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I’m in a life draining, tumeteleserye mode stress breeding stuff lately that I’m supposed to move out but just couldn’t…somehow I manage to get through it…it’s not as if I had a choice…maybe things will somehow get better in a long run…I guess this is the stuff you have to live for… just have to go with the flow and everything else will follow…..I find it kind of funny that I really made a “karir”luwas for no apparent reason other than watching Tears for Fears concert….in a hush it was a well planned trip.…i couldn’t afford to stay in Taytay for another day as I have to be back home the next day and it was so timely that Labor Day holiday was moved on a Monday yey.. things have sometimes been working on my side this time.. well.. its not really all “lugmuk” akk all the time ….but wait…how can we possibly get inside the big dome if Topc wasn’t able to buy the tickets? It was all in the papers last week that the tickets were all sold out and there was this news that the organizers were contemplating on having a second night of this uber once in a blue moon event that has rocked Pinoy by storm. Oh well…bahala na si Batman all I can afford was to hope for the best and God will do the rest… so to speak….

Every generation has its own musical icons…it was…Cole..Como..Vale for Tatay… as it was Larry Miranda…Ruben Tagalog and Connie Francis for Cha Mami…as Paper Roses for Anene…and Beautiful Lilies for Amah…our form of major recreation then was focused mainly on listening over AM radio stations playing TOP 40 songs…with 101 songhits as the “ultimate must-have”…it was during Sundays where Casey Kasem’s taped countdown was was a breath of fresh air for me and my brother to get hooked with it to take a breather to a lot of senti love songs pretty much “lut-lut” ones like Ocean Deep…Almost Paradise…Knife…cuts like a knife…or Boulevard that dominated the airwaves which our contemporaries love to sing their hearts out…it was in this period when my brother and I had a chance to follow (not on twitter hehe) a DJ named Baby Michael at DWIZ who would later emerged as KAPUSO newscaster Mike Enriquez…The 1980’s was an era of great transformation in pop music..ushering in the so called new wave which exploded in the public consciousness and changed the tempo of pop music forever…one of the most popular among its breed of talents that dominated the decade was none other than Tears for Fears… which composed of the British rock duo of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith….they have not only altered the face of pop music in general but came out strong as one of the biggest if not the best loved group of the post MTV era…and so its really a pleasant surprise for a TFF fan to find out that there’s some truth to the rumor that they were coming in the Pinas to stage a one night concert… I must say how my brother Eric has truly made a great influence in me to listen to the Hurting…TFFs first album where popular anthems Mad World…Pale Shelter..Suffer the Children and Change made it on top of the charts.. it was also in this time where I also get to listen to VITAMIN Z…walking out tonight.. in the streetlights I can see you…arm in arm with just another guy…you look at me and wave hello how friendly…I look at you and the cars go passing by….and Mister Mister…take this broken wings and learn to fly again…learn to live so free…when we hear the voices sing….

It was such a great trip for me on an early Sunday morning hoping that everything would turn out well despite the fact that Topc and I would all leave this thing to chance and a pocketful of hope within us…Late last night I have read in a news item in the that negotiation for the second night was not really possible since the only available date would fall on May 9…the night before the election…It took us barely an hour to get to Araneta Center thru Gateway and waited for some helluva eklabuz scalpers to offer us something that would miraculously get us inside…we’ve come across seeing some familiar faces…but not really worn out faces in fairness yey like the Jerk’s Chikoy Pura…….we’ve also spotted Phoem Barranda and PBB Teen Robi Domingo and a crew making their way to the red gate possibly for a TV patrol coverage and ASAP XV respectively.. it was like an eternity to stay with uncertainty believing that only God and nothing more would step up to help us get out of this misery… ticketnet was selling the SRO on lower box A worth 2,640.00… I have to trust my gut feel its been that reliable haha that in thirty minutes time….tickets on SRO upperbox B would soon be available in a jiffy…(spending out on a hard earned bucks can really be so masakit sa ulu and bulsa at the same time but sometimes we all have this guilty pleasure in all of us…aminin..….as in i can’t miss it for the world..…as this really would hold a great stuff as far as being a fan is concerned…you’re a part of something memorable that has been anticipated for so long and this is it)… lo and behold… truly did… wohooo!! i can’t believe it but I heaved a sigh of relief when Topc has finally handed me the precious tix that truly made our Sunday night a great one indeed….and for a second I truly believed that miracles do happen only if you have 101 patience tucked in your large belly yeyboy naman :)

Well it didn’t take that long for us to wait as the crowd was filling up to the rafters for super front act Sandwich and Pupil to perform their classic stuff….yeahbalu we made it just in time for the first ever song that hit like a bomb in me…it was soo nice to hear Raymund’s rendition of the Cure’s… Just like heaven….”you…soft and lonely…you lost and lonely just like heaven”…I wish they could also sing Friday I’m in Love…but it was a Sunday and seemed unfit to call it Sunday I’m in Love.. whaha corni…wow the crowd was singing and dancing at the same time the Ovation Prods must have really made wonders in putting Ely Buendia and Raymund Marasigan together to make TFF night a real blast from the past…I have to say that Sandwhich performance was more applauded than Pupils’.. the only song that made the audience sing their hearts out was when Ely sung Alapaap”…nonetheless it was great sa front act pa lang sulit naa yebaaa syoktong ni Mang Felimon whahaha

