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Its the time of the year where we truly pin our hopes alive…its the same feeling when we are in our seats waiting for Manny Pacquiao’s fight….for 36 long years its but natural to expect for something which we have long been wishing and praying for…and that is to restore our glory days which had been so elusive..we cherished the moment when Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran made us it was like ten years since Miriam Quaimbao got in the headlines for being a first runner-up for Ms. Botswana.. said to be a landlocked country in South Africa.. and everyone feels that it’s time for us to steal the thunder from Venezuela….but things didn’t turn out well as we’ve all expected it to be…the thousand WHY’s?? were screamed to high heavens…when top 15 gets underway everyone’s so excited about it…..but lo and behold the emcees had already announced 14 candidates and Ms. Venezuela hasn’t been called yet…nonetheless we were still that hopeful considering how we are so damn proud of Pamela Bianca Manalo as she’s really got what it takes to be Ms. U this year… she’s oozing with poise, grace and elegance her vibrancy and radiance shone through and a lot of people online thought that she would surely land into the top 15..
pamela bianca manalo in her national costume

i made it a point to monitor her online i voted for her on Ms. Photogenic poll and OMG it made me believe that she was a strong contender to top 10 or top 5 shoo-in… but it was whew just unfortunate that the judges’…anti-asian stance can ruin our day… they didn’t have anything in mind other than the prowess powerhouse…venezuela…venezuela…venezuela…sila na nga lamang baga ang may K na maging Ms. Universe?!!

It maybe a big DUH to some people how i reacted this way as we really cannot do anything anymore about judges preferences…the most awaited Monday for us Pinoys turned out to be so LUGMUK as in…i couldn’t eat much lest work normally realizing how i have put my heart and soul into thinking how i would scream my heart out loud the moment she calls on centerstage.
absolutely stunning Bianca

Indeed Samuel Johnson’s quote which i wrote in a scratch paper in college holds true to death” the pleasure of expecting enjoyment is often greater than that of obtaining it…and the completion of every wish is found a disappointment”..

Bianca Manalo hands down gave her best shot with the most eye catching catwalks during the pre-pageant night…she was one of those candidates who was well-applauded, she was absolutely …extremely alluring in her blue gown…she’s one of the best looking if not the loveliest Bb. Pilipinas-Universe ever…she is indeed a woman of substance like almost every Miss Universe before her.

pamela bianca u

well everything may not really seem to fit in our favor as my very own top picks suffered miserably…sobrang sad talaga...Kris Aquino mode….i don’t really claim such an expertise on this as i’m just a plain spectator…a miron so to speak.. or more of a fan to say the least yeah but at some point i’ve proven sometime in one way or another that a mere instinct can really do wonders but…not this time baby… as it turns out to be oh uh-uh 5/15 result. i never want to take a look back at my notes ever again…it seems that my magic in making “hula” all these years took a plunge like a dismal flop at the box office haha
puerto rico, venezuela and kosovo

the most beautiful day in the universe!!


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Tomorrow is the day… yes… for the 84 lovely candidates who would vie for the most coveted title ever…the 2009 Ms. Universe….dubbed by abs-cbn network as oh my…the most beautiful day in the universe.…the most awaited day for us suckers for beauty pageants…Ms. Universe is definitely the ultimate if not the famous beauty tilt one can get hooked on…Ms. Universe 2009 comes to the Atlantis Paradise Resort in the breathtaking Islands of the Bahamas for a night of a universal glamour and prestige in search of the most beautiful woman in the universe yey..

Of course we’re keeping our high hopes alive for our very own representative Ms. Philippines….Pamela Bianca Manalo…she’s absolutely gorgeous filipina from the family of beauty queen (from her aunt to her sister Kat) who has earned some raves during the preliminaries….she came out so confidently during pre-pageant night….pamela bianca manalo profile pic mabuhay phils

The beauties of the world will all gather this Sunday…August 24…Monday morning here…. to compete for the title Ms. Universe 2009..hosted by access hollywood co-anchor Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan of The Celebrity Apprentice.. the pageant will air live on NBC in the USA and at abs-cbn channel 2 over here in the Philippines…i’m just wondering how on earth would i be able to catch it live knowing the fact that it’s a start of a working week being a Monday and a morning at that….wohoo!!

