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Of course you can’t expect anything new here….except that it isn’t about teleseryes or anything showbiz this time…it’s about me this time…hehehe whaattt?…. gosh what about meee? do i have something new to share? do i fin’lly able to catch a worm? o my gooolay….since i started writing all this singlehood stuff i’m quite convinced that this is it….it’s not as if its my fault…well….there’s a certain whatcha call dignity in being single….i’m not engaged, married, even vaguely involved with anybody…and..so what?? my bad..i hate to admit that dignity is the right word for it…

A lot of articles say….An unmarried woman past her thirties or forties is considered a lost cause, with the first flush of youth gone, the chances of finding a suitable husband were slim already, to say the least…more so in the eyes of society…at 35,36,37 or 40 and still kabooommm….SINGLE is to live an unfulfilled life…afterall…a woman’s role was to be a good wife and a loving mother….without a hubby, a woman was said to be a social oddity, an object to be poked fun at….pitied, ridiculed and at best tolerated…huhuhuhu…the double standard is there….the single men of the same age on the other hand were considered charming, desirable, and extremely eligible, way into a middle age…the picture of a happy bachelor was an accepted part of a society…the single women wasn’t….even the terms used for unmarried women are so mean and dispirited…the word “spinster” conjures up images of a lonely old woman with her hair in a bun and only holding a cat for comfort…and so it was not so surprising then that anxious parents would rush to let their daughters down the aisle into the arms of some or not so young beau.The alternative for women at that time was not a pretty picture….marry or face a miserable life of loneliness and dissappointments…

I really feel with all my heart that i’ll be a swinging single till the day i die because i don’t see any good prospects around..yeah until now…ngaaaakkk… i’m not so full of myself to think i’m a good catch…so there lies the problem…i’m not really a good catch and i’m expecting to get a good one? now you know why i think i’d be a single forever….

So i’m what?….if let’s say i get married after i graduated from college…whew i must have been a veteran wife…a mother of TEN? whooaa or maybe even a doting LOLA now… i just feel that i had my opportunities before but i bunged them….let’s not talk about it anymore….i’m not used to crying over a spilt milk…well as filipino culture dictates until now…women cannot court the men, so we just settle for the ones who gets lured and attracted to us…too bad these men are usually the wrong and unexciting ones…and all the right men my age group were already married…the available men are either

1.married…..taken….and OMG

2. too horrifying a prospect for a husband….

lasenggo, sugarol, mambubugbug, durugista, siga, biyudo, butangero… and kalbo.…oh my God i’d rather be dead than get tired forever with them…..bwahahahahahahahaha…super cruel naman ako sa mga kalbo hala..

In striking contrast to the past years being single this time does not mean….unattractive or undesirable.…today’s single women is more likely have a full time job, has travelled a lot and enjoys a full and active social life….all without that little gold ring in her finger….while a growing number of women are choosing to put off marriage for another much later date, many others are finally decided…like me… to throw convention to the wind and forget the…”something old, something blue bit for good…

If you would ask me why i choose to stay unattached….well….i can come home from a hard day at work and not have to bother about cooking dinner or cleaning up, i can just veg out,pig out, watch TV all day and all night, eat so much junk food if i like…and yeah i don’t have to exert so much effort to look sexy or being the perfect woman all the time…i just thought that being married and not happy is like a closest thing to misery and calvary.

i’m happy being single…maybe i could be happier if….ay ayawan nga!!
tomorrow’s gonna be another day….and i luv it anyways.

single all the way


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If the shoe fits for you….by all means wear it baby…well.. as destiny would proudly claims it, if its meant to happen…it will…no question about it. In this cruel society we live in, being single all your life can be misunderstood and misinterpreted in a number of ways, is singlehood a contagious disease?noo i beg to disagree… but is it really runs in the blood? I guess… haha

There’s this fast growing population that’s quite alarming and unappreciated. Taking my own sweet time to wait for the man of my dreams seems futile and as they say…my tomorrow will never come anyway….taking a lot of moments to give myself a break to collect all my thoughts regarding this particular topic…allow me to catch my breath at this point….ahh well…life is not really fair sometimes….but being alive and fine is quite rewarding. Being alone….loveless at that, isn’t a death sentence or a lethal injection for that matter, really, there are many things in the world that I really want to be thankful for….and that includes….being free and single whehehe yeah so hard to admit it, before I hate to talk about it as I’m overwhelmed with so much hope…but I really have no choice but to blog about it. finally…bwahaha :D

Yeba… four months to go or a little less… I’ll be forty-two years old already, still single and childless, for one my relatives and my friends are used to it already that they never give it a damn to say anything about it anymore…hahaha finally they get tired of asking me the most dreaded question that any singleton can ever encounter. “o ay kailan ka naman na mag-aasawa baet?”ay baka po sa next life ku mag-asawa na po aku!! In this days and age when reach the age of 28-35 years old and still unattached it’s but natural to panic at this combination, the fear of being alone….as in who would take care of you when you get old?…bakit sure ba tayo na tatanda tayu? And except for a mother who has nothing more to do than to hide her child in a convent or in a dresser just to get away from “badboys” in the universe, I can’t think of one except Amah who would actively encourage this lifestyle. To a lot of people in fact, it really sounds so bland and lack of substance. We live with a thought of wanting to connect and to have an own family but after 41 years of living by myself I come to realize that everyone is not meant to get married…I maybe one of them… and only the brave and the bravest can cross that road, so is it fair to say that to take the plunge, so to speak, isn’t for the timid and the weak? I beg to disagree says Anene, hoyyy I’m not timid says Amah….

As for turning forty two in november…nothing explains turning forty two…as in… life begins? As Joy Cunanan-Canlas said in her article at MOD many years ago….that if thirty is the most horrifying age? What is forty or above by the way?…the most horrible age? What difference does it make if they have the same connotation, but I really don’t mind it half as much as I did when I was 30 when I couldn’t let a day pass without thinking that I wanna be a wife and a momma of a beauty queen or a heartthrob…a child whom I would proudly raise and love dearly and get to know very well…who would discover the world with my help….well…. well I’m just afraid that maybe I cannot measure up to the responsibilities….

I’ll grow and age gracefully with God’s help, I’ll be turning forty-two yeah.. but I’m super fine and laughing it out loud, “it’s really not the be all and end of it all”…. It’s liberating to think and live freely without all those pressures and problems of a miserable married life haha….where you can’t get out of it anymore….

Surely being single affords so much freedom which marriage or commitment curtails by its nature….and even if there’s a truth to the saying that “what good is a view if you have no one to share it with? In a more positive way….we should take heart in knowing that as far as being alone and not lonely is concerned we are not…….uh….alone… hey whatta heck…I’m okay, I’m good…and uber fine…with friendster, facebook, multiply, flixter, tagged and twitter accounts yay!!