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Official headshot of Rene McHugh, Candidate #22 in the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009… got this from ms. joyce ann burton-titular a former beauty queen who happens to be a friend at facebook.

Adventures of a Beauty Queen congratulates the lovely Rene Rosario Aquino McHugh for winning the Miss Photogenic title at press presentation for the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 held last July 29.

rene's facebook primary pic

rene's facebook primary pic

Rene McHugh is one of the proteges of Philippine Star beauty expert Felix Manuel whom Ms. Burton always run to when she has questions on pinoy beauty pageants. This stunning 5?7? Fil-Am is a recent graduate of the Woodbridge High School and was the captain of her school’s cheering squad. According to Manuel, Rene McHugh was last year’s runner-up in the Miss Teen Philippines-USA pageant, one of the USA’s Top Five Prettiest 2008, Most Promising Model 2008 and is the reigning Miss Philippines-USA Tourism.

Rene at third row fifth from Sheryl Guerero with a blue sabutan hat…. the much anticipated Mutya candidates arrived yesterday afternoon at Baler after some unexpected glitches on a supposed to be early arrival..we waited for an eternity at Quezon Park and after some hulabaloo on what could be the most if not super event that we had in years…they really made us smile to the max…an old adage still rings true that it really pays to be patient.

They had a stopover first at LGU Maria Aurora, rode on a 4×4 truck courtesy of the Aurora off roaders association headed by Pandus Valenzuela. Had a photo op at Quezon Memorial park with Gov. Bella and Mayor Angara with LGU people of Baler and went inside the museo in a jiffy then went straight to the Provincial Capitol for a brief program where we get to hear them introduced themselves. At around 6:30 pm or so they were billeted to Bajia de Baler for a welcome party with local town officials headed by the very proud Governor BAC. Got this info from cousin Ai who wasn’t able to watch TD last night, they indeed had a blast with the 36 lovely candidates. We’re keeping you posted for more updates guys!! i’m kinda….sorta pressured to come up with more stuff hoping against hope that my chronic “tamaditis” would not get in a way haha

Mabuhay to Mutya ng Pilipinas!!


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In keeping with what’s in and what’s hot…i’m going to keep my best foot forward in giving you an update on what could be a milestone for the Province of Aurora….its not everyday where you are given an opportunity to experience once in a lifetime event like hosting a beauty tilt yey…we are a bunch of pageant crazy people…yes just like any other places in the Philippines where we are bombarded with a lot of beauty contest from a small sitio to a spectacular worldwide event like Ms U…we’re ohh soo over to the max obsessed with three Bs…boxing…basketball and beauty pageant.

This marks the third year in a row now that Mutya ng Pilipinas is being held in a prime eco-tourism destination. In 2007, the contest was held at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Last year, the pageant was held in Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan.

In with its aim to promote beauty tourism, Mutya ng Pilipinas brings this year’s pageant to the historic province of Aurora. The national beauty contest crowns its new titleholders on Aug. 9, 2009.

The 38 official candidates of Mutya ng Pilipinas were presented to the media this morning at the Edsa Shangri-la. This is the 41st year of the event. The candidates are:

Athena Mae D. Imperial, Aurora
Therese Anne Francesca Meelhelb, Northern California
Dominique Lagrimas, Camarines Sur
Disayrey Sayat, Batangas City
Ma. Katrina Lopez, Quezon City
Mary Grace Morala, Cotabato City
Melissa Paula Travora, Davao del Sur
Jennielyn Natividad, Quezon City
Jelyssa Madrid, Canada-Vancouver
Ana Baladad, Texas
Lovett Keziah Avenido, Cebu
Mae Lanie Chan, Manila
Jo Ann Peria, Palawan
Agnes Santiago, Pangasinan
Roselynn Solis, Tarlac
Lenny Gamboa, Pampanga
Abigaile Fausto, Navotas
Sheryl Rose Guerrero, Aurora
May Ann Buenaventura, Taytay
Christina McGarry, Midwest-USA
Karen Nacario, Cebu
Rene McHugh, East Coast-USA
Dianne de Vera, Romblon
Samantha East, Canada
Consolacion Timbol, Tarlac
Jacqueline Schubert
Jenn-roe Gubat, Bulacan
Jane Banares, Legazpi City
Nadine Karla de Roxas, Tagaytay City
Zsaharah Nor Mantawil, Davao
Marie Loraine de Guzman, Makati
Darlene Dina, Batangas
Deborah Humpfner, Germany
Hannah Pichay, Singapore
Pearlyn Hortelano, Cebu City
Nadine Halvorsen, Norway.

