chuva or chenelie? rock on donna -dong abay!!


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I couldn’t think of catchy title for this post..well..well awel paz not for anything serious or whatever guys..if there’s anything that you would like to comment on my being a TV junkie go ahead lang ha…it may in fact seems to be mundane that says a lot about how I view things in life….fun…cool and corny ngeee…for one this is a brand of easy stuff to the max.…as i always told you i love simple things…hate complications ever!! you’ve encountered it time and again in answering stuff sent to you by your friends at friendster or facebook…so let’s start the ball rollin….now naaa… Krissy mode haha

-Smart or Globe

-Kapamilya or Kapuso

-Ateneo or LaSalle

-Adidas or Nike

-Nora Aunor or Vilma Santos

-Eat Bulaga or Wawowee

-Richard Gomez or Aga Muhlach

-Mcdonalds or Jolibee

-Coke or Pepsi

-Boracay or Palawan

-Gary V. or Martin Nievera

-Jaguar or Porche

-Lucas or Spielberg

-Brocka or Bernal

-Ely Buendia or Rico Blanco

-Eraserheads or Rivermaya

-D Buzz or Showbiz Central

-Mel Tiangco or Che-che Lazaro

-Rico J or Hajji Alejandro

-Kuh Ledesma or Zsa-Zsa Padilla

-Lorna Tolentino or Rio Locsin

-Allan Caidic or Alvin Patrimonio

-Claudine Barretto or Judy Ann Santos

-Judy Ann Santos or Jolina Magdangal

-Phil Jackson or Larry Brown

-Kyla or Nina

-Juris or Nina

-Barbie or Kitchie Nadal

-Anne Curtis or Bea Alonzo

-Belo or Calayan


-UKG or Unang Hirit

-Vodka or Tequila

-Surfing or Scuba Diving

-Julius Babao or Arnold Clavio

-Starbucks or Seattles Best

-Briefs or Boxers

-Slacks or Jeans

-Pop or RnB

-Mother Lily or Vic del Rosario

-Perfume or Cologne

-Award or Box Office Hit

-Tae-bo or Yoga

-Card or Cash

-Texting or internet chatting

-Friendster or Facebook

-Mestiza or Morena

-Bb. Pilipinas or Ms. Earth

-Chiz Escudero or Mike Defensor

-Tall or Petite

-Angel or Saint

-Imelda Papin or Eva Eugenio

-Liberated or Domesticated

-Roses or Tulips

-MTV or Myx


-Townhouse or Condo

-Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise

-Matt Damon or Ben Affleck

-George Clooney or Richard Gere

-Richard Gutierrez or Dingdong Dantes

-Charo Santos-Concio or Wilma Galvante

-Yael or Champ

-Selecta or Magnolia

-Hope or Winston

-Greenbelt or Rockwell

-Eric Santos or Christian Bautista

-Olsen Racela or Boybits Victoria

-Christian Bautista or Mark Bautista

-Pokwang or Pooh

-Korina Sanchez or Jessica Soho

-Kobe- Allen

-TGIS or Gimik

-Click or Berks

-Startalk or E-live

-Pizza hot or Greenwich



-Imbestigador or XXX

-TV Patrol or 24 Oras

-Angel Locsin or Marian Rivera

-Bubble Gang or Banana Split

-Meteor Garden or Boys Over Flowers

-Sanchai or Geum Jan Di

-Daw-ming or chu- Gu Jun Pyo

-Cherry Pie Picache or Agot Isidro

-Mamita or Lola Gets

-Dave or JR

-Déjà vu or Lesson Learned

Kamusta naman na kasama na sa list sina Lola Gets at Mamita…Dave at JR at Jan Di at Sanchai…there are what you call a proverbial “rivals na never talaga pwede iignore…

masaya or……masaya?

uris or utu ?

but wait guys….i was freakin surprised when kidlat told me na may kanta & composition si dong abay na ganito… entitled… BOMBARDMENT sobrang punta ko agad sa You Tube and OMG… i was like sobrang tulala as in whaha….mas madami nga lang syang commercials pero yung mga rivals like ate guy, ate vi, gma, abs, gary v and martin andun talaga..sobrang wala talaga akong alam na in a twist of coincidence eh i sent a message for him agad…hayy buti na lang friend ko sya here at FB…..tsk….tsk…galing…astig hehehe…so yun “rock on donna” sa taas….reply yun sa akin ni dong abay… MISMO….luvit!! sobrang thanks talaga!!

much ado about SNS


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OMG….what’s SNS that i’m bragging to you about?….oh well a lot of you may have thought of SNN (showbiz news ngayon) or the more popular NNNN eNtertainment News Na Naman…segment of hottest gag show Banana Split.. a super popular spoof that hitting TV by storm Angelica Panganiban and Jayson Gainza are really great impersonators of Krissy and Tito Bhoy…well, SNS aka… tadann social networking sites is what i’m talking about…facebook, friendster, multiply, tagged, blogger, twitter (my blog skin) to name a few..ever …..i really love Lola Techie….she’s such a cool lola… i wonder if a lot of grandma can be like her who can upload pics and vids from you tube and making super pokes on her “apo” at fb….i’m just thankful that i came across all these penchants for internet chuva otherwise i’m like super “anga” on this hip stuff….its really cool to be hip…never naiiwanan yey..

