chasing waterfalls


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located within the Ditumabo-Diteki Watershed in San Luis, this 43-meter high waterfall is a sight to behold amidst tall hardwoods, green shrubbery and mountain vines.

Aurora Province natural wealth is truly a wonder in its finest. You finally set foot at the place when the cool refreshing air greets you marched by lush forest of the Sierra Madre Mountain. You would heave a sigh of relief on a tiresome travel realizing that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

My cousin Tops, a former Provincial Tourism Officer claimed it as “a sanctuary of nature’s splendor”. Aurora is home to the country’s oldest surfing community. The local surfer’s love affair with the sport traces its roots to the filming of the classic “Apocalypse Now” megged by one of the critically acclaimed directors of Hollywood, Francis Ford Coppola, father of equally talented director Sofia and uncle of my favorite actor Nicolas Cage. A popular surfing scene was shot in the province in the 70’s, thus the name Charlie’s Point (river mouth break) came up. The movie would always have a soft spot in our hearts since a portion of our late grandmother’s parcel of land was chosen as one of the location sites of the film… My brother Eric and I were much too young then never realizing the fact that Nicolas and Sophia also kids then were surprisingly tagged along by the great director.

Aurora is a treasure haven with a lot of breathtaking sights- towering waterfalls, caves, natural rock formations, picturesque…pristine beaches rivers and lakes, truly one of a kind playground catering to outdoor activities that lifts your spirits up such as surfing, boating, diving, spelunking and mountain trekking.

It so amazing to look at the picture of a clear blue
sky and look down on a fantastic steep descent of a crystal clear water not to mention the fact that it gives a refreshing kind of feeling
that can make someone melt with a smile that warms a heart. Nature has its own mystery; it has its own splendor that none of us could ever
explain where it really came from….its a gift… mystifying at that….
which leaves us in awe. It says that the best feelings are those that
have no words to describe them. The mere thought of gazing with God’s creation can relieve us with so much worries and hate. It’s good to be alive anyway.


Acclaimed as the cleanest inland body of water in Region III, this 100-meter high waterfall stands majestically on the lush forest of Dinalungan.

If mountain climbing is your hobby….then I congratulate you…(if you can do it alone..i salute you)…I cannot hahaha….for me it is a sheer torture, aha…I know very well about the stuff on a certain thingy on human spirit tested beyond endurance chuva chever…yeah it’s true but unfortunately in my case…tsk…tsk……I definitely have nothing to do with endurance or courage to trek the mountain or (even an aisle hehe) at the steepest points….it’s more of a horrible stuff that might put me into a big blue trouble that I might slide down on my back then fall headlong into a “bangin” then die horribly…but .i tell you I’m not
proud of it…this explains how pakloy….payog….lampa I am… but don’t
worry I’m not going to give you my personal accounts on being a “reyna ng sablay”actually I have truckloads of it that I’m going to share
someday whehehe of course I don’t wanna ruin your mood… so I just clump up in my shell contented enough to look at the pictures in a magazine or browse a thing or two at batangbaler webby…yeah…thanks guys.

Kaunayan Falls located at L. Pimentel, San Luis….the most popular picnic site in the nearby town…

You think i haven’t been to any of these wondrous sites? Well fortunately…I’ve been to Bulawan Falls in Dinalungan….and of course to Kaunayan and Ditumabo Falls in San Luis only…it takes time…and an A1 determination of faith and courage to reach all these sites…i cannot imagine anybody from Baler or nearby towns in Aurora who have not seen these fantastic places…definitely…that’s just one of the reasons why we have to feel proud that we live in this province….you see we have a lot stuff to smile about it’s not everyday where we can take a breather from our well defined stressful and chaotic lives. Just a glimpse on this picture would relieve you from all those pressures.WOW!!


grabee sa WOW

If after seeing these majestic… amazing spots and you didn’t feel anything or no twinge of gladness running down your spine ngiii.. stuff like all caps OH MY GOD I LUV IT!!… ….well….tsk…tsk…i
may conclude right away that you are about to pop out in this world and about to meet our creator up above or just down there…whichiswhich guys? I dunno about you but we have to congratulate ourselves who aren’t deprived yet of a clean fresh air and natural…not man made waterfalls..…can we all sing….TLC’s……oh so bagay to the max….tadaaaa

Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that
You’re used to
I know that you’re gonna have it your way
Or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast

I don’t know who said this lines but i have to thank him/her for this…. it rings true… “a thing of beauty is a joy forever..its loveliness increases and it will never past into nothingness”

All things considered….it makes a perfect sense to see this best kept nature treasures….tara naa here!!! now naaa!!

wanna thank bb for the super nice pics!!