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Happy or sad….bored or simply on the right track are some of the
things that we encounter each day. Life holds no promises to what will exactly come our way, it really makes no guarantee as to what we will have tomorrow or in the future. I realized that happiness is a very subjective factor in one’s life..some may nor may not agree with this but being happy doesn’t depend much on achieving something, or what you really want, but rather making the best of what is given to you….the facts of life has taught us to assume nothing.. to expect little…to do more…to need less…to laugh a lot…to pray always and yes, to dream big.. It’s hard to accept the fact that LIFE ISN’T FAIR…it never was and will never be and the only thing that can make us completely happy is contentment, but a man can never be
contented, it is in his nature to get what he wants at all cost and continue to aim high come hell or high water.

In our struggle towards a good life we are not spared of failures, hardships and disappointments, we get knocked down by its
complexities. A series of disheartening experiences made me damn down and miserable. It was in these moments of grieving for losing our parents in a tender age that the time had come for us to feel everything in a knife cuts-a-knife way, the collective pain and the question of why do we have to feel this way seemed quite inevitable, I
was consumed of a fear I couldn’t shake, and another was feeling the full weight of the world’s sins on my shoulders, whatever…no matter how painful it was it truly made us strong….with what happened to us…nothing shocks me anymore.

One of the most important lessons I learned in this life that I felt that to be true, was no matter how bad things get…we can never left out in the colds…we are never left alone and unsupported… that no
matter how hard it was there are a lot of people whose behind your back and would continue to be there for you through good and bad times, things may not work for you sometimes, things maybe so unfair but it takes us to be patient to leave things in God’s hands all the time…wanna share this “super” text message….about life…aysos akaw anlupit nitu dyableg!!

ang buhay ay simple laang…pag humingi ka ng alimuran at ang ibinigay sa iyu ay ibobug….ay kulunguhin mu na laang baet…..kung palabas ka at biglang umulan, pasalamat ka at de ka na magdidilig ng halaman mu…ang sarap ng buhay ay depende na laang sa iyung pananaw….de mu man malasap agad ang ginhawa…may bagay naman na dapat mung matan-aw….de ka bibigyan ng Diyos ng de mu kaya o de mu napagtatagumpayan kung walang pagsubuk…kung wala ang lahat ng itu paanu mu maaalman ang taglay mung kalakasan…. saka ka lang naman matututung magsaing pag sinubukan mu na de baga?

Hello….text baga itu?


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True enough guys…cellphone has invaded our lives to the hilt that some or most of the people in our society can’t live without it…Yes, i heard somebody said that he is his cellphone, and i believe i am too for some reasons, i am my cellphone and became a permanent inhabitant of NOKIA 3310 upgraded to N3315 after a year and then after considerable years of not having accessed to MMs thing, here comes a great opportunity of having N70….music edition….recon?hehehe, thanks to my sistah for moving heaven and earth to get it for me, love yah my pepot lobo!!

How i got my N3310 was something i would really cherish for the rest of my life, nax.. i’m not exactly sure how i been that fortunate for winning one of the eighteen (18) cellphones in CLSU (Central Luzon State University at Nueva Ecija..) raffle draw held many summers ago in their foundation day, a single ticket costs only P20.00 and i got a cellphone which at that time seemed so alien to me….hello, panu baga mag-text? So in a jiffy it came like a thief in the night… i got it from one of the organizers who has a relative in San Luis, and cousin Aileen called me thru a landline and delivered the good news, and the rest as they say is history. I never asked for it really, cuz you know during that time….wala pang cellsite ditu sa bayan ng mga akaw….de baga kidlat anu? Never in my wildest dreams would i ever expect to have it, you can call it “chamba” thing…well….i guessed….maybe…(tsk…tsk..mainit init pa.…i just got a water purifier from Mel&Joey 3rd month anniversary special 2 weeks ago, its gonna get aired tomorrow night)….watch it please….asos nag plug pa anu hehehe!!

So in no time at all i have awakened with the reality of my sudden affinity for communication technology. I realized that my super freakin boring life has become completely dependent on the services of my most cherished possession…my cellphone…na lagi na laang check operator!!! ay anu na baga yang cellpon na iyan lagi na laang walang lod pag aku nagpapatex sa iyu…..diyaski kaaa…sabi ni anene!!

My 3310 by the way is still alive and kicking until this very day, it has a globe sim in it, this original blue piece of finnish technology a size of a maxipad has taken a large portion of my life, having with me all day and all night everywhere i go, it has been with me through the many not exactly milestones and mundane things of my day to day life of being single and being happy most of the time….no frills…no trills but….love life….anyway…nawawala na aku sa topic ku hihihi…hello….i heard about a thousand births and deaths of many relatives, friends and famous people in the universe, its quite apparent that i think many would agree with me that cellphone has become a part of everyone’s life….since i live in a province and a certified “promdi” where once upon a time PLDT and RCPI were making a lot of money for long distance communication and social telegrams remember?, it’s truly a blessing from heaven up above to be aided with a cellsite after a lot of hullabaloo and hassels hounding the province being away from the hustle and bustle of a city life….i really love being a promdi, i really am…and now my life has considerably a lot more exciting now knowing the privilege of having an access to internet…the ym thing, the instant communication right under our noses….thus the controversial NBN deal is taking our country by storm…what with large amount of kickbacks….for Joey de Venecia, Abalos and Neri enough for Miriam to accuse China of inventing corruption and later apologized to Chinese government through their ambassador…well anyway…. it’s amazing to have a broadband right into your own room…keeping me in constant possible communication with my dearest brother Eric who is about to graduate next year from NAU for his super “corpus linguistics” doctorate degree, yehey…sis els, an “akaw eventologist” nax… great… the next invasion would be, let’s see…if plans don’t miscarry…hold your breath… DYERABASIN?..there’s no turning back….joke..lor is uber busy with being a chef at emirates airlines….and cousin Tops who is a PR man who writes in one…two and three publications in Dubai including EN VOGUE mag…sosi anu??

And so i have to end this time as i would now rush to my meeting with the coop at Pingit-ARC…..see yah around guys….mag ee alikek pa kami ni ka taptap ay!!