ms. universe 2008 dayana mendoza
Dayana Mendoza…Ms. Universe 2008

Bombarded with all those predictions left and right….here…there and everywhere… i also have my own top 15 which i’ve practically chosen based on i guess…just plain instinct and “feel” churva…for the past three weeks i really made it a point to watch its feature on TV which have formed part of who i think would make it to top 15…yes..i offer my prayers to Bianca as i thought its about time for us to bring home the bacon so to speak….well….let’s all hope for the best guys…on with my top 15 yey :)

ms. albania
Ms. Albania….Hasna Xhukici

ms autralia my own top 15
Ms. Australia…Rachael Finch

ms. canada
Ms. Canada…Mariana Valente

Baler Town Fiesta Highlights


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The town of Baler is said to be known for its historical markers and scenic sites and one of the things that made the celebration truly special was none other than the staging of one of a kind ZARZUELA that we ever witnessed in years…we definitely loved it and hoping that we would be given a chance to watch it again and again…

BALER SA PUSO an original modern zarzuela written by Dr. Isagani Cruz with original compositions by Lutgardo Labad and stage direction by Frank Rivera brought to all of us by the NCAA staged at the Baler Sports Complex from August 12 to 15, 2009 as part of the Baler 400 celebration. It stars Montet Acoymo, Liesl Batucan, Lara Maigue, Al Gatmaitan, Cercado Sisters, UST Liturgikon Choir, and the Aurora Performing Arts Group from ASCOT, Aurora Nat’l Science HS, Baler Nat’l HS, MCC and Baler Essential HS. Thankfully i was able to catch the gala night on August 15 and i really couldn’t believe my eyes that it was really happening on stage….’twas so OA to feel this way but i shed some tears..everything seemed to be surreal but nonetheless so real and heartfelt.

lovestory of juan and maria lovestory of maria and juan against all odds

MLQ’s 1937 Chrysler Airflow Limousine

The National Historical Institute (NHI) has brought to Baler the newly restored official MLQ car during the commenwealth period…a 1937 chysler limo by Alfred Motorworks with Alfred Nobel R. Perez, the restorer from the Vintage Car Club of the Phils…i was taking some photos of Baler artists near the post office when i notice Kuya Enon stopped by at the Quezon Park…i got curious and to my surprise there were a lot of people whose taking a look at a black limo car…cousin ferdie and his friends were there too and wow it was great naman talaga to see a piece of history that made us what we are today.

of course i wouldn’t miss the opportunity of having a single picture taken with the super MLQ limo…mantakin naman ninyu ay once laang itu mga tsokaran haha :)

nice colorful…dainty arches….brgy. 5 fyi was chosen as the cleaniest place in Baler..wala tatalo…aba naman…ay itu naman naaa!!
IMG_1276…i luv our very own…oo naman haha

nothing but MNP pics!!


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It was i guess a little over two weeks now since MNP folded up and i compiled some lovely pics that i got from Gelbert Aplal, my new friend at fb yeah..i’m sure you’d gonna love the candidates donning the sabutan gown and oh soo gorgeous classic headshots!! here it goes guys!!

athena in sabutan gown
Athene Imperial… one of the pretty ladies chosen in the circle of top 12…you cannot imagine at first how a simple strips of sabutan can look this lovely

jacqueline schubert sabutan gown
jacqueline schubert was chosen as the best in sabutan attire!!

jane banares in sabutan gown
jane banares…mutya ng pilipinas 09 international
you really cannot help but be amazed with the designer’s ingenuity!!

joan peria her designer won the award
candidate number 13 joan peria’s designer which the name escapes me at the moment won the much covered best designer’s award

BALER 400…mabuhay ang tunay na AKAW!!


