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DOMINGO ESARSA OLAYRES a.k.a. Ka Inggo as he fondly calls in the neighborhood is a native of Bicol and idolizes the people’s champ/pambansang kamao Manny Pacquio. He spends nearly all his life in farming. He was born on September 14, 1946 and married to Catalina Basia-Olayres, they have an adoptive daughter named Ara Mina who is in an incoming grade four pupil at Diego Ortiz Elementary School at Brgy. Pingit, Baler, Aurora.

He was awarded with 1.3643 hectares of land on July 1989 under the Emancipation Patent (EP) of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and one of the early recipients of the program.

Farming is the only profession he knew as it is the single largest source of livelihood in the barangay as he worked hard in the field since childhood, he is a rice farmer at Sitio Dipanamianan, Pingit where a large number of agrarian reform beneficiaries reside. Ka Inggo and Ka Cina both in their 60’s is a picture of a happy couple who live in simplicity and humble ways, they are still both active in farming despite their age. Ka Inggo’s yield translates to 80 cavans per hectare as compared the last two year’s 60 cavans brought about by the adoption of the technology under the Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM).

His determination and solid hard work have reaped some gains making him equipped with farming implements like two (2) baby threshers and three (3) handtractors for hire. He also has three (3) carabaos, with three (3) push carts or kariton and owned a tricycle, being a man of few words we find it hard to let him talk about his other investments.

While rice is his main crop of production he also ventured into some high value crops in his backyard. He is also an active member of Saint Francis Development Cooperative (SFDC) which is one of the most sought after non-government organizations (NGOs) in Baler. Ka Inggo works his way to acquire a loan amounting to Php 100.000.00
for his backyard piggery from the said cooperative for being a member of good standing making him gain a thorough understanding that success in farming can be attained not just to one source only but to other ventures as well. He realizes in the long run that planting rice alone is not enough to cope with life’s hardships to sustain the needs of his family. He has also tried his hand on tilapia breeding but he fell short of what was expected due to unavoidable force mejure, but it didn’t stop him
from doing what he does best…improving his farming life through rock solid self-reliance.

Ka Inggo and Ka Cina enjoyed the daily pressures of maintaining the farm awarded to them while some farmer-beneficiaries cannot
cope with financial constraint due to high cost of farm productions he is on his best foot forward and for that he spells a big difference.