Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 winners


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the 2009 winners and their court
Candidate no.26 Jacqueline Schubert of Northern Germany hailed as the Mutya ng Pilipinas-Tourism Aurora and Candidate no. 28 Jane Bañares from Legaspi City, Albay is the Mutya ng Pilipinas International-2009

1st Runner-up, Candidate N0. 24 Samantha East (first from left), 2nd Runner-up, Candidate No. 8 Jennielyn Natividad (fourth from left) and Mutya ng Pilipinas – Overseas Communities, Candidate No. 10 Ana Baladad (pre-judged)

TOP 2 winners

luvit the sabutan shawl

Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities – #10 Anna Baladad of Texas
2nd Runner-Up – #8 Jennielyn Natividad of QUezon City
1st RUnner-Up – #24 Samantha East of Toronto, Canada
Mutya ng Pilipinas Aurora Tourism Int’l – #26 Jacqueline Schubert of Northern Germany
Mutya ng Pilipinas International – #28 Jane Bañares of Legaspi City, Albay

special awardees

Special Awards:
Best in Long Gown – #28 Jane Bañares of Bicol
John Robert Powers Personality Award -#18 Sheryl Guerrero of Aurora
OPMB Web Choice Award – #14 Agnes Santiago of Pangasinan
Ms. Photogenic – #3 Dominique Lagrimas of Camarines Sur
Best in Talent – #5 Katrina Lopez of Quezon City
Ms Friendship – #23 Diane de Vera of Romblon
Best in Swimsuit – #26 Jacqueline Schubert of Northern Germany
Best Sabutan Gown….the designer of candidate # 13

swimsuit beauties

The Chronicles of Mutya ng Pilipinas


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mutya logo

This year’s Mutya ng Pilipinas is now on its 41st year which dubbed as Mutya ng Pilipinas at Aurora Province – The Beauty Adventure in the Pacific. For the last two years, it was held on a prime eco-tourism destination such as Subic Freeport, Clark, Pampanga in 2007 and at Puerto Princesa City in Palawan last year.

In keeping up with its aim to promote beauty at its best…Mutya ng Pilipinas brings this year’s pageant to none other than our very own Province…AURORA..

Mutya ng Pilipinas started in the late 60s which has produced a great number of beauty queens who made a name in showbiz, modelling, business and even in politics…some of them switched to being sexy starlets and faded like a bubble…we see beauties come and go but what has remained constant is the emphasis and the interest of young women to join beauty contest…a stepping stone for a promising career or just an experience for the heck and for the feel of it!!

During the 70’s we’ve seen the likes of Alice Crisostomo…(mom of Mutya Laxa who herself became a beauty queen during the early 90’s) along with the late Rio Diaz, a popular model and Eat Bulaga TV host before she succumbed to big C.. Yehlen Catral who was a favorite leading lady of Comedy King Dolphy…one of Dolphy’s angels along with Carmi Martin during the late 80’s. Emma Yuhico who portrayed Flordeluna’s mom named Belinda…oh well…i really wanna commend my fantastic memory as i still have this impeccable account of those characters in my fave drama series before mexican telenovela has been coined (a top tearjerker during the 80’s which starred Janice de Belen, Herbert Bautista, Laurice Guillen and the late Dindo Fernando among others). Techie Agbayani who made a splash when her nude photos appeared in the German edition of Playboy magazine she has come full circle for being a good mother and she’s teaching a Psychology course in an exclusive school..Lorraine Schuck, a popular model and one of the founders of Carousel Production who had been a prime mover and brains of the Mutya ng Pilipinas tilt for a number of years. Mutya during that time selected candidates to represent the country in the Miss Asia Quest and Miss World. Mutya winners Lorraine Schuck and Peachy Veneracion founded Ms. Philippines Earth which selects a representative to Miss Earth contest held in Manila.