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ni: Apo ni Ka Ode

De ku alam kung paanu ku itu naipun…peru sa kakabasa ng mga koments sa batang baler, pagbasa ng post ni maryknoll sa kanyang frendster at kakapakinig sa mga kwento ng mga ta-al na mga taga ritu na surang-sura sa mga depuntu na mga de naman mga naluwas at akala nila sila ay kinakatuwaan pag sila ay “nagkakasi” at nag e-eh sa pagsasalita nila at pati sa pag teteks ay u ng u…kumusta na u?…ayus lang mi!!…aysus kung anu na kayu… dahil de kayu iyun…ay sabagay ay anu nga lam bagang pinapakialam ku anu?….datay ang saya naman natin pag sariling salita ang ginagamit natin…at tanu dapat baga nating ituru sa mga turista ang salita natin? Arehe ay awan!!

O ay hala ay sigi sana’y maging makabuluhan ang pagdiriwang natin ng piyestang itu…napakahirap pagsunud-sunurin kaya bahala na laang kayu…pag tunay kan taga Baler ay de naman na itu kailangan “iinterpret” dahil alam na alam na ninyu ang ibig sabihin ng mga salitang itu.

1. kerewe
2. gutur-gutur
3. ungsud-ungsud
4. tabeng-eg
5. tungeg
6. tingeg
7. palek-lek
8. epong-epong
9. bobulan
10. tabegok
11. halukipkip
12. hukut-hukut
13. kubakub
14. takayad
15. siyato
16. sinayap-sayap
17. buli-buli
18. marebok
19. katnig
20. ngalngal
21. daplag
22. ngas-ngas
23. harus-harus
24. garagal
25. subi
26. sapaw
27. atangya
28. palnab
29. kisa
30. pais
31. gang-ga
32. palatok
33. patupat
34. salagwet
35. tayongtong
36. pagas
37. oron
38. at-teg
39. ne-ut
40. pungkit
41. arimuhan
42. arupahup
43. alingeg
44. lase-lase
45. alikek
46. angluy
47. alimuran
48. katid
49. apayongan
50. tuwaw
51. siklut
52. unga
53. kek-kek
54. akot-akot
55. tarabesbes
56. dulmun
57. tukmud
58. barindis
59. kabel-an
60. toprak
61. burdagul
62. wakawak
63. daretdet
64. bayuyuk
65. payuk
66. hamisin
67. buktut
68. muyas-muyas
69. hingasing
70. negket
71. adaday
72. abyad
73. saladsad
74. kilu-kilu
75. nililimbun-limbun
76. saluput
77. dep-pot
78. sapuret-ret
79. damsak
80. maligmit
81. saredsed
82. pura
83. sura
84. peyok
85. pendok
86. ngarit-ngit
87. kulung-gu
88. adyu
89. imut
90. tungayaw
91. bulyaw
92. sikla
93. udyuk
94. at-tilauy
95. at-tanu
96. dyableg
97. dyaski
98. ar-re
99. ak-kaw
100. keb-keb
101. kes-sel
102. tamtamin
103. papetek-petek
104. kalap
105. babag
106. kayakas
107. buwangsina
108. bulal-la
109. sigmukan
110. guyabnan
111. higup
112. balinuknuk
113. bulig-ligin
114. maburis
115. kareta
116. apwas
117. ab-ab
118. pinilag
119. patupat
120. limatik
121. la-ib
122. digpi
123. palmera
124. adwas
125. apatut
126. sarapesap
127. labung
128. munamun
129. maragoso
130. biningkit
131. sartin
132. ok-ok
133. kes-sew
134. su-ub
135. almasiga
136. dayidi
137. tagiti
138. subasku
139. hagkis
140. kalugin
141. lu-u
142. tahip
143. at-ta
144. binlid
145. kulador
146. lit-lit
147. laku
148. amit
149. sig-ang
150. kabatiti
151. unabes
152. lepod-lepod
153. tungag
154. kad-dis
155. orokabis
156. kog-kog
157. murit
158. uris-uris
159. ok-kob
160. unga-ung
161. korebsaw
162. okyabit
163. sunung
164. prubitsu
165. malait-it
166. aparta
167. tumar
168. sa-ad
169. korombot
170. pal-am
171. kaw-kaw
172. hinaw
173. bulus
174. hapit
175. ngid-ngid
176. yabat-yabatin
177. daran
178. sinukmani
179. bagkat
180. umoolpot
181. simut
