Audrey and JR…..pagkat Tayong Dalawa…ay sa isa’t-isa!!


Posted on : 06-09-2009 | By : | In : me...myself and I...a super-ultimate FAN

But there is really an ultimate lesson in trust…an experience that test our faith and hope for every single day. I realized now that in my attempt to be overly lighthearted….there’s a tell tale giggle that I cannot just suppress especially when JR and Audrey’s love story is being talked about. You could give me an A for an effort but my stuff would always be 1.“madamdamin….2. madrama….and 3. heartfelt” what can i do if i’m born with it…such a certified uber to the max overboard that would pass a thing or two as a self-confessed KIMERALD diehard… they certainly have gone a long way since the first PBB Teen Edition where they were made to shine from day one until the big night!!