The list was from Manila Bulletin news. There were only 36 names on the list. There are two candidates from Aurora, Sheryl Rose Guerrero from Baler and Athena Mae D. Imperial from the town of Casiguran.

candidate #1 athena imperial
Athena Mae D. Imperial


Sheryl Rose C. Guerrero

she2 guerero

It was earlier reported that a sabutan gown design competition was held coinciding the media presentation, and Sheryl Rose Guerrero of Aurora won the award however there was a news feed from batang baler that Sheshe Guerrero won the Aurora Beauty Award instead…it’s just a coincidence that she got that special award.

thanks to batangbaler,, manila bulletin, opmb worldwide.

dwts….my very own webby…yey


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Hey it all started at friendster when i begun to share my thoughts on anything that came to mind… but it was only last Friday when Kidlat sent me a message on facebook if i’m interested to have my own web page in Batangbaler…i was stunned…de ku talaga alam isasagut ku hehehe…but it didn’t take me so long to give a nod….so yun…just like a breeze…donna what to say as Kid puts it is …reborn..DWTS…..ssssshhh.. may sounds like a radio station yeah… is inspired by an 80’s OPM super hit….DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO….DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY…my super favorite “senti & torpe song…want me to sing this for you guys? haha

I have loved you only in my mind
But I know that there will come a time
You’ll feel this feeling I have inside

You’re a ‘hopeless romantic’ is what they say
Falling in and out of love just like a play
Memorizing each line I still don’t know what to say
What to say…

Don’t know what to do whenever you are near
Don’t know what to say my heart is floating in tears
When you pass by I could fly
Every minute every second of the day
I dream of you in the most special way
You’re beside me all the time

I have loved you and I’ll always will
Call it crazy but I know someday you’ll feel
This feeling I have for you inside

I’m a hopeless romantic I know I am
Memorized all the lines but here I am
Struggling for words I still don’t know what to say

Don’t know what to do whenever you are near
Don’t know what to say my heart is floating in tears
When you pass by I could fly
Every minute every second of the day
I dream of you in the most special way
You’re beside me all the time

Every minute every second of the day
I dream of you in the most special way
You’re beside me all the time

All the time…
All the time…
All the time…

at kantahin nga anu baet :)

Originally sung by Ric Segreto, revived by Rachel Alejandro and Lea Salonga the song was composed by Odette Quesada who also wrote A Friend of Mine, A Long Long time Ago, Home, To Love Again and many other big hits…

Doing a blog has become a hobby for a little less than two years now…i’ve posted my first ever entry on September 27, 2007….there was a lull when my pc has to replace a new landcard and i couldn’t get the groove back….kuning…kuning….i’m such an ultimate fan of Bianca & Zanjo (BIANJO) of PBB Celebrity Edition.. in the tradition of TomKat and Brangelina who at that time did create quite a stir in showbiz…..i did have a privilege to personally get in touch with Bia’s mom…Tita O and Zanjoe’s Dad…Tatay Z thru pm (private messages).

Angel Locsin’s big switch from kapuso to kapamilya has also caught my attention and i became a super fanatic to make some karir Angelmania series to boot….i also became a certified WOLFY coined after my fave fantaserye LOBO which starred Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin….i did some truckloads of major mushy..super cheesy posts for pinoy made me a passionate uber to the max OA-feel-na-feel forumer CULASHA and a demure FIONA at OFB, [email protected] and [email protected]

So last Sunday…even if i knew already that Otoy Kidlat is about to get through with it… still it came as a big slash pleasant surprise for me when it landed a “banner story chuvanez…for like four days at batangbaler website..yehey


Ate Donna, the one behind the Tribute to Baler series posted here, here, and here, has been keeping a blog on her trusty friendster account for more than a year now. Some energy saving lamp suddenly popped-up in my spoonful of a brain when I read her posts and offered her her own space in Batangbaler. A couple of day later and the blog is reborn. It’s called Donna What to Say and according to the blog’s description, it offers “spunky… spirited… striking… sensible… sweet… starstruck… hip… hyper… heartfelt!!” contents, the kind I would have liked to put on Batangbaler myself if i’m not gifted with chronic case of laziness. Visit her site, you will like it. It’s at

i really wanna thank Kid for this…. super…..and to a lot of people who in one way or another get to lurk…or made silip through a link at BB.

akaw talaga naman oo!!

