so what’s your new year’s resolution….duh!!


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Promises are made to be broken…..yeah that i guess is one of the most popular if not the most appropriate lines uttered at the end of the year where you didn’t even accomplish anything out of the long list you’ve plan to achieve throughout the year….. i want to lose weight….i should be in my darn best self when the clock strikes at twelve midnight to welcome the year with so much promise and hope so that i can look and feel best all throughout the year….yeah right….only the first few days of having a strict diet and a series of workouts for a number of days and…few months and then boom….back to old ways….as the saying goes on and on and on…..old habits die hard…..pano nga ang hirap mag diet ay…hassel din kung minsan mag work-out….i’m busy….i’m freakin tired to the max for working like a dog…oh well…a lot of alibis and reasons beyond your control kuno….kuning

No matter how cliche it may sound….how gasgas it may seem to be…how lutlut things can be….but still it is in our psyche to look forward to a brighter side of things no matter how hard it is for us to cope with so much pressure coming our ways…

I guess one of the reasons why we didn’t get what we want to do or accomplish something is when things didn’t turn out the way we expect them to….Kurdapya is so determined to lose 10-20 lbs to look good for her prince charming….only to find out that Pikolo is about to marry her best friend…Kurdapya rants to the top of her lungs….i wanna die….i wanna die…

gosh….so sad….super sad….huhuhuhu……but we realize in the long run that we still have this undying spirit up in our sleeves not to lose hope and give it another try…sige na ilista na new year’s resolution ninyu

anyway….we’re human….born to make mistakes…..and learned from it….

happy new year everyone!!!

this thing called life 2!!


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Time flies so fast that i never imagined it’s just a few days to go before we hit 2008…. a lot of things have happened in a jiffy, my previous post can very well described how we could cope with life’s complexities….we can’t understand the fact why some bad things happened to good people….one of the most painful situations in ones’ life is to let go of a person who became a part of your life…. a dear friend whom you practically saw everyday, someone whom you trusted so’s so hard to cope with her sudden demise……

I’ve experienced a lot of goodbyes in my life but it made me realize that….everything that God allows to come our way is with a purpose…..HE uses even the greatest error and the deepest hurt to mold us into persons worth of value….looking back can make us feel down and disappointed…but life teaches us to be strong and grateful that there is something to look forward to…

The only wealth i have on earth are the lessons i’ve learned and the people around me who took pains to be with me in good and bad times….at the end of the day..( i can’t remember anymore who said this)….you would only know the winner not when he is up…. but when he is down….