Some of the prominent figures who had established themselves as top caliber models during the 80’s were Carines Zaragoza, Bong Dimayacyac, Sherry Rose Byrne, Malou Apostol, and Lorna Legaspi. Aurora Sevilla has tried her hand at showbiz and Star Querubin has run for a councilor seat in Manila.

Mutya headshots


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presenting the 2009 Mutya ng Pilipinas candidates
in their headshots

Athena Mae Imperial – Aurora
Top 12

Therese Anne Francesca Melhelb – Northern California

Dominique Lagrimas – Camarines Sur
Top 12

Disayrey Sayat – Batangas City

Ma. Katrina Lopez – Quezon City

In the Eye of the Beholder


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We are driven to so may cliches when we describe what beauty is all about…well its just a skin deep…beauty comes from within….ang kagandahan ng tao ay hindi sa kanyang pisikal na katangian lamang kundi sa pagiging busilak ng kanyang puso….naks The very idea of defining beauty has always been distinct from one another, we are not just talking about beauty queen with some conventional statistics to boot….curvilicious….voluptuous… sliver… thin with anorexic silhouette but it is more often seen in a whole package which truly embodies what “maganda” is all about.

The power of mass media dominates over diverse definition of beauty, we learn to appreciate the standards of what considered sexy and desirable which have been constantly changing, the growing number of mestizo/mestiza offspring from inter-cultural partnerships have produced great looking guys around us.

This year’s batch of candidates for Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 represent wide range of beauties from native slash exotic to caucasian slash fair mestiza features….the concept of beauty broadens in years as we have various physical types- short, tall, morena and mestiza…wait i have yet to choose my top 15 yet haha….its too early to ponder on it.

Athena Mae Imperial hails from Casiguran, Aurora…a younger version of Eula Valdez and a deadringer of ABS-CBN reporter and PBB Celeb Edition I alumni Gretchen “Gege” Malalad…de baga?

no.1 athena

Rene Rosario McHugh represents East Coast USA, hailed as Ms. Photogenic during a press presentation held last July 29, 2009…ahh is she a Bianca King lookalike? well…
no. 22 in swimsuit

Much Ado About MUTYA


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Official headshot of Rene McHugh, Candidate #22 in the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009… got this from ms. joyce ann burton-titular a former beauty queen who happens to be a friend at facebook.

Adventures of a Beauty Queen congratulates the lovely Rene Rosario Aquino McHugh for winning the Miss Photogenic title at press presentation for the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 held last July 29.

rene's facebook primary pic

rene's facebook primary pic

Rene McHugh is one of the proteges of Philippine Star beauty expert Felix Manuel whom Ms. Burton always run to when she has questions on pinoy beauty pageants. This stunning 5?7? Fil-Am is a recent graduate of the Woodbridge High School and was the captain of her school’s cheering squad. According to Manuel, Rene McHugh was last year’s runner-up in the Miss Teen Philippines-USA pageant, one of the USA’s Top Five Prettiest 2008, Most Promising Model 2008 and is the reigning Miss Philippines-USA Tourism.

Rene at third row fifth from Sheryl Guerero with a blue sabutan hat…. the much anticipated Mutya candidates arrived yesterday afternoon at Baler after some unexpected glitches on a supposed to be early arrival..we waited for an eternity at Quezon Park and after some hulabaloo on what could be the most if not super event that we had in years…they really made us smile to the max…an old adage still rings true that it really pays to be patient.

They had a stopover first at LGU Maria Aurora, rode on a 4×4 truck courtesy of the Aurora off roaders association headed by Pandus Valenzuela. Had a photo op at Quezon Memorial park with Gov. Bella and Mayor Angara with LGU people of Baler and went inside the museo in a jiffy then went straight to the Provincial Capitol for a brief program where we get to hear them introduced themselves. At around 6:30 pm or so they were billeted to Bajia de Baler for a welcome party with local town officials headed by the very proud Governor BAC. Got this info from cousin Ai who wasn’t able to watch TD last night, they indeed had a blast with the 36 lovely candidates. We’re keeping you posted for more updates guys!! i’m kinda….sorta pressured to come up with more stuff hoping against hope that my chronic “tamaditis” would not get in a way haha

Mabuhay to Mutya ng Pilipinas!!