The Two of Us….TD to the max


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kapwa lumuluha…kapwa nasasaktan….bakit tinitikis pa rin ang isa’t-isa lagi na lamang bang ganito ang buhay natin?

THE TWO OF US( TD to the max)
(sa mundong para lamang sa ISA hindi maaring TAYONG DALAWA)

powerhouse cast

powerhouse cast

In a world continuously bombarded with chaos, deceit, betrayal, crookedness, and tawdry sex scandals, it’s no wonder how everyone can get lured with the most popular teleserye to hit primetime bida. It’s no longer a big surprise how TAYONG DALAWA can spell a big difference to other teleseryes of the same genre…everybody’s talking about it…sooobbrraaa….everyone seems to get uber hooked….tadaaa.. it rules our primetime viewing experiences like no other…kaboom…drum roll with matching fireworks whaha

ang love triangle ng bayan

ang love triangle ng bayan

But ya know I’m often driven to hysteria when it comes to watching the hottest teleserye this side of the universe…I was feeling slightly iffy with what I’ve gotten into in my ever quest of doing fine in my work and getting stressed with it is quite inevitable….but watching TD every night took all those blues away in just a snap of a finger, kinda weird, a bit neurotic to be like this…hate it.. but…I thank BRO that hey I’m not alone in this..we’re in fact millions in this together…maybe it was just an obsession to be a “KIMERALD” from the very start and couldn’t let any single episode pass…oh well…towel…ka awel…

everythings going great for Kim and Gerald

everythings going great for Kim and Gerald

The story revolves on two women from different world share a common love in the person of an American Navy officer named David Garcia. Marlene and Ingrid fell in love with the same man but there was no doubt in David’s heart that Ingrid is the one that he loves.


Marlene fell in love with David ever since he helped her pay for her hospital bills when her son Ramon got sick. She was also prostitute who helped him sort through his feelings for his girlfriend, Ingrid. However, a night of indiscretion resulted to her pregnancy. Though it was clear that David had no intention of having a relationship with her, Marlene insisted to look for him in Manila to tell him about their baby. unbeknownst to her, David was already married to Ingrid by then. And the woman she talked to, at a grocery store where he supposedly lives, happens to be Ingrid’s mom, Elizabeth. Since then, Elizabeth had a private investigator look into Marlene’s background. It kept her updated about her pregnancy and the fact that she plans to give away her baby once it was born. As it was, Ingrid had a difficult pregnancy while Marlene was going to have twins at the time.

daddy david garcia sr
But it seems that everything went well for both of them even if one of Marlene’s twins died while she was in labor. Much later, the two simultaneously had their sons christened as David Garcia Jr. and happily moved on with their lives. Things may be hard for Marlene but she has her mom Rita aka Lola Gets to help her raise her sons Ramon and JR. Luckily, JR (her son with David) proved to be a smart kid whom she believes will get them out of poverty. While Dave (Ingrid and David’s son) grew up really insecure because David raised him with an iron hand even after he retired from the military. Nevertheless, the Garcias led a very privileged life because of Ingrid’s business acumen.

super galing na ta-artits si pipay

One time, Ingrid brought her family in Tagaytay to take a short vacation while she seals a deal with a hardware supplier (Stanley King) of their stores. Little did she know that this brings her closer with the woman from her husband’s past since Marlene and her family have relocated there a year after JR was born. In the meantime, she met with Stanley and his family to discuss business. Then the next day, they all decided to go sightseeing. Stanley’s daughter Audrey immediately run off, however, when he scolded her for always causing trouble.

gorgeous ingrid

Still hurt by her father’s scolding, Audrey was too lost in her thoughts that she suddenly got into an accident. Luckily, JR was around to save her from her fall. With the help of a security guard, Audrey was brought to a nearby clinic where she relayed what happened to her parents. Since she barely saw JR during her accident, she couldn’t identify her boy-savior apart from the fact that his name is David Garcia. As such, everyone assumed that it was Dave who saved her since the latter merely kept mum about it. So the next time JR bumped into Audrey at the church, he was surprised that she acted as if she has no idea who he is….


