Welcome to the Batangbaler donors page:Batangbaler is a private blog/website and is not connected with any government personality or private institution nor with any organizations, churches or individual and it will remain as such unless someone bribes me with a million dollars, a house by the sea and a private jet. Most of the expenses are donated by Balerians or Aurorans who find this blog interesting, useful, and entertaining. Batangbaler needs about 30 thousand pesos every year to keep liquid. Most expenses are on yearly domain registration, monthly hosting, internet connection fees and other incidental expenses. Most of them are paid from donations, and some from advertising. Donations are accepted throughout the year but i always run a pledge drive of sorts once a year.

How you can donate:

Paypal Donation – this is the easiest method of donating to Batangbaler. This online service is secure and offers different kind of payment options. Just click on the donate button below to donate.

Direct donation – you can contact me or contact your relatives here in Baler and tell them to contact me about donations. I accept donations in any denominations and currencies. Rest assured that less than 1% of your donation will go to the beer fund. I post the names of my donors here. My email address is batangbaler at gmail dot com or admin at batangbaler dot net.

Deposit directly to Batangbaler’s webhost – Contact me at the above email address and i will send you details on how you can directly deposit to the hosting company of batangbaler.

Advertise – You may have a business that needs to be advertised like our loyal sponsor Boris Travel and Bisazza Philippines (both are managed by Aurorans). Contact me and i can give you details on how to advertise on this blog.

Thanks to these people for keeping this website alive. Batangbaler runs on 100% donation fuel.

Sponsors 2012
Mr. Ric Atienza (
Ms. Irene Maliwanag (
D2mabo Digital

Sponsors 2011
Mr. Ric Atienza (
Ms. Irene Maliwanag (
D2mabo Digital
Ms. Gina Laureta
Mr. David Noveras

Sponsors 2010
Mr. Ric Atienza (
Ms. Irene Maliwanag (

Sponsors 2009
Mr. Ric Atienza (
Ms. Irene Maliwanag (

Sponsors 2008
Ms. Irene Maliwanag (
Mr. Ric Atienza (
Ms. Hiyas Querijero
Mayor Annabelle Tangson (personal donation)

Sponsors 2007
Mr. Rubio Ruidera (USA)
Mr. Jimmy Bautista (Switzerland)
Ms. Irene Maliwanag (
Mr. Ric Atienza (
Ms. Nympha Poblete (Chicago, USA)
Ms. Nikki Briones (Singapore)
The Mesina Family of Baler

Sponsors 2006
Mr. Rubio Ruidera
Ms. Kohne Angara-Bitong
Mr. Ric Vincent Atienza
Mr. & Mrs. Cora and Amador Del Prado
Ms. Nympha Poblete
Vice Gov. Annabelle C. Tangson (personal donation)

Sponsors 2005
Mr. Rubio Ruidera
Mr. Ezer De Guzman
Ms. Vangie Daton-Sanchez
Ms. Johanna Baltazar Buliyat
Ms. Anna Sindac Manansala
Mr. Jimmy Bautista
Mr. Tirso Delos Santos Jr.
Ms. Nerissa Lui

Sponsors 2004
Mr. Rubio Ruidera
Ms. Johanna B. Buliyat
Ms. Gay Avellano
Ms. Russiell Rada
Mr. Arnold Costa
Ms. Donna Costa
Ms. Aurora Rada

Sponsors 2003
Ms. Hiyas Joy Querijero
Ms. Joan Querijero
Ms. Stef Valenzuela

The digital camera Canon Powershot G6 used by Batangbaler was donated by the Aurora Association USA. (Unfortunately, the camera died a year ago. It had a very productive life. Now Batangbaler is running on borrowed equipment)

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