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In keeping with what’s in and what’s hot…i’m going to keep my best foot forward in giving you an update on what could be a milestone for the Province of Aurora….its not everyday where you are given an opportunity to experience once in a lifetime event like hosting a beauty tilt yey…we are a bunch of pageant crazy people…yes just like any other places in the Philippines where we are bombarded with a lot of beauty contest from a small sitio to a spectacular worldwide event like Ms U…we’re ohh soo over to the max obsessed with three Bs…boxing…basketball and beauty pageant.

This marks the third year in a row now that Mutya ng Pilipinas is being held in a prime eco-tourism destination. In 2007, the contest was held at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Last year, the pageant was held in Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan.

In with its aim to promote beauty tourism, Mutya ng Pilipinas brings this year’s pageant to the historic province of Aurora. The national beauty contest crowns its new titleholders on Aug. 9, 2009.

The 38 official candidates of Mutya ng Pilipinas were presented to the media this morning at the Edsa Shangri-la. This is the 41st year of the event. The candidates are:

Athena Mae D. Imperial, Aurora
Therese Anne Francesca Meelhelb, Northern California
Dominique Lagrimas, Camarines Sur
Disayrey Sayat, Batangas City
Ma. Katrina Lopez, Quezon City
Mary Grace Morala, Cotabato City
Melissa Paula Travora, Davao del Sur
Jennielyn Natividad, Quezon City
Jelyssa Madrid, Canada-Vancouver
Ana Baladad, Texas
Lovett Keziah Avenido, Cebu
Mae Lanie Chan, Manila
Jo Ann Peria, Palawan
Agnes Santiago, Pangasinan
Roselynn Solis, Tarlac
Lenny Gamboa, Pampanga
Abigaile Fausto, Navotas
Sheryl Rose Guerrero, Aurora
May Ann Buenaventura, Taytay
Christina McGarry, Midwest-USA
Karen Nacario, Cebu
Rene McHugh, East Coast-USA
Dianne de Vera, Romblon
Samantha East, Canada
Consolacion Timbol, Tarlac
Jacqueline Schubert
Jenn-roe Gubat, Bulacan
Jane Banares, Legazpi City
Nadine Karla de Roxas, Tagaytay City
Zsaharah Nor Mantawil, Davao
Marie Loraine de Guzman, Makati
Darlene Dina, Batangas
Deborah Humpfner, Germany
Hannah Pichay, Singapore
Pearlyn Hortelano, Cebu City
Nadine Halvorsen, Norway.

The list was from Manila Bulletin news. There were only 36 names on the list. There are two candidates from Aurora, Sheryl Rose Guerrero from Baler and Athena Mae D. Imperial from the town of Casiguran.

candidate #1 athena imperial
Athena Mae D. Imperial


Sheryl Rose C. Guerrero

she2 guerero

It was earlier reported that a sabutan gown design competition was held coinciding the media presentation, and Sheryl Rose Guerrero of Aurora won the award however there was a news feed from batang baler that Sheshe Guerrero won the Aurora Beauty Award instead…it’s just a coincidence that she got that special award.

thanks to batangbaler,, manila bulletin, opmb worldwide.

chasing waterfalls


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located within the Ditumabo-Diteki Watershed in San Luis, this 43-meter high waterfall is a sight to behold amidst tall hardwoods, green shrubbery and mountain vines.

Aurora Province natural wealth is truly a wonder in its finest. You finally set foot at the place when the cool refreshing air greets you marched by lush forest of the Sierra Madre Mountain. You would heave a sigh of relief on a tiresome travel realizing that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

My cousin Tops, a former Provincial Tourism Officer claimed it as “a sanctuary of nature’s splendor”. Aurora is home to the country’s oldest surfing community. The local surfer’s love affair with the sport traces its roots to the filming of the classic “Apocalypse Now” megged by one of the critically acclaimed directors of Hollywood, Francis Ford Coppola, father of equally talented director Sofia and uncle of my favorite actor Nicolas Cage. A popular surfing scene was shot in the province in the 70’s, thus the name Charlie’s Point (river mouth break) came up. The movie would always have a soft spot in our hearts since a portion of our late grandmother’s parcel of land was chosen as one of the location sites of the film… My brother Eric and I were much too young then never realizing the fact that Nicolas and Sophia also kids then were surprisingly tagged along by the great director.