The powerhouse cast has lived up to its expectation. Tayong Dalawa certainly gives a great impression because of the grand performance of the actors, aside from the fact that the plot and its originality is something that this teleserye can be proud of.

Jake Cuenca as Dave a.k.a. David Garcia Jr.—Born to a life of privilege, Dave is used to having it all, except for the love and approval of his family. He is a typical spoiled brat who has no real purpose in life until he falls in love with Audrey. What will he do once he learns that her heart also belongs to someone else?

Gerald Anderson as JR a.k.a. David Garcia Jr.—With his intellect and sheer determination to succeed, JR knows that he will one day achieve his dream of rescuing his family from a life of poverty. When love finally comes his way, however, will he choose to give it up for the sake of brotherhood and friendship?


Kim Chiu as Audrey—She has never experienced love or even the slightest bit of affection from her father and grandmother who have always been cruel to her. She will finally find love in not one, but two men both named David Garcia. Who between Dave and JR will truly win her heart?


Agot Isidro as Ingrid—She is the mother of Dave and the wife of David Garcia Sr. Because of her lonely childhood, she will try her best to create a perfect family of her own. Will she be able to deal with a long-buried secret that threatens to destroy her only chance of happiness?

Miguel Faustmann as David Garcia Sr.—He is an American soldier who is father to both David Garcias. Will a fleeting relationship with a woman from his past come back to haunt him just when he has achieved a high social status and an ideal family life?

Helen Gamboa as Elizabeth—She is ready to do whatever it takes just to protect Ingrid from further pain and disappointments in life. But she also knows that there will come a time when she can’t shelter her daughter anymore. How long will she be able to prevent the truth from coming out?


Cherry Pie Picache as Marlene—She was a prostitute when she first met David Garcia Sr. and fell head over heels in love with him. But their relationship was not meant to last. What will she when she must raise their child alone?

lola gets

Gina Pareño as Rita—Motherhood didn’t stop her from being a prostitute and worse yet, she forces her own daughter into the business when she gets too old to be in the sex trade. Will she be able to make up for her sins?

greta ever
Alessandra de Rossi as Greta—As JR’s childhood friend, they have a lot of things in common. She believes that it is only a matter of time before he accepts the fact that they are meant for each other. What if she finds out that JR has already found his one true love?

coco martin....don ramon

Coco Martin as Ramon—He is JR’s half-brother who often gets himself into all kinds of minor scrapes, until one huge mistake leaves him with no choice but to join a crime syndicate. Will envy and greed eventually turn him against his own family?

Mylene Dizon as Loretta—Even though she is a woman who has devoted all her time and effort to her family, her husband Stanley is still cruel to her. Will she ever learn how to fight for her rights?

Jiro Manio as Stan—As the heir to their family business, he is the only one who gets showered with affection by his dad, Stanley. Unfortunately, Stan doesn’t turn out the way his father wants him to be. Has he strayed from the right path or will he become worse off than his father? Or will his character get axed as the story gets complicated?

stanley king super great actor

Spanky Manikan as Stanley—Work always comes first for this ruthless Chinese businessman. For Stanley, his wife Loretta is only useful to bear him a son who will inherit the business someday. He also blames his daughter Audrey for all the misfortunes later experiences in life. Can he accept his daughter who desperately longs for his love?

ang galing talaga ng matandang instik na itu

Anita Linda as Lily—Possessing a mean streak that is worse than her son Stanley’s, Lily will make Audrey’s life a living hell. No one can contradict her wishes no matter how irrational they may be; She always gets the final say in the King household. Is there any goodness in her heart at all?

Baron Geisler as Leo—He is the head of the criminal organization that Ramon works for. With his power and political connections, Leo is practically invincible but will soon cut short by his death.

