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OMG….what’s SNS that i’m bragging to you about?….oh well a lot of you may have thought of SNN (showbiz news ngayon) or the more popular NNNN eNtertainment News Na Naman…segment of hottest gag show Banana Split.. a super popular spoof that hitting TV by storm Angelica Panganiban and Jayson Gainza are really great impersonators of Krissy and Tito Bhoy…well, SNS aka… tadann social networking sites is what i’m talking about…facebook, friendster, multiply, tagged, blogger, twitter (my blog skin) to name a few..ever …..i really love Lola Techie….she’s such a cool lola… i wonder if a lot of grandma can be like her who can upload pics and vids from you tube and making super pokes on her “apo” at fb….i’m just thankful that i came across all these penchants for internet chuva otherwise i’m like super “anga” on this hip stuff….its really cool to be hip…never naiiwanan yey..

So for the longest time now….i’m so amazed with how things fly at internet…every little thing is just like….ahhh… magic….aha…talagang mas mabilis nga sa alas kuatro…i can make “oron” with cousin lor on just about anything under the sun…i can catch up with my brother’s kwentos… i had a chance to get in touch once more with my elementary and highschool classmates whom i don’t think i would ever get a chance of meeting again. It’s surreal at first how you get to be on your toes to make an effort to post your daily status updates and really life would never be the same again without an internet.

i gained a lot of friends at facebook…whew super starstudded nga…..580 na as of last count now and only 156 here at friendster not too bad considering that you don’t get to see a person everyday and that you have a common connection instantly….sobrang nakakatuwa nga na some person nga whom you don’t know from adam can be your “friend” without all those doubts that you have to keep a certain kind of reservation of not trusting anyone “eklabush” stuff….there are some instances where you at one point disappointed for being ignored by a star that you would like to add as a friend…lemme see, i was ignored by direk joey reyes, anne curtis and angel locsin..but it was fine…okay laang.. being rejected doesn’t mean you’re not IN…(yeah sad fact…you’re OUT hehe).i thought i’m also blocked by SEDJA but i’m like super surprised….read: “touched” for finding out that he has just accepted me…awww…but there are still those celebrities who can be so nice and so accomodating like bea alonzo, sarah geronimo, richard gutierrez, gerald anderson, kim chiu…you can’t blame me for being such a fan super.

In more ways that one SNS would definitely add perks into our lives more than ever…bow!!

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