182. weredwed
183. ulabas
184. roknet-roknet
185. daplis
186. garut
187. bung-gut
188. timpuhung
189. ngarot-ngot
190. ikit
191. dong-he
192. wapwap
193. simpan
194. pahapyaw
195. loab-ab
196. kot-teb
197. sabukut
198. lu-um
199. mungut
200. paknit
201. sep-potaw
202. bule-ud
203. pasirit
204. kuyakuy
205. palep-paleppa
206. uligis
207. kel-kel
208. sumpit
209. mag-umang
210. sang-get
211. kaluban
212. umoplak
213. peslet
214. uyu
215. hapaw
216. hikit
217. dayukduk
218. sali-saliwa
219. taborkek
220. pol-lok
221. dukpaw
222. hasi
223. logtok
224. pored-pored
225. lagutuk
226. lus-uk
227. halumigmig
228. alumu-um
229. hampuk
230. lamput
231. sobut
232. laktaw-laktaw
233. korhet
234. gorhet
235. hugpung
236. dulus
237. karburandum
238. tampalasan
239. om-mog
240. samlang
241. balis
242. bonog
243. rog-rog
244. wakwak
245. amdu
246. pandaw
247. maradad
248. maa-la
249. bang-i
250. pukat
251. pukay
252. hingutu
253. pisanin
254. sug-sug
255. abat
256. pisang-pisang
257. maang-gu
258. mapahang
259. matablal
260. sepotaw
261. sepra
262. et-tit
263. buktut
264. paradusdus
265. parayod
266. rayray
267. kaput-kaput
268. mabu-ay
269. abok-abok
270. badeyo
271. gos-sok
272. dapil
273. bong-og
274. bebel-le
275. hiridu
276. bugtak
277. bungel-ngel
278. banta-akan
279. batikal
280. atmal
281. dalusdus
282. buyan-yanin
283. butegteg
284. bes-sog
285. bulastug
286. namamayipuy
287. bok-les
288. dahak
289. bulagyat
290. ga-ngu
291. barikung-kung
292. tapalodo
293. bayatu
294. bangul
295. benebens
296. ariyo
297. akbuy
298. ho-a
299. alinga-ting
300. arapaw
301. butayung
302. lipoti
303. as-set
304. arehe
305. ehe
306. amas
307. tikis
308. ayud
309. amyod
310. hiniksik
311. namumunini
312. batuk-tuk
313. himpil
314. tabsung
315. tapyas
316. hilud
317. hilahud
318. paldiya
319. lukmat
320. ay-yo
321. agipu
322. dapugan
323. wakel
324. kurudup-dup
325. makudup
326. datay
327. nasungaba
328. pang-us
329. matalas
330. matalab
331. ngud-ngud
332. gis-gis
333. ngata
334. polopot
335. salibadyok
336. tapalang
337. kulub
338. lagyu
339. busung
340. posung
341. dang-dang
342. muyung-muyung
343. tipakok
344. mug-mug
345. limayon
346. pinilag
347. patupat
348. namumuritang-tang
349. manu-at
350. rewat-rewat
351. kalaghara
352. antak
353. baktut
354. toka-tok
355. untug
356. lagaslas
357. kiri
358. namuk
359. palpuk
360. logkog
361. kayas
362. su-sut
363. ginap-gap
364. asay
365. hebok-hebok
366. pulew-pulew
367. tagbak
368. sumpit
369. sarapesap
370. risibi
371. balagbag
372. turungku
373. hiklas
374. haplas
375. dinoy-doy
376. kulador
377. hindas
378. tapayan
379. kalibkib
380. tangulu
381. kolantro
382. ngewet
383. lugka
384. la-su
385. haplit-haplit
386. kampat-kampat
387. mawarang
388. humhuman
389. makagulapay
390. tsokaran
391. balkas
392. angkas
393. kalbit
394. kalbat-kalbat
395. kunut
396. piri-piri
397. lag-uk
398. kayas
399. sag-sag
400. anin

akaw ay dyaski…akalain ku baga na maghapun ku itu ginawa…talaga naman oo….ay de ku na nga laang inalpabetize ay…

yun laang mga baet walang piktur whahaha…pakisabi na laang ha pag may nadoble at dulingas na aku ditu sa kaka tsek…makimuka kanina ku pa itu pinapayuk…ay anum panama nitu sa gawaing bahay na bukas na isasagmit ka Ma’am!!

what will you say?….donnawhattosay!!


