incredibly mushy…sobrang cheesy!!


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Its always been such a delight to read that during high-stress situations its very healthy to write down list of what gives you joy….these can be people, events, experiences, things like text messages which would break you into spontaneous smile or laughter.

This post is actually inspired by john lloyd cruz and bea alonzo’s greenwich commercial when papa lloydie utters…”hindi tayo tao…hindi tayo hayop…bagay tayo…bagay na bagay” then out of the blue their barkadas shouted….”sobrang cheesy” whoaa….well its one of those bubblegum cutesy lines which whether we like it or not can really find its way into our hearts…i tell yah… it would rock your world…ngeee!!

Only this morning i managed to ask 5 persons….3 cousins and 2 friends if they could send me some cute slash mushy slash ….uber to the max aawwww “baduy” messages….surprisingly all of them responded overwhelmingly but a lot were jokes ranging from pacman and nanay dionisia funny antics to some “greeny stuff” from a recent video scandal of katrina and hayden which i find difficult to consider at all. I have some list tucked in my “jurassic celphone” though and i’m just thankful that for an unknown reason i didn’t just threw it in a wind….it came as an interesting topic as it would elicit some chika on the side yehey!!… so guys eto naaa….i ranked it from 5th to 1st spot.

5. Do me a favor please? Put your right hand on your left shoulder…then squeeze…yan…that’s my morning hug for you…..feel mo?

4. Chocolate ka sa puso ko, Milk Nougat ka sa feelings ko, Butterscotch ka sa pagmamahal ko….Ay naku pag kinalimutan mo ako…BUKAYO ka na lang sa paningin ko!!

3.The brain can store great memory, yet time has the power to erase it. All may be forgotten in time, but not the texting we share because i keep it in a place called SIM HEART…

2. Did you know that the expression WALA LANG could mean…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…..wonder why i’m telling you this huh? WALA LANG…

1. You’re the mango of my pie…keso of my monay…teeth of my suklay…fingers in my kamay… blood of my atay…bubble of my laway…ewwww….cure to my aray…my love habang buhay…..

waaahhhh sobrang cheessyy!!

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