So for the longest time now….i’m so amazed with how things fly at internet…every little thing is just like….ahhh… magic….aha…talagang mas mabilis nga sa alas kuatro…i can make “oron” with cousin lor on just about anything under the sun…i can catch up with my brother’s kwentos… i had a chance to get in touch once more with my elementary and highschool classmates whom i don’t think i would ever get a chance of meeting again. It’s surreal at first how you get to be on your toes to make an effort to post your daily status updates and really life would never be the same again without an internet.

i gained a lot of friends at facebook…whew super starstudded nga…..580 na as of last count now and only 156 here at friendster not too bad considering that you don’t get to see a person everyday and that you have a common connection instantly….sobrang nakakatuwa nga na some person nga whom you don’t know from adam can be your “friend” without all those doubts that you have to keep a certain kind of reservation of not trusting anyone “eklabush” stuff….there are some instances where you at one point disappointed for being ignored by a star that you would like to add as a friend…lemme see, i was ignored by direk joey reyes, anne curtis and angel locsin..but it was fine…okay laang.. being rejected doesn’t mean you’re not IN…(yeah sad fact…you’re OUT hehe).i thought i’m also blocked by SEDJA but i’m like super surprised….read: “touched” for finding out that he has just accepted me…awww…but there are still those celebrities who can be so nice and so accomodating like bea alonzo, sarah geronimo, richard gutierrez, gerald anderson, kim chiu…you can’t blame me for being such a fan super.

In more ways that one SNS would definitely add perks into our lives more than ever…bow!!

incredibly mushy…sobrang cheesy!!


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Its always been such a delight to read that during high-stress situations its very healthy to write down list of what gives you joy….these can be people, events, experiences, things like text messages which would break you into spontaneous smile or laughter.

This post is actually inspired by john lloyd cruz and bea alonzo’s greenwich commercial when papa lloydie utters…”hindi tayo tao…hindi tayo hayop…bagay tayo…bagay na bagay” then out of the blue their barkadas shouted….”sobrang cheesy” whoaa….well its one of those bubblegum cutesy lines which whether we like it or not can really find its way into our hearts…i tell yah… it would rock your world…ngeee!!

Only this morning i managed to ask 5 persons….3 cousins and 2 friends if they could send me some cute slash mushy slash ….uber to the max aawwww “baduy” messages….surprisingly all of them responded overwhelmingly but a lot were jokes ranging from pacman and nanay dionisia funny antics to some “greeny stuff” from a recent video scandal of katrina and hayden which i find difficult to consider at all. I have some list tucked in my “jurassic celphone” though and i’m just thankful that for an unknown reason i didn’t just threw it in a wind….it came as an interesting topic as it would elicit some chika on the side yehey!!… so guys eto naaa….i ranked it from 5th to 1st spot.

5. Do me a favor please? Put your right hand on your left shoulder…then squeeze…yan…that’s my morning hug for you…..feel mo?

4. Chocolate ka sa puso ko, Milk Nougat ka sa feelings ko, Butterscotch ka sa pagmamahal ko….Ay naku pag kinalimutan mo ako…BUKAYO ka na lang sa paningin ko!!

3.The brain can store great memory, yet time has the power to erase it. All may be forgotten in time, but not the texting we share because i keep it in a place called SIM HEART…

2. Did you know that the expression WALA LANG could mean…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…..wonder why i’m telling you this huh? WALA LANG…

1. You’re the mango of my pie…keso of my monay…teeth of my suklay…fingers in my kamay… blood of my atay…bubble of my laway…ewwww….cure to my aray…my love habang buhay…..

waaahhhh sobrang cheessyy!!



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Life at some point in time have to be dramatic…in this media crazed society we live in, exposure on certain types of show serves as an outlet or venue where they can express their frustrations, wishes, ideas etc…

Blogging like reality TV can drive us nuts but there is a certain something that thrills us knowing that what we say at the moment really mattered to us….what are we up to in this time of the day where you almost got a perfect score in the exam and the next minute your boyfriend in haste would gonna dump you like hell…arrggghhh!!but sometimes we are denied of the moment to get back at our feet and pick up the pieces again….