Aurora is a treasure haven with a lot of breathtaking sights- towering waterfalls, caves, natural rock formations, picturesque…pristine beaches rivers and lakes, truly one of a kind playground catering to outdoor activities that lifts your spirits up such as surfing, boating, diving, spelunking and mountain trekking.

It so amazing to look at the picture of a clear blue
sky and look down on a fantastic steep descent of a crystal clear water not to mention the fact that it gives a refreshing kind of feeling
that can make someone melt with a smile that warms a heart. Nature has its own mystery; it has its own splendor that none of us could ever
explain where it really came from….its a gift… mystifying at that….
which leaves us in awe. It says that the best feelings are those that
have no words to describe them. The mere thought of gazing with God’s creation can relieve us with so much worries and hate. It’s good to be alive anyway.


Acclaimed as the cleanest inland body of water in Region III, this 100-meter high waterfall stands majestically on the lush forest of Dinalungan.

If mountain climbing is your hobby….then I congratulate you…(if you can do it alone..i salute you)…I cannot hahaha….for me it is a sheer torture, aha…I know very well about the stuff on a certain thingy on human spirit tested beyond endurance chuva chever…yeah it’s true but unfortunately in my case…tsk…tsk……I definitely have nothing to do with endurance or courage to trek the mountain or (even an aisle hehe) at the steepest points….it’s more of a horrible stuff that might put me into a big blue trouble that I might slide down on my back then fall headlong into a “bangin” then die horribly…but .i tell you I’m not
proud of it…this explains how pakloy….payog….lampa I am… but don’t
worry I’m not going to give you my personal accounts on being a “reyna ng sablay”actually I have truckloads of it that I’m going to share
someday whehehe of course I don’t wanna ruin your mood… so I just clump up in my shell contented enough to look at the pictures in a magazine or browse a thing or two at batangbaler webby…yeah…thanks guys.

Kaunayan Falls located at L. Pimentel, San Luis….the most popular picnic site in the nearby town…

You think i haven’t been to any of these wondrous sites? Well fortunately…I’ve been to Bulawan Falls in Dinalungan….and of course to Kaunayan and Ditumabo Falls in San Luis only…it takes time…and an A1 determination of faith and courage to reach all these sites…i cannot imagine anybody from Baler or nearby towns in Aurora who have not seen these fantastic places…definitely…that’s just one of the reasons why we have to feel proud that we live in this province….you see we have a lot stuff to smile about it’s not everyday where we can take a breather from our well defined stressful and chaotic lives. Just a glimpse on this picture would relieve you from all those pressures.WOW!!


grabee sa WOW

If after seeing these majestic… amazing spots and you didn’t feel anything or no twinge of gladness running down your spine ngiii.. stuff like all caps OH MY GOD I LUV IT!!… ….well….tsk…tsk…i
may conclude right away that you are about to pop out in this world and about to meet our creator up above or just down there…whichiswhich guys? I dunno about you but we have to congratulate ourselves who aren’t deprived yet of a clean fresh air and natural…not man made waterfalls..…can we all sing….TLC’s……oh so bagay to the max….tadaaaa

Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that
You’re used to
I know that you’re gonna have it your way
Or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast

I don’t know who said this lines but i have to thank him/her for this…. it rings true… “a thing of beauty is a joy forever..its loveliness increases and it will never past into nothingness”

All things considered….it makes a perfect sense to see this best kept nature treasures….tara naa here!!! now naaa!!

wanna thank bb for the super nice pics!!