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Project Gutenberg of the Philippines

As a background Project Gutenberg “is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971 and continues to inspire the creation of eBooks and related technologies today.” It has the biggest catalog of electronic versions of books and texts that are out of copyright or in the public domain.

The Project Gutenberg of the Philippines is a website that aggregates e-books or e-texts related to the Philippines. This amazing collection includes writings of Jose Rizal, the Doctrina Christiana, old literatures, and the massive 55-volume the Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 and more.

A brief history of the "clenched fist" image

A persistent symbol of resistance and unity, the clenched fist (or raised fist) is part of the broader genre of “hand” symbols that include the peace “V,” the forward-thrust-fist, and the clasped hands. The clenched fist usually appears in full frontal display showing all fingers and is occasionally integrated with other images such as a peace symbol or tool.

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Mt. Everest

Romeo “Romi” Garduce hopes to become the first Philippine to summit Mt. Everest. A systems analyst in his 30’s, Garduce summited Cho Oyu in September 2005. On Jan 1, 2005, he became the first Philippine to climb Aconcagua. Now he will join an international team for Everest, and will follow Hillary’s route from the Nepali side of the mountain. Romi plans to acclimatize on a lower peak in the Khumbu area – fellow Philippine Jon Villareal will join him on the acclimatization peak.

Read Romi’s blog on GMA’s Pinoy sa Tuktok ng Mundo.
And this is Romi’s original blog.

Good luck to him. The GMA coverage of Romi’s attempt makes it look like he is the only person climbing Mt. Everest this season. Actually there are countless people trying the summit this year. Check out the list. Romi will be joining an international team that will climb the E from the Nepalese side.

First Philippines Mt. Everest Expedition ’07 – this one is being covered by ABS-CBN, so if you’re solid Kapuso, you will not know that there is also another Philippine Expedition going on. In fact two of them are already in Nepal and will try to climb the mountain as a reconnaisance party this May.

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