There was a thirty-minute lull before TFF made a great entrance onstage with MAD..mad world as opening salvo it was probably the loudest cheer that I have ever heard in my forty two years saga sans wedding ring..whaha…OA…but all this “kilabut”( na ganga tagihawat) aka goosebumps (para sounds sosi naman) was all over my body…the second song Everybody wants to Rule the world was even more louder than Mad World…everyone was singing which made everyone believe how this concert was turned into such a terrific, humungous and a real big “karaoke party”….i couldn’t hear any of Roland and Curt voices….they looked so great…aging but still in shape (after twenty six..twenty seven years).. sexy and gorgeous with a nice shoulders and probably less flabby abs… other numbers were not really that loud but nonetheless applauded as well. Pinoys were really a polite audience with nothing else in mind but to appreciate TFF’s presence to the hilt…I must admit that I didn’t understand any of Curt’s or Roland’s words to that effect it was only when I made “karir-halungkat” the TFF’s thread at PEX where I got a chance to see the transcript and the complete setlist made by one named Marc Miranda entitled “its a crime…thanks Marc!!

Mad World
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Secret World
Closest Thing to Heaven
Sowing the Seeds of Love

Roland: Thank you and good evening. It is a thrill and an honor to be here in Manila with you. Thank you ever so much for coming tonight. We’ve been all around the world quite a few times. Across America, the plains of Siberia, the deserts of Scandinavia, and I don’t know why it has taken so long for us to go to Manila. It is a crime. I mean, our reception at the airport was great but this is amazing…”

Call Me Mellow

Curt: Thank you. Mabuhay! I believe that means ‘life’. What a beautiful turn out I have to say. Hi everyone at the top. Give me some love. There’ve been many versions done of this song Mad World. Some people have recorded it and we were of two minds of what version we should do. The kind of orchestral thing we do at the beginning was a little… And so we thought we should do the original? Does everyone agree?

Mad World
Memories Fade
Raoul and the King of Spain
Quiet Ones

Roland: Thank you very much. How are you doing? We’re going to do the newest song that Curt and I have recorded. You can dance up and down on this one. I know I will.

Floating Down the River

Curt: We’re gonna take it down for a couple of songs… I wanna say this: When we arrived here I never had so many messages on Twitter in my entire life …

Seven of Sundays
Billie Jean
Pale Shelter
Break it Down Again
Head Over Heals

: Thank you very much. Good night.

Band Exits.
More Noise.

Roland: Youre amazing! Thank you so much. That is amazing. What a noise. I’d like to introduce the members of our band. On lead guitar, Charlton Pettus. On drums, the new boy, Jamie Wollam. On keyboards Doug Petty. And this guy… to my right…His name is Michael Wainright and he is about to shock you with what he can do. This is–

Woman in Chains

I cannot find the perfect words to say how happy I was for being a part of this wonderful event that has happened before my very eyes…Roland and Curt amazingly have connected perfectly with their audience…whew….obviously they were both touched with the audience reaction…they cannot imagine why it took them soo long to stage a concert here not knowing that they have such a fantastic crowd that they cannot just forget…I donna what to say hehe.. grabee…Mid…late thirties…to early and mid forties…ehem.. can justify all this madness…it really was fantastic in a sobrang major way…everyones got a nice voice singing in unison…yeah parang walang USOL :) …I soo love Break it down again…I cannot imagine that a trueblue fan can sing this to heart after all these years..…what an awesome crowd and yes…yes…i’m one of them…after Head Over Heels number…TFF has popped out leaving the crowd yelling to the max…it seemed that every available space in the big dome was taken up by a human body…the concert was on a half way mode and I can still see all those people coming in and why not.. right guys?!!…..its hard in a way to make an estimate but the big dome can hold up to 32,000 people but if you’re in the middle of this swirling sea of people who aren’t get tired of screaming to death…it was i guess not a purfect timing for Ms. Korina Sanchez-Roxas to flash the signature L sign…she was indeed booed ng bonggang-bongga…..people beside us had made such an effort to boo her when she was focused on the LCD screen during the lull when TFF has gone off for a brief rest before the much anticipated encore songs …OMG I cannot hear myself too.. when Woman in Chains…awww my ultimate TFF fave song was sung as an encore song the crowd was really that excited to find out who would take Oleta Adam’s place and to our surprise….Michael Wainright…the back-up singer did the part so well that you could wish to hear more of him….the crowd was yelling for more songs like Change…Advice for the Young at Heart and Mother’s Talk to name a few but it seemed like a goodbye alredy…when it became apparent that TFF wasn’t coming back anymore…all of us gushed what a night…still Tops and I can’t sit down as we were standing for like five long hours…and I can feel the “manhid and the sakit sa binti” taking over…there were dazed expressions from the audience like a bomb had gone off in our ears…and I can hardly hear anything…I get a little “karugkug” everytime I speak…my hands were red and its masakit already sa kakapalakpak ng walang hintu…I feel my foot was buried in my step-in…but underneath it all… it was really great….which made me believe… that God loves me and wants me to be happy…oo naman…booo…boooo…babaw… bwahahaha