Audrey and JR…..pagkat Tayong Dalawa…ay sa isa’t-isa!!


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img744 We all love their story. It has been a tough rollercoaster ride filled with
highs and lows...why do they have to suffer like a terrible loser when in fact they are meant for each other?!!
But there is really an ultimate lesson in trust…an experience that test our faith and hope for every single day. I realized now that in my attempt to be overly lighthearted….there’s a tell tale giggle that I cannot just suppress especially when JR and Audrey’s love story is being talked about. You could give me an A for an effort but my stuff would always be 1.“madamdamin….2. madrama….and 3. heartfelt” what can i do if i’m born with it…such a certified uber to the max overboard that would pass a thing or two as a self-confessed KIMERALD diehard… they certainly have gone a long way since the first PBB Teen Edition where they were made to shine from day one until the big night!!


I know that its very “highschoolish” or too cheesy(right Papa Lloydie?) to feel this way but aren’t the simplest joys the ones that bring the most sweetest if not the genuine smiles to all of us?…..yeah I’m talking about the Friday’s episode of TD….the most awaited scene ever…..We’re at one point in bated breath and have this insatiable curiosity of how Audrey and JR would finally say “I do” since the series is about to bid adieu..
here comes kimerald 1
here comes kimerald 2
kimerald 3
kimerald 4
kimerald 5
kimerald 6
The element of surprise can put us on hold and part of the appeal is the mystery…we all want to believe that there is a ONE that’s meant for us that love descends like a thunderbolt, strikes us dumb and we are never ever the same again…we get into an emo that someone is there for us who could figure out in a lot of special ways even when things are tough and a lot are at stake…when a situation is way too soapy….too muddy…to gooey…too mundane to even make sense…that there is someone whose gonna stick with you until the very end…oh well…i wonder where on earth would i ever cross path with the “super the one” for me as it seems that this world is so damn cruel for me haha anu biter-biteran?
kimerald 11
kimerald 12
kimerald 13Tayong-Dalawa-45
audrey and jr wedding
They say that the best feelings are those that have no words to describe them…Kim and Gerald both gave an excellent, moving…touching scenes together….Kudos to Directors Trina Dayrit and Ruel Bayani for bringing out the best in Audrey and JR who I guess is a perfectly marched couple in Philippine TV….there’s this magic in them..some kind of glow..…they are everything stars should be….gorgeous….stunning….and truly capable of portraying emotionally rewarding moments.kimerald 14
kimerald 15
kimerald 16
There is nothing quite like seeing two wonderful people who looked so good together can make a vow to each other to get you into “a wishful thinking” will they finally be happy now? Will they live happily ever after?….countdown strikes only 15 episodes left and we all know how a picture perfect moment would turn into a disaster in a wink of an eye…anything can happen.. Yikes…how to bring everyone together watching a primetime show or a teleserye can make wonders…there was something like a mysterious urge…powerful….spellbinding….moving and full of timeless surprises..

tayong dalawa2 audrey and jr's wedding
Its not a big surprise anymore how Tayong Dalawa made a killing at the ratings game as it was extended to many weeks that we feel that the many instances in the story can be at times dragging just to prolong the series….but I must say that actors are way too impressive for their performances!! bravo Lola Gets, Nanay Marlene, Lola Lily, Papa Stanley, Greta, Ingrid, Marlon, Nicko, Ramon…sobra!!

JR and Audrey’s celebration of love last Friday was such….a breathtaking super wo-hoo…military wedding… The most awaited big day.…theirs has this called “soap-and-water innocence” and over and above unshakeable conviction that things would always work for the greater good, most especially if true love wins and when intentions are pure to begin with sobra-sobra na ang kanilang paghihirap…balde-balde na ang kanilang iniluha…matinding sakripisyo at batbat ng pasakit ang kanilang dinanas…panahon na para sila ay lumigaya…sapagkat sila ang tunay na nararapat sa isa’t-isa.. waaaahhhh we wanna sing Celine Dione’s i wanna share my lifetime loving you… or 98 degrees…I do cherish you…yey…
I do cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don’t have to think twice
I will love you still
From the depths of my soul
It’s beyond my control
I’ve waited so long to say this to you
If you’re asking do I love you this much
I do….at kantahin paa..susmaryano ka indo :)

td wedding 3
Wait…a second….i couldn’t say anything more to Audrey’s wedding gown with JR…ohh so awesome grabee :)

td gown ni kimmytayong dalawa gown ni kim2

the wedding that never was
as i really cannot compare it to that of the wedding that never was to Dave shown two weeks ago…for me she looks so radiant…glowing and super gorgeous beside her one and only JR.….
Gerald like i always say is as dashing as ever….super oh so drop dead cutie he’s really way ahead as he really gives his best in everything he does. I noticed that the wedding scene didn’t have that uber creepy full of superlatives personal vows compared to Lyka and Noah of phenomenal LOBO but it nonetheless made us “kilig” not believing that it was happening right then and there last Friday..Well on Monday it seems that everyone’s so excited to see Audrey and JR together in their honeymoon at BORA….wow..i’ve seen some spoiler that’s why i wanna share it with you whahaha..
kim 9
gerald 10
So what will happen to Dave asks housemate Matesa now? Yes.. we really aint seen nothing yet as the plot so to speak thickens…well.. perhaps Dave will meet a girl who would look exactly ohh well… as thin and as sweet as Audrey King in the end…td wedding 3
td wedding scene4
That he would also come to terms of letting Audrey go and accepts the fact that JR is the one for her.. as what Mamita said in her special appearance in Dave’s dream he would also find the right girl for him so ang hula ko nga a deadringer of Audrey whaa but wait guys…what about Ramon?? Will he also find another Greta lookalike?!! as in may ganun? Will Karylle would make a special comeo role as the new love interest of Ramon? kaloka talaga ito whaha…naman…yes we all look forward to a predictable “the end” as we all wanted everyone to be happy naman talaga!!
whatchamacolit kimerald….kumusta naman na i’m gonna post this to Kimerald thread i’m sucha long time lurker at pex! so kinakirir na talaga guys!! wanna thank matesa for the startstudio mag…abs-cbn (credits as tagged), multiply TD…kimerald BAOs especially hazel125/haidz whoawow love kimerald talaga
sweet naman2
so sweet naman
luv it…kris aquino mode :)

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