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Official headshot of Rene McHugh, Candidate #22 in the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009… got this from ms. joyce ann burton-titular a former beauty queen who happens to be a friend at facebook.

Adventures of a Beauty Queen congratulates the lovely Rene Rosario Aquino McHugh for winning the Miss Photogenic title at press presentation for the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 held last July 29.

rene's facebook primary pic

rene's facebook primary pic

Rene McHugh is one of the proteges of Philippine Star beauty expert Felix Manuel whom Ms. Burton always run to when she has questions on pinoy beauty pageants. This stunning 5?7? Fil-Am is a recent graduate of the Woodbridge High School and was the captain of her school’s cheering squad. According to Manuel, Rene McHugh was last year’s runner-up in the Miss Teen Philippines-USA pageant, one of the USA’s Top Five Prettiest 2008, Most Promising Model 2008 and is the reigning Miss Philippines-USA Tourism.

Rene at third row fifth from Sheryl Guerero with a blue sabutan hat…. the much anticipated Mutya candidates arrived yesterday afternoon at Baler after some unexpected glitches on a supposed to be early arrival..we waited for an eternity at Quezon Park and after some hulabaloo on what could be the most if not super event that we had in years…they really made us smile to the max…an old adage still rings true that it really pays to be patient.

They had a stopover first at LGU Maria Aurora, rode on a 4×4 truck courtesy of the Aurora off roaders association headed by Pandus Valenzuela. Had a photo op at Quezon Memorial park with Gov. Bella and Mayor Angara with LGU people of Baler and went inside the museo in a jiffy then went straight to the Provincial Capitol for a brief program where we get to hear them introduced themselves. At around 6:30 pm or so they were billeted to Bajia de Baler for a welcome party with local town officials headed by the very proud Governor BAC. Got this info from cousin Ai who wasn’t able to watch TD last night, they indeed had a blast with the 36 lovely candidates. We’re keeping you posted for more updates guys!! i’m kinda….sorta pressured to come up with more stuff hoping against hope that my chronic “tamaditis” would not get in a way haha

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