feels so good


Posted on : 27-09-2007 | By : | In : EMOTE ka dyan!!

my very first post ever!!

Life is so hard, as in super, prices for commodities and everything continue to rise every single day, many people are getting so tired of all these hardships….Yeah, there will always be that damn thousand and one reasons to be so stressed and depressed. What a way to start blogging, i got my inspiration from my super lovely sister to come out naturally, well…she got it, she’s funny and has a way to rise above the situation…if you know what i mean….bwehehehehe…..

Here’s a list….i don’t mean to be a Kris Aquino in her latest issue of K magazine…the L lists?!! well, i want cha to really think about it guys, with a whole lot of inspiring stuff here’s my own version of feeling good things:

1. laughing so hard, na napapaihi ka na, and your face hurts na;
2. falling in love, kasama baga talaga itu?
3. getting an e-mail or snail mail sa post office
4. hearing your favorite song on the radio
5. giggling
6. laughing ( na naman) with yourself
7. having someone tell you that you’re so beautiful, asos!!
8. a good conversation
9. accidentally overhearing some people say something nice about you!!
10 wrapping gifts under the christmas tree and have something for everyone!!

well, whatever stuff we are getting into, it’s really how well we take everything in stride, it would always be gratifying to learn how to smile and laugh about it…more to come pramis!!