Jodi Sta Maria-Lacson – As Tita Angela, Loretta’s sister who is a shoulder to cry on for her niece Audrey, she came after her sister’s death to take care of Audrey, Stan and Baby Robert, she discovers the evidence that gives justice to JRs plight.

super favorite ping medina aka nicko

Ping Medina – As Nico Ramon’s right hand, he’s practically there to cover him up at all times….getting away from it all….but for how long?

The story is such a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows… what with all those action scenes ala prisonbreak by JR who instantly became an action star and gets hotter by a day…JR Anderson errr Gerald became the country’s hottest heartthrob, his charmingly fractured Tagalog has remarkably improved giving him aces up in his sleeve. He’s got the world before him, truly ripe for a taking. Jake Cuenca for one is really a revelation in this series, finally i’m convinced he can act hehe…Kim Chiu is now hails as the primetime princess..she’s got it..i’m so affected..she’s on top of the hip her “anorexic” appeal is really more of an asset more than a liability haha…as i dash off i really think that i have to make a sequel with this post….namannn ever…


Indeed…TD has sustained the interest of the viewers from all walks of life. Anene for one isn’t used to staying this late but miraculously pulling it through without complains at all…The actors for one loved what they’re doing…i love Agot in her super maldita cum “uris-uris” demeanor…Cherry Pie Picache is sooo great that she essays the role to a T….read: purfect… Ms. Gina Pareño is so amazing bakit sobrang makaiyak talaga when she emotes…at bakit pag naubu sya saka nadahak parang may cancer talaga!!...Coco Martin the indie icon is one hell of a great actor…. of course there are times that a twist can be oh so dragging….such a negative stereotypes still persists….a viewer can be oh soo involved with a story….giving inputs on this and that aspect…we’re really so much into it….so we’ll always stick with it until it ends…team kapamilya kaya kami….yeyeye sisbumbaaaa…..karir talaga ang maging isang…..TD adik anu!...rock en roll
ang love triangle ng bayan yehey
more to come pramis…..more daw oh!!

credits as tagged:……summary of episodes…wikipedia…starstudio july issue with kimerald on the cover,

hope springs eternal….


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Sa isang iglap lamang ay maaring mabago ang lahat…ang kasiyahan ay maaaring mauwi sa dalamhati…ang tagumpay ay maaring mauwi sa kabiguan….ngunit hindi dito natatapus ang kwento…sa patuloy na pagdaloy ng tubig sa sapa…at sa patuloy na pagpatak ng ulan ay sisilay pa rin ang pag-asa na may bukas pa ring darating sa ating buhay….ang ating pananalig at pagkapit sa pananampalataya ang siyang mag-aahon sa atin…tunay na lumilipas ang lahat ng sakit….at ang lahat ng hirap ay napaghihilum ng panahon. Habang nadaragdagan ang edad ng tao at ang pagdami ng puting buhok ay hindi na mapigilan….hindi tumitigil ang mga pagsubok na nakapagpapatatag sa atin….

Ted Ito

Kung hindi ngayon ang panahon, na para sa iyo
Huwag maiinip, dahil ganyan ang buhay sa mundo
Huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa, darating din ang ligaya
Ang isipin mo’y may bukas pa,na may roong saya

Kabigua’y hindi hadlang, upang tumakas ka
Huwag kang iiwas, pag-nabibigo
Dapat nga lumaban ka….


Ang kaylangan mo’y, tibay ng loob
Kung mayrong pag-subok man
Ang liwanag ay di magtatagal,
At muling mamamasdan
Iko’t ng mundo, ay hindi laging pighati’t kasawian
Ang pangarap mo ay makakamtam,
Basta’t maghintay ka lamang

chuva or chenelie? rock on donna -dong abay!!