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Time flies so fast when you’re havin fun…so goes Gloria Estefan’s hit…saying niceties is easy once you get the feel of it…what can be off is saying rude to people and make them “wap-wap” in one corner. I don’t intend to make a mountain out of a molehill…naks as i value in keeping a low profile…it makes you time to think and makes you more humble for not stooping down so low and ahaa look more intelligent….maski also helps you to learn and be a better blogger…ay yan naman naaa!

Yeah i’m emoting….today’s not quite an ordinary day for donnawhattosay..its her one month of existance today yehey…gustu ku sanang manlibri peru baka pede sa fiesta na laang? Modesty aside…it has gone a little long way thingy in terms of having an improved page views…Mutya saves me for a sorry miserable stake. I used to visit a number of times in one day to lurk if there’s a comment already but i cannot find one…arre ay may nagbabasa kaya nitung mga kinakaput-kaput ku…para yatang wala laang kundi aku.

I’m keeping a blog for my friendster account for close to two years now and you know whattt? it has 64 entries already thus attaining….tarannnn “senior citizen status” arohoyy does that mean that it would now avail a 23% discount in all the drugstores…moviehouses….chowking….jolibee etc?

I remember what Metz told me when i joined Ka Rosie’s group doing an excursion at Kapuso network a couple of years ago….we toured Channel 7 and watched the 3rd anniversary of Mel and Joey where in an instant i got a water purifier..akaw ay de aku makapaniwala dyaski…parang ang bait naman ng kapalaran…maski de.. He told me that i was pretty much doing a fine job in being a senior citizen trainee hahaha…o ay anu lan naman sabi ku….but seriously i do get a good slap of reality now that i’m not getting any younger anymore although a little voice in my head convinces me not to think about it.

When Otoy Kidlat ask me if i’m interested to have my own site, i did have some second thoughts….other people claim to be writers and ohh soo good at it all i have is a passion period but at that back of my mind i wanna give it a try….so go….honestly i was surprised to open the site last week when i started my MUTYA karir post…asos andami na comments

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jayjay j. said on 12-08-2009

salamat miss donna sa super informative at entertaining mong blog about mutya 09..
ansayang basahin habang tinitingnan ang mga larawan…salamat dahil binabasa ko ng malakas ang write up mu kaharap ang mga officemates ko…kandahimatay sila sa ating “puntu”..he he he…funny but im sooo proud… taga diyan ako sa may gloria st…
ay titu nga at kulang na lang ay ibitin nila ako ng patiwarik para piliting makapunta na sila jan…
he he
sana makapunta ang buong school namin sa summer at ng maigala ko sila during our institutional outing.

salamat ulit!
DM said on 12-08-2009

Salamat sa inyu at maski de aku nkpanuud nkita nmin d2!
McJordan said on 12-08-2009

ay maraming salamat sa iyo, donnawhatto say, ang galing mong magsalaysay,kwela talaga, sa makatuwa
na yata,lumagpas tuloy ang oras ko sa katatawa hehe
salamat din ng maraming-marami sa pagpapagud ninyo para maishare sa madlang pipol di lang sa Baler
pati na sa ibat-ibang bansa, o dibaga sikat, pang international ka na, congrats! di ko nga alam ay na kandidata pala ang anak ng friend ko,more than 20 yrs na kaming di nagkikita. T.Y. din kay Kidlat
reviews said on 12-08-2009

I finally got a chance to check out your web page, and I must say that I’m impressed. Hope everything is going well. Take care!
visit said on 12-08-2009

Just wanted to say hi, thanks and bye
Bernadeth Gonzaga said on 12-08-2009

You’ve done a great job!!!
Whenever we want to know recent news about our province, we usually visit Batang Baler. Sa totoo lang malaki ang tulong nyo lalo na sa promotion ng tourism.

