the 11th commandment (thou shall not get caught)


Posted on : 05-02-2009 | By : | In : EMOTE ka dyan!!

It maybe a little bit OT to blog about this…hmmm…who am i to talk about this? such a very controversial and delicate topic at hand…as yknow I’m not really in a position to blurt something like infidelity chuvaness, haleerrr, am I just lucky to spare myself in this brouhaha? So what’s the fuss on this 11th commandment? Yes, everyone is so aware with this….we hear it often as in everywhere…ehem… and women who could live dangerously or do anything behind the backs of their wives….husbands….girlfriends…boyfriends…as long as they didn’t get caught?! aha does that mean that they have to wear a bullet proof vest or a heavy duty helmet? if you know whatta i mean..haleerrr…..bwehehehe

We hear thousands of stories of fooling around here, there and super everywhere!! But hey don’t worry I’m not going to document some complex juicy details on some people i knew….harhar as if i have a wealth of info about it…joke…whehehe …Men more often than not tend to brag this constant supply of affairs boastfully, and to hear them retell their exploits….sexual…amorous, so you get the idea huh? a kind of comic relief of some sort….you’d like to think that maybe they were created as houdini of romance….always at the end, they get a super big laugh out of it, always able to slip and getting away with it with flying colors nyeyeye yes but not all the time? right?

The tales of cheating and their dalliances and adventures have been here in our consciousness, men want to be a macho ghetto…it is pride to have all those affairs right in the middle of everything…..and the poor wife….some kind of pathetic-martryr wifey…if at all the wife finds out the truth and she has chosen to stay with the union, we cannot do anything about it. What should be more important to us mirons cannot always speak well with the other party, if she could live with lies tirelessly all her life well, that’s her call and even if we’re too concerned and loved our friend so much, we cannot do anything, praying for her is the best thing we can ever do for a moment…

Men have this master-of-the-universe conviction that they could manipulate the situation and be in control, maybe time has a better way of giving the answers…basta maKAKARMA din ang mga yan, wait lang tayu, darating din yun…wag tayu mainip tadann padating naaaa!!