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I really don’t know where to start….hey, I dunno what’s come over me..maybe I’m just crazy freakin character in a popular soap who seems so lost in the wilderness…kinda weird huh? there must be something that’s got to be there in the woods…it’s outta here to get me anytime soon…slowly gripping little by little and putting me again into a bad light…it’s been countless times already where I myself have felt down and out…freaked out…totally wreaked, crushed and burned and yet how come we are still here? What on earth are we doin all our
lives to deserve this? I tell you guys no one in his right mind would love this thing, hate it so much…it’s like loving a person who can’t love you back….it’s pathetic…tsk…tsk… we hate to be losers forever right?

I’m lying if I say I’m okay with what’s happening at PBB..what with a phone call to a friend that truly ruined my day, it’s devastating to hear her say ILY to a friend….so what’s with the tears ba ha? I’m not fine….i’m upset….gee… its like comfortably lyin but unconsciously bleeding….softly sleeping but silently hurtin….continously breathin and yet slowly there anything in this world worse than this? Hey, whatta heck…I maybe uttering the same hyper stuff again…as I never thought I would cross this line again…ever… but as an old saying goes again and again promises are really made to be broken…I missed it
terribly… I said this many times over that I don’t wanna look back and
reminisce about all those memories of not letting go to “something that’s not even there in the first place” o my gosh…. I hate this statement…the nerve to say it…..BIANJOE’s actions in the house can speak so loud that you almost hear their heartbeats beating at the same time…how can one questions the existence of feelings….they were there so raw and definitely undeniable….it was when the
world stopped and fell in love… destiny is taking a spotlight… But things
changed when they gone separate ways…. Bianca kept saying otherwise in all her interviews left and right haleerr.. ….what can we do if she says it’s different inside the house….than the outside world..what can we do if she says black is red and black is white…does it really matter to you people if she says she doesn’t love Zanjo at all? Or she would gladly sacrifice everything she has not to hurt
her best friend Mariel who curse like a sailor…. whom she loves like a real sister? Ekkk…ekkk….eeeewwww!!

I don’t know why the PUDGIES has to go with this….why we have to suffer like a terrible loser… It’s more than a year and seven months of endless grief and despair..yeah, I’m sounding like a pirated cd now I promised myself not to post an EM anymore but what am I doing here ba? It’s exactly what I missed…forgive me…. I’ve been so normal, so quiet and so bored that I created a blog for the past months…and
then out of the blue I came out of my shell to burst like no other….for one I’m so glad that TitaO is there and appreciates what the pudgies did to BZ, I’m so touched with her message to me….i cried….super… and what a way to have known TatayZ…he’s such a sweet tatay….he calls me “anak” like his own…whoaa

Just as I thought that I’ve forgiven this girl….i realized I really can’t….i never will… I tried so hard to understand her that she’s human like anyone of us and wish that she would find her own smile…i’m rooting for Jon and M in the house but she’s really that messed up, attention seeker, and harassed to death…she’s making things worse than hell, true enough she’s digging her own grave…she really is a jerk and an anaconda for that matter… I feel that she’s not sincere enough to Bianca….she isn’t her real friend…their friendship is just a front…it
maybe unfair to say all these things, I admit I don’t know exactly how close they are… I maybe mean and so inconsiderate but Mariel’s is definitely not a girl we must respect and emulate.

Why do pudgies continue to shout still fighting until now? It hurts really if we didn’t get what we want or if simply things were not working on our favor… but it’s the essence of life….we have to understand everything that is happening, we are pressed on every side by a lot of disappointments…so this is the feeling of a true blue avid fan who have stick it out with their idols come hell or high water….now I know the feeling of being there and for you guys who in one way or
another has cross this line like I did and the rest who never get tired of
waiting and hoping for all its might….apir tayo guys we’re on the same boat afterall…

KAHIT SAAN MAN TAYO DALHIN NG LAHAT NG ITO…AT KAHIT SA KANGKUNGAN MAN….AT KAHIT MAGHINTAY MAN TAYO SA WALA at kahit ang lahat ng bagay na ito ay babalik at babalik sa WALA…still there’s a lot of lessons learned from all of these things….at the end of the day we came out totally blessed with what we get out
of this BIANJOE adventure….the friendships that has treasured after all these laughters and tears REMAINS PRICELESS that once upon our lives we are touched by this heartwarming story of pure….unselfishlove of two people who are destined to find each other…..

ang maging isang fan bow!!