pathetic…tsk…tsk… we hate to be losers forever right?

I’m lying if I say I’m okay with what’s happening at PBB..what with a phone call to a friend that truly ruined my day, it’s devastating to hear her say ILY to a friend….so what’s with the tears ba ha? I’m not fine….i’m upset….gee… its like comfortably lyin but unconsciously bleeding….softly sleeping but silently hurtin….continously breathin and yet slowly there anything in this world worse than this? Hey, whatta heck…I maybe uttering the same hyper stuff again…as I never thought I would cross this line again…ever… but as an old saying goes again and again promises are really made to be broken…I missed it
terribly… I said this many times over that I don’t wanna look back and
reminisce about all those memories of not letting go to “something that’s not even there in the first place” o my gosh…. I hate this statement…the nerve to say it…..BIANJOE’s actions in the house can speak so loud that you almost hear their heartbeats beating at the same time…how can one questions the existence of feelings….they were there so raw and definitely undeniable….it was when the
world stopped and fell in love… destiny is taking a spotlight… But things
changed when they gone separate ways…. Bianca kept saying otherwise in all her interviews left and right haleerr.. ….what can we do if she says it’s different inside the house….than the outside world..what can we do if she says black is red and black is white…does it really matter to you people if she says she doesn’t love Zanjo at all? Or she would gladly sacrifice everything she has not to hurt
her best friend Mariel who curse like a sailor…. whom she loves like a real sister? Ekkk…ekkk….eeeewwww!!

I don’t know why the PUDGIES has to go with this….why we have to suffer like a terrible loser… It’s more than a year and seven months of endless grief and despair..yeah, I’m sounding like a pirated cd now I promised myself not to post an EM anymore but what am I doing here ba? It’s exactly what I missed…forgive me…. I’ve been so normal, so quiet and so bored that I created a blog for the past months…and
then out of the blue I came out of my shell to burst like no other….for one I’m so glad that TitaO is there and appreciates what the pudgies did to BZ, I’m so touched with her message to me….i cried….super… and what a way to have known TatayZ…he’s such a sweet tatay….he calls me “anak” like his own…whoaa

Just as I thought that I’ve forgiven this girl….i realized I really can’t….i never will… I tried so hard to understand her that she’s human like anyone of us and wish that she would find her own smile…i’m rooting for Jon and M in the house but she’s really that messed up, attention seeker, and harassed to death…she’s making things worse than hell, true enough she’s digging her own grave…she really is a jerk and an anaconda for that matter… I feel that she’s not sincere enough to Bianca….she isn’t her real friend…their friendship is just a front…it
maybe unfair to say all these things, I admit I don’t know exactly how close they are… I maybe mean and so inconsiderate but Mariel’s is definitely not a girl we must respect and emulate.

Why do pudgies continue to shout still fighting until now? It hurts really if we didn’t get what we want or if simply things were not working on our favor… but it’s the essence of life….we have to understand everything that is happening, we are pressed on every side by a lot of disappointments…so this is the feeling of a true blue avid fan who have stick it out with their idols come hell or high water….now I know the feeling of being there and for you guys who in one way or
another has cross this line like I did and the rest who never get tired of
waiting and hoping for all its might….apir tayo guys we’re on the same boat afterall…

KAHIT SAAN MAN TAYO DALHIN NG LAHAT NG ITO…AT KAHIT SA KANGKUNGAN MAN….AT KAHIT MAGHINTAY MAN TAYO SA WALA at kahit ang lahat ng bagay na ito ay babalik at babalik sa WALA…still there’s a lot of lessons learned from all of these things….at the end of the day we came out totally blessed with what we get out
of this BIANJOE adventure….the friendships that has treasured after all these laughters and tears REMAINS PRICELESS that once upon our lives we are touched by this heartwarming story of pure….unselfishlove of two people who are destined to find each other…..

ang maging isang fan bow!!

this thing called life


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Happy or sad….bored or simply on the right track are some of the
things that we encounter each day. Life holds no promises to what will exactly come our way, it really makes no guarantee as to what we will have tomorrow or in the future. I realized that happiness is a very subjective factor in one’s life..some may nor may not agree with this but being happy doesn’t depend much on achieving something, or what you really want, but rather making the best of what is given to you….the facts of life has taught us to assume nothing.. to expect little…to do more…to need less…to laugh a lot…to pray always and yes, to dream big.. It’s hard to accept the fact that LIFE ISN’T FAIR…it never was and will never be and the only thing that can make us completely happy is contentment, but a man can never be
contented, it is in his nature to get what he wants at all cost and continue to aim high come hell or high water.

In our struggle towards a good life we are not spared of failures, hardships and disappointments, we get knocked down by its
complexities. A series of disheartening experiences made me damn down and miserable. It was in these moments of grieving for losing our parents in a tender age that the time had come for us to feel everything in a knife cuts-a-knife way, the collective pain and the question of why do we have to feel this way seemed quite inevitable, I
was consumed of a fear I couldn’t shake, and another was feeling the full weight of the world’s sins on my shoulders, whatever…no matter how painful it was it truly made us strong….with what happened to us…nothing shocks me anymore.