Mabuhay Kayo! Maraming salamat!

buc said on 12-08-2009
makatuwa tlga ang punto ng baler! saludo ako sayo donnawhattosay!

ronald de leon said on 12-08-2009

hi great job!brilliant site!keep on posting updates from Aurora province,we are from Northern Ireland,UK
more updates!!!

visit said on 12-08-2009

Thank you, I just wanted to give a greeting and tell you I like your website very much.

gaming casino said on 10-08-2009

I dont even remember how i reached your site but it doesnt matter, cause i’m so happy i found it, it really made me think, keep up the good work

annabelle santos said 12-08-2009

ay naku! thanks ng marami donz. para na din akong nanood ng Mutya. updated din ako dito sa cayman becoz of the batangbaler. kakatawa ka talaga from the salitang baler hanggang dito sa mutya. kahit nga dito yung puntung baler dala dala ko. yung mga aree; akkaw; bakit daw ganun akong magsalita. salamat ng marami ulit. God Bless & more power to batangbaler.

DJ Ian said 12-08-2009

hahaha..ay halika ate donna..areehe ay tuwang tuwa ung mga kasama ko dito sa subic (dj nga pala ako ditu),akoy native baler..nasunugan pa nga kami nung 1999 sa angara st. ay during my program ay pinagmamalaki ko ang baler.daig ko pa mga taga tourism. At sa sobrang galing kong magpromote ay andami na nag aakit sa aking igala ko cla jan..
are ay kako mahal ang pamasahe peru ang tutu-u ay wala lang clang tutuluyan hahaha..
someday gustu ku lumipat jan sa radyo natin baler kc mas masaya kung ang nakakarinig sa iyu ay kababayan mu talaga anu??sana makarating sa kanila ang wish ko..ipagpatuloy mu lang ati donna at marami kang napapasaya,,kahit malayu kami ay updated ako hehehe..GOD BLESS YOU

audrey said : 12-08-2009
akaw ang galing mo, madaming salamat sa iyo.

ay kumusta naman….i really am so overwhelmed…iluvit!!

well…it’s not everyday where people would say thank you…congrats…love your site etc…i’m a super hypocrite if i say that i’m not happy about it….of course i do….at bakit naman de!! Maraming salamat po!!

i really wanna thank you guys ever…i owe a lot to batangbaler grabee!!



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Ni : Mutya ng Pinilag

salamat kay ymay sa pic na itu
ang mga nanalo sa kakatapos na timpalak kagandahan ng Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 sa ika-apatnapu’t isang taon

De naman halata na sobrang FAN (o ay anu?) peru mukha yatang medyu kinakir ku na na mag-antabay sa MUTYA mula ng sila ay dumating sa ating makasaysayang bayan ng Baler. Nasaksihan natin ang taglay nilang ganda at kariktan sa kabila ng sobrang “banas, alinsangan, at init ng panahun” ay kailangan pa rin nilang ngumiti, at oras na mumungut ka at magsimangut ay “minus ganda points” talaga iyun baet.. Peru nasubukan na baga ninyu na maghapun ngumiti at magtawa? De baga ansakit sa panga at talaga namang mangangalay ka? Peru hanga aku sa kanila dahil maski na binabanas at nahuhulas na ang mga mek-up ay de pa rin nasisira ang poise, wala akung napansin na iipid-ipid, huhukut-hukut, kukuba-kubakub sa mga sexy single ladies.


Isang pambihirang pagkakataon ang naganap ng ang mga dilag ay salubungin ng sambayanan at isuot ang sumbrerong sabutan na ipinagmamalaki natin sa lahat ng bisita. Sandamakmak na mga photo op ang ating nasaksihan sa loob at labas ng Museo de Baler, natuwa ang marami dahil sa kanilang “souvenir shots” na maari nilang i-share sa kanilang mga magiging mga apo balang araw at maging sa Kapitolyo ay nagkaroon din ng isang maiksing programa kunsaan ipinakilala sa madla ang 34 candidates ng 2009 Mutya ng Pilipinas. Ngunit kung gaanu kaluwag at kalaya ka na magpiktyur-piktyur ng unang dalawang araw ay biglang naiba ang eksena sa mga susunud na araw.