It’s a passion to write what we feel… it says in the article “blogging dissected” by Family Counselor Fe Atendido it explains the worldwide fascination, on another level it is a form of fantasy, where one gets to express their best or better self. Blogs also help people get the attention they maybe lacking in real life, though the tendency to make believe is quite stronger….but then we have to keep a limit to what we’re posting….it can leave us vulnerable to misinterpretation, you see those sexy…revealing photo of a lady judge in a plunging neckline in her friendster account has put her in compromising situation..but if i happen to be blessed with a body of Angel Locsin…ahaa…its a diff’rent story…i wouldn’t have any slightest…not a bit inhibition to flaunt it…yeah it took only just one click for all the world to see it like a canister scandal that have created havoc to our country particularly in the medical profession…we have so much respect on doctors, nurses as they are the instruments given to us by the Lord in saving lives….but we never realized at some point that they would do such an inhumane act to an innocent patient..

I’ve been blogging for a little less than two years now….i never knew that i would get this far so much of it that i wanna make a collection or maybe a simple compilation of what i’ve been written for the past freakin stressful months, it’s rewarding somehow to come up with something which i would in anyway gonna cherish for the rest of my life….hey wanna thank Kidlat for creating a new site for me …super thanks talaga…be patient with me guys…expect the super expected!!!whehehehe…


Hello….text baga itu?


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True enough guys…cellphone has invaded our lives to the hilt that some or most of the people in our society can’t live without it…Yes, i heard somebody said that he is his cellphone, and i believe i am too for some reasons, i am my cellphone and became a permanent inhabitant of NOKIA 3310 upgraded to N3315 after a year and then after considerable years of not having accessed to MMs thing, here comes a great opportunity of having N70….music edition….recon?hehehe, thanks to my sistah for moving heaven and earth to get it for me, love yah my pepot lobo!!

How i got my N3310 was something i would really cherish for the rest of my life, nax.. i’m not exactly sure how i been that fortunate for winning one of the eighteen (18) cellphones in CLSU (Central Luzon State University at Nueva Ecija..) raffle draw held many summers ago in their foundation day, a single ticket costs only P20.00 and i got a cellphone which at that time seemed so alien to me….hello, panu baga mag-text? So in a jiffy it came like a thief in the night… i got it from one of the organizers who has a relative in San Luis, and cousin Aileen called me thru a landline and delivered the good news, and the rest as they say is history. I never asked for it really, cuz you know during that time….wala pang cellsite ditu sa bayan ng mga akaw….de baga kidlat anu? Never in my wildest dreams would i ever expect to have it, you can call it “chamba” thing…well….i guessed….maybe…(tsk…tsk..mainit init pa.…i just got a water purifier from Mel&Joey 3rd month anniversary special 2 weeks ago, its gonna get aired tomorrow night)….watch it please….asos nag plug pa anu hehehe!!

So in no time at all i have awakened with the reality of my sudden affinity for communication technology. I realized that my super freakin boring life has become completely dependent on the services of my most cherished possession…my cellphone…na lagi na laang check operator!!! ay anu na baga yang cellpon na iyan lagi na laang walang lod pag aku nagpapatex sa iyu…..diyaski kaaa…sabi ni anene!!

My 3310 by the way is still alive and kicking until this very day, it has a globe sim in it, this original blue piece of finnish technology a size of a maxipad has taken a large portion of my life, having with me all day and all night everywhere i go, it has been with me through the many not exactly milestones and mundane things of my day to day life of being single and being happy most of the time….no frills…no trills but….love life….anyway…nawawala na aku sa topic ku hihihi…hello….i heard about a thousand births and deaths of many relatives, friends and famous people in the universe, its quite apparent that i think many would agree with me that cellphone has become a part of everyone’s life….since i live in a province and a certified “promdi” where once upon a time PLDT and RCPI were making a lot of money for long distance communication and social telegrams remember?, it’s truly a blessing from heaven up above to be aided with a cellsite after a lot of hullabaloo and hassels hounding the province being away from the hustle and bustle of a city life….i really love being a promdi, i really am…and now my life has considerably a lot more exciting now knowing the privilege of having an access to internet…the ym thing, the instant communication right under our noses….thus the controversial NBN deal is taking our country by storm…what with large amount of kickbacks….for Joey de Venecia, Abalos and Neri enough for Miriam to accuse China of inventing corruption and later apologized to Chinese government through their ambassador…well anyway…. it’s amazing to have a broadband right into your own room…keeping me in constant possible communication with my dearest brother Eric who is about to graduate next year from NAU for his super “corpus linguistics” doctorate degree, yehey…sis els, an “akaw eventologist” nax… great… the next invasion would be, let’s see…if plans don’t miscarry…hold your breath… DYERABASIN?..there’s no turning back….joke..lor is uber busy with being a chef at emirates airlines….and cousin Tops who is a PR man who writes in one…two and three publications in Dubai including EN VOGUE mag…sosi anu??

And so i have to end this time as i would now rush to my meeting with the coop at Pingit-ARC…..see yah around guys….mag ee alikek pa kami ni ka taptap ay!!