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I couldn’t think of catchy title for this post..well..well awel paz not for anything serious or whatever guys..if there’s anything that you would like to comment on my being a TV junkie go ahead lang ha…it may in fact seems to be mundane that says a lot about how I view things in life….fun…cool and corny ngeee…for one this is a brand of easy stuff to the max.…as i always told you i love simple things…hate complications ever!! you’ve encountered it time and again in answering stuff sent to you by your friends at friendster or facebook…so let’s start the ball rollin….now naaa… Krissy mode haha

-Smart or Globe

-Kapamilya or Kapuso

-Ateneo or LaSalle

-Adidas or Nike

-Nora Aunor or Vilma Santos

-Eat Bulaga or Wawowee

-Richard Gomez or Aga Muhlach

-Mcdonalds or Jolibee

-Coke or Pepsi

-Boracay or Palawan

-Gary V. or Martin Nievera

-Jaguar or Porche

-Lucas or Spielberg

-Brocka or Bernal

-Ely Buendia or Rico Blanco

-Eraserheads or Rivermaya

-D Buzz or Showbiz Central

-Mel Tiangco or Che-che Lazaro

-Rico J or Hajji Alejandro

-Kuh Ledesma or Zsa-Zsa Padilla

-Lorna Tolentino or Rio Locsin

-Allan Caidic or Alvin Patrimonio

-Claudine Barretto or Judy Ann Santos

-Judy Ann Santos or Jolina Magdangal

-Phil Jackson or Larry Brown

-Kyla or Nina

-Juris or Nina

-Barbie or Kitchie Nadal

-Anne Curtis or Bea Alonzo

-Belo or Calayan


-UKG or Unang Hirit

-Vodka or Tequila

-Surfing or Scuba Diving

-Julius Babao or Arnold Clavio

-Starbucks or Seattles Best

-Briefs or Boxers

-Slacks or Jeans

-Pop or RnB

-Mother Lily or Vic del Rosario

-Perfume or Cologne

-Award or Box Office Hit

-Tae-bo or Yoga

-Card or Cash

-Texting or internet chatting

-Friendster or Facebook

-Mestiza or Morena

-Bb. Pilipinas or Ms. Earth

-Chiz Escudero or Mike Defensor

-Tall or Petite

-Angel or Saint

-Imelda Papin or Eva Eugenio

-Liberated or Domesticated

-Roses or Tulips

-MTV or Myx


-Townhouse or Condo

-Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise

-Matt Damon or Ben Affleck

-George Clooney or Richard Gere

-Richard Gutierrez or Dingdong Dantes

-Charo Santos-Concio or Wilma Galvante

-Yael or Champ

-Selecta or Magnolia

-Hope or Winston

-Greenbelt or Rockwell

-Eric Santos or Christian Bautista

-Olsen Racela or Boybits Victoria

-Christian Bautista or Mark Bautista

-Pokwang or Pooh

-Korina Sanchez or Jessica Soho

-Kobe- Allen

-TGIS or Gimik

-Click or Berks

-Startalk or E-live

-Pizza hot or Greenwich



-Imbestigador or XXX

-TV Patrol or 24 Oras

-Angel Locsin or Marian Rivera

-Bubble Gang or Banana Split

-Meteor Garden or Boys Over Flowers

-Sanchai or Geum Jan Di

-Daw-ming or chu- Gu Jun Pyo

-Cherry Pie Picache or Agot Isidro

-Mamita or Lola Gets

-Dave or JR

-Déjà vu or Lesson Learned

Kamusta naman na kasama na sa list sina Lola Gets at Mamita…Dave at JR at Jan Di at Sanchai…there are what you call a proverbial “rivals na never talaga pwede iignore…

masaya or……masaya?

uris or utu ?

but wait guys….i was freakin surprised when kidlat told me na may kanta & composition si dong abay na ganito… entitled… BOMBARDMENT sobrang punta ko agad sa You Tube and OMG… i was like sobrang tulala as in whaha….mas madami nga lang syang commercials pero yung mga rivals like ate guy, ate vi, gma, abs, gary v and martin andun talaga..sobrang wala talaga akong alam na in a twist of coincidence eh i sent a message for him agad…hayy buti na lang friend ko sya here at FB…..tsk….tsk…galing…astig hehehe…so yun “rock on donna” sa taas….reply yun sa akin ni dong abay… MISMO….luvit!! sobrang thanks talaga!!

much ado about SNS


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OMG….what’s SNS that i’m bragging to you about?….oh well a lot of you may have thought of SNN (showbiz news ngayon) or the more popular NNNN eNtertainment News Na Naman…segment of hottest gag show Banana Split.. a super popular spoof that hitting TV by storm Angelica Panganiban and Jayson Gainza are really great impersonators of Krissy and Tito Bhoy…well, SNS aka… tadann social networking sites is what i’m talking about…facebook, friendster, multiply, tagged, blogger, twitter (my blog skin) to name a few..ever …..i really love Lola Techie….she’s such a cool lola… i wonder if a lot of grandma can be like her who can upload pics and vids from you tube and making super pokes on her “apo” at fb….i’m just thankful that i came across all these penchants for internet chuva otherwise i’m like super “anga” on this hip stuff….its really cool to be hip…never naiiwanan yey..

