Bb. Baler 2010


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The Bb Baler is the most awaited event of every fiesta celeb..its the time of the year where you get to be so “puyat” but need to wake-up early the following morning for another epi of nerve-wracking day at work..o ay sa isang banda…”maski na daretdet ka sa antuk” and “nililimbun-libun ka na sa pagud”…it was all worth it…if there was something that we have to commend for this pageant was how Joan and Francine…the emcees (hey did i get their names right?) have managed to pull if off so well with much energy and enthusiasm till wee hours of early morning considering how the audience can’t just react to their whims…well it was time and again how a diverse reaction would mean otherwise for Ms. Brgy. 05 who in a snap was included in the “circle of five” yey and also a runaway winner to most coveted? Ms. Friendship award…well..well..she should have some growing up to do to perhaps know herself a little more… but you know Mercy’s got talent in acting right? :) …it was one hell of a night i guess with a much deserved crown for Melissa Espinosa bagging the title Bb. Baler 2010…a come from behind victory for Ms.Sabang as 1st runner-up and crowd fave Ms. Nakamura as 2nd runner-up..early in the day i made my own choice for top 3…i really had this “chamba epek”..should i say most of the time in making “hula” the most likely winner.. it was not surprising anymore how Melissa and Jenevic had swamped with a lot of special awards on their credits.. but it kinda sad that the other girls weren’t as lucky as them in grabbing those titles..Ms. Athena Imperial.. a stunner in a black gown…one of the Aurora’s candidates’ for 2009 Mutya ng Pilipinas and Ms. Rdelyn so towering at 5′9 Bb. Aurora 2008 graced the event as judges…Athena now a “kapuso” a deadringer of Gretchen “Gege” Manalad of TV Patrol while Rdelyn who happens to be a niece of Jenny had a resemblance to yes…Era Madrigal….

  • But there’s got to be some major changes to be carried-out as far as time chuvanez is concerned..pre-pageant is a must to get everything in order..the talent portion for one eats so much of pageant’s time as it bores everyone “a real damn ho-hum” what with 101 technical difficulties and some interruptions that can’t just be avoided…yeah…last year’s Bb. Aurora was really great not to mention the fact how it went so fast with only two and a half hours running time… a far cry on the traditional show of its nature where there’s so many presentors one after another who in their maongs and tshirts would gladly pose beside a lovely candidate…but this year’s Bb. Baler was truly memorable for Ate Beth Espinosa for being so proud of her youngest daughter who has grown so fast to be a fine young lady who wowed the audience with her touching remark…i never knew that in an instant she has the wit to make herself confident in front of all these people…she looks radiant in her red gown she dances so well and she looks every inch a beauty queen….Amah…Ati Novs and I were pretty much occupied with “oronski” on the side when Ati Din-din (Konsehala Gina Ritual) whispered that we have to prepare one “bonggacious” question intended for top 3 candidates since i just can’t block my senses to the event i then texted Els for some help… surprisingly she didn’t reply with a “hmpp and with yereee” this time and i was so damn surprise when she texted back with a great was inspired by P-noy’s newly launched webby…it goes like…”sisikapin kong maging isang tunay na Pilipino…sa salita at sa gawa…ito ang panatang makabayan…ikaw ano ang panata mo sa iyong sarili at sa iyong bayan?” obviously Melissa and Cloey got a much deepest insights which took the judges nod!!