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Life at some point in time have to be dramatic…in this media crazed society we live in, exposure on certain types of show serves as an outlet or venue where they can express their frustrations, wishes, ideas etc…

Blogging like reality TV can drive us nuts but there is a certain something that thrills us knowing that what we say at the moment really mattered to us….what are we up to in this time of the day where you almost got a perfect score in the exam and the next minute your boyfriend in haste would gonna dump you like hell…arrggghhh!!but sometimes we are denied of the moment to get back at our feet and pick up the pieces again….

It’s a passion to write what we feel… it says in the article “blogging dissected” by Family Counselor Fe Atendido it explains the worldwide fascination, on another level it is a form of fantasy, where one gets to express their best or better self. Blogs also help people get the attention they maybe lacking in real life, though the tendency to make believe is quite stronger….but then we have to keep a limit to what we’re posting….it can leave us vulnerable to misinterpretation, you see those sexy…revealing photo of a lady judge in a plunging neckline in her friendster account has put her in compromising situation..but if i happen to be blessed with a body of Angel Locsin…ahaa…its a diff’rent story…i wouldn’t have any slightest…not a bit inhibition to flaunt it…yeah it took only just one click for all the world to see it like a canister scandal that have created havoc to our country particularly in the medical profession…we have so much respect on doctors, nurses as they are the instruments given to us by the Lord in saving lives….but we never realized at some point that they would do such an inhumane act to an innocent patient..

I’ve been blogging for a little less than two years now….i never knew that i would get this far so much of it that i wanna make a collection or maybe a simple compilation of what i’ve been written for the past freakin stressful months, it’s rewarding somehow to come up with something which i would in anyway gonna cherish for the rest of my life….hey wanna thank Kidlat for creating a new site for me …super thanks talaga…be patient with me guys…expect the super expected!!!whehehehe…