So for the longest time now….i’m so amazed with how things fly at internet…every little thing is just like….ahhh… magic….aha…talagang mas mabilis nga sa alas kuatro…i can make “oron” with cousin lor on just about anything under the sun…i can catch up with my brother’s kwentos… i had a chance to get in touch once more with my elementary and highschool classmates whom i don’t think i would ever get a chance of meeting again. It’s surreal at first how you get to be on your toes to make an effort to post your daily status updates and really life would never be the same again without an internet.

i gained a lot of friends at facebook…whew super starstudded nga…..580 na as of last count now and only 156 here at friendster not too bad considering that you don’t get to see a person everyday and that you have a common connection instantly….sobrang nakakatuwa nga na some person nga whom you don’t know from adam can be your “friend” without all those doubts that you have to keep a certain kind of reservation of not trusting anyone “eklabush” stuff….there are some instances where you at one point disappointed for being ignored by a star that you would like to add as a friend…lemme see, i was ignored by direk joey reyes, anne curtis and angel locsin..but it was fine…okay laang.. being rejected doesn’t mean you’re not IN…(yeah sad fact…you’re OUT hehe).i thought i’m also blocked by SEDJA but i’m like super surprised….read: “touched” for finding out that he has just accepted me…awww…but there are still those celebrities who can be so nice and so accomodating like bea alonzo, sarah geronimo, richard gutierrez, gerald anderson, kim chiu…you can’t blame me for being such a fan super.

In more ways that one SNS would definitely add perks into our lives more than ever…bow!!

incredibly mushy…sobrang cheesy!!


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Its always been such a delight to read that during high-stress situations its very healthy to write down list of what gives you joy….these can be people, events, experiences, things like text messages which would break you into spontaneous smile or laughter.

This post is actually inspired by john lloyd cruz and bea alonzo’s greenwich commercial when papa lloydie utters…”hindi tayo tao…hindi tayo hayop…bagay tayo…bagay na bagay” then out of the blue their barkadas shouted….”sobrang cheesy” whoaa….well its one of those bubblegum cutesy lines which whether we like it or not can really find its way into our hearts…i tell yah… it would rock your world…ngeee!!

Only this morning i managed to ask 5 persons….3 cousins and 2 friends if they could send me some cute slash mushy slash ….uber to the max aawwww “baduy” messages….surprisingly all of them responded overwhelmingly but a lot were jokes ranging from pacman and nanay dionisia funny antics to some “greeny stuff” from a recent video scandal of katrina and hayden which i find difficult to consider at all. I have some list tucked in my “jurassic celphone” though and i’m just thankful that for an unknown reason i didn’t just threw it in a wind….it came as an interesting topic as it would elicit some chika on the side yehey!!… so guys eto naaa….i ranked it from 5th to 1st spot.

5. Do me a favor please? Put your right hand on your left shoulder…then squeeze…yan…that’s my morning hug for you…..feel mo?

4. Chocolate ka sa puso ko, Milk Nougat ka sa feelings ko, Butterscotch ka sa pagmamahal ko….Ay naku pag kinalimutan mo ako…BUKAYO ka na lang sa paningin ko!!

3.The brain can store great memory, yet time has the power to erase it. All may be forgotten in time, but not the texting we share because i keep it in a place called SIM HEART…

2. Did you know that the expression WALA LANG could mean…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…..wonder why i’m telling you this huh? WALA LANG…

1. You’re the mango of my pie…keso of my monay…teeth of my suklay…fingers in my kamay… blood of my atay…bubble of my laway…ewwww….cure to my aray…my love habang buhay…..

waaahhhh sobrang cheessyy!!