One of the most important lessons I learned in this life that I felt that to be true, was no matter how bad things get…we can never left out in the colds…we are never left alone and unsupported… that no
matter how hard it was there are a lot of people whose behind your back and would continue to be there for you through good and bad times, things may not work for you sometimes, things maybe so unfair but it takes us to be patient to leave things in God’s hands all the time…wanna share this “super” text message….about life…aysos akaw anlupit nitu dyableg!!

ang buhay ay simple laang…pag humingi ka ng alimuran at ang ibinigay sa iyu ay ibobug….ay kulunguhin mu na laang baet…..kung palabas ka at biglang umulan, pasalamat ka at de ka na magdidilig ng halaman mu…ang sarap ng buhay ay depende na laang sa iyung pananaw….de mu man malasap agad ang ginhawa…may bagay naman na dapat mung matan-aw….de ka bibigyan ng Diyos ng de mu kaya o de mu napagtatagumpayan kung walang pagsubuk…kung wala ang lahat ng itu paanu mu maaalman ang taglay mung kalakasan…. saka ka lang naman matututung magsaing pag sinubukan mu na de baga?

Hello….text baga itu?


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True enough guys…cellphone has invaded our lives to the hilt that some or most of the people in our society can’t live without it…Yes, i heard somebody said that he is his cellphone, and i believe i am too for some reasons, i am my cellphone and became a permanent inhabitant of NOKIA 3310 upgraded to N3315 after a year and then after considerable years of not having accessed to MMs thing, here comes a great opportunity of having N70….music edition….recon?hehehe, thanks to my sistah for moving heaven and earth to get it for me, love yah my pepot lobo!!

How i got my N3310 was something i would really cherish for the rest of my life, nax.. i’m not exactly sure how i been that fortunate for winning one of the eighteen (18) cellphones in CLSU (Central Luzon State University at Nueva Ecija..) raffle draw held many summers ago in their foundation day, a single ticket costs only P20.00 and i got a cellphone which at that time seemed so alien to me….hello, panu baga mag-text? So in a jiffy it came like a thief in the night… i got it from one of the organizers who has a relative in San Luis, and cousin Aileen called me thru a landline and delivered the good news, and the rest as they say is history. I never asked for it really, cuz you know during that time….wala pang cellsite ditu sa bayan ng mga akaw….de baga kidlat anu? Never in my wildest dreams would i ever expect to have it, you can call it “chamba” thing…well….i guessed….maybe…(tsk…tsk..mainit init pa.…i just got a water purifier from Mel&Joey 3rd month anniversary special 2 weeks ago, its gonna get aired tomorrow night)….watch it please….asos nag plug pa anu hehehe!!

So in no time at all i have awakened with the reality of my sudden affinity for communication technology. I realized that my super freakin boring life has become completely dependent on the services of my most cherished possession…my cellphone…na lagi na laang check operator!!! ay anu na baga yang cellpon na iyan lagi na laang walang lod pag aku nagpapatex sa iyu…..diyaski kaaa…sabi ni anene!!

My 3310 by the way is still alive and kicking until this very day, it has a globe sim in it, this original blue piece of finnish technology a size of a maxipad has taken a large portion of my life, having with me all day and all night everywhere i go, it has been with me through the many not exactly milestones and mundane things of my day to day life of being single and being happy most of the time….no frills…no trills but….love life….anyway…nawawala na aku sa topic ku hihihi…hello….i heard about a thousand births and deaths of many relatives, friends and famous people in the universe, its quite apparent that i think many would agree with me that cellphone has become a part of everyone’s life….since i live in a province and a certified “promdi” where once upon a time PLDT and RCPI were making a lot of money for long distance communication and social telegrams remember?, it’s truly a blessing from heaven up above to be aided with a cellsite after a lot of hullabaloo and hassels hounding the province being away from the hustle and bustle of a city life….i really love being a promdi, i really am…and now my life has considerably a lot more exciting now knowing the privilege of having an access to internet…the ym thing, the instant communication right under our noses….thus the controversial NBN deal is taking our country by storm…what with large amount of kickbacks….for Joey de Venecia, Abalos and Neri enough for Miriam to accuse China of inventing corruption and later apologized to Chinese government through their ambassador…well anyway…. it’s amazing to have a broadband right into your own room…keeping me in constant possible communication with my dearest brother Eric who is about to graduate next year from NAU for his super “corpus linguistics” doctorate degree, yehey…sis els, an “akaw eventologist” nax… great… the next invasion would be, let’s see…if plans don’t miscarry…hold your breath… DYERABASIN?..there’s no turning back….joke..lor is uber busy with being a chef at emirates airlines….and cousin Tops who is a PR man who writes in one…two and three publications in Dubai including EN VOGUE mag…sosi anu??

And so i have to end this time as i would now rush to my meeting with the coop at Pingit-ARC…..see yah around guys….mag ee alikek pa kami ni ka taptap ay!!