Sa inaraw-araw na mga activities ng Mutya Pinas ay di ilang ulit na nagitla si Anene sa pagdaan ng “wang-wang” aka police patrol car…nasa unahan itu, mga abay ku, at umaapaw sa dami ng pulis na girls and some guys, may two cars na kasunud at may back-up pa sa likud ng dalawang Genesis Transpo na akaw ay anung panama nitu sa ispiritu na hinahabul ng sampung dimonyo sa bilis nan takbu, ay makimuka para naman na silang mga kikidnapin…ay hello…nasa Baler yata kayu…at sobrang sure kami na walang mga “abu” dito

super luvit talaga alfred at jackie


never mo masisilip si Ms. Jane Bañares na tinanghal na Mutya ng Pilipinas Intercontinental at pati na rin si Ms. Jackie Schubert na mukhang na krasan na yata ni Kapusu Hunk Alfred Vargas..asos…peru nakakaintendi naman kami na ders a protocol to it, kaya laang OA ang dating at pati yung mga pulis na nagpawap-wap sa akin at sa mga pinsan ku at frends na akala mu aagawin sa kanila ang Mutya at pati pag retratu mu na super ipopost mu naman at ishe-share sa pipol of the world ay sisitahin ka at sasabihan ka na “de ka opisyal” na photographer… de baga makapikon naman pag ganun… to think na …wala ka naman napupura ditu…and yet nakaka warm ng heart pag may nag comment sa blog mu na…thank you…I really admire you for your unselfishness…omg I’m so touched ever.

i soo love this bagay sila anu nga
uuuyyy ay hala bagay na bagay sila….i soo love Alfred and Jacqui yey

Nun may piktoryal ang Mutya sa Ditumabu Falls ay madaming gustong sumilip na mga frends, isa na nga ditu si Pareng Kek-kek na aking bff, ay ariyo nasa may tulay pa laang siya ng Ditumabu ay tinatanung na agad siya ng pulis kun saan siya pupunta at kung wala daw passes o sticker ay de raw pede pumasuk at pati na nga yung mga taga Ditumabu ay de man laang nila pinasilip maski pahapyaw. Nakaka sad talaga at lalu na akun nalugmuk nun sa mismung pageant sa short video clips ay wala an San Luis…ay dyaski sabi ni parekoy buburahin na yata kami sa mapa ng Aurora. Ay de naman iyun mangyayari baet dahil de pedeng de puntahan ng mga bisita ang Kaunayan at Ditumabu Falls..ikaw naman…kung anu ka na!!
posing ever talaga

Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 winners


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the 2009 winners and their court
Candidate no.26 Jacqueline Schubert of Northern Germany hailed as the Mutya ng Pilipinas-Tourism Aurora and Candidate no. 28 Jane Bañares from Legaspi City, Albay is the Mutya ng Pilipinas International-2009

1st Runner-up, Candidate N0. 24 Samantha East (first from left), 2nd Runner-up, Candidate No. 8 Jennielyn Natividad (fourth from left) and Mutya ng Pilipinas – Overseas Communities, Candidate No. 10 Ana Baladad (pre-judged)

TOP 2 winners

luvit the sabutan shawl

Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas Communities – #10 Anna Baladad of Texas
2nd Runner-Up – #8 Jennielyn Natividad of QUezon City
1st RUnner-Up – #24 Samantha East of Toronto, Canada
Mutya ng Pilipinas Aurora Tourism Int’l – #26 Jacqueline Schubert of Northern Germany
Mutya ng Pilipinas International – #28 Jane Bañares of Legaspi City, Albay

special awardees

Special Awards:
Best in Long Gown – #28 Jane Bañares of Bicol
John Robert Powers Personality Award -#18 Sheryl Guerrero of Aurora
OPMB Web Choice Award – #14 Agnes Santiago of Pangasinan
Ms. Photogenic – #3 Dominique Lagrimas of Camarines Sur
Best in Talent – #5 Katrina Lopez of Quezon City
Ms Friendship – #23 Diane de Vera of Romblon
Best in Swimsuit – #26 Jacqueline Schubert of Northern Germany
Best Sabutan Gown….the designer of candidate # 13

swimsuit beauties