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The Shores of Dipaculao

I’m slowly uploading photos of my recent solo motorcycle road trip from Baler to Dinadiawan. I started taking photos at Amper and frequently stopped to take pictures of great views at Ditale, Diarabasin, Borlongan, Dianed and Dinadiawan. The roads were already concreted all the way to Dinadiawan so taking the trip is a breeze. The photos are at the BatangBaler FB Page.

Some Aurora Videos to Cure (or Induce) Homesickness

The creative people of the Aurora Provincial Tourism Office have been consistently producing and uploading promo videos of Aurora. They do these in-house and most videos were shot by Mac Ritual and edited by Ryan Ritual. Here are some samples.

Aurora Philippines – One Destination, Endless Adventure.

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Baler Links

Baler on the net:

Baler is 400 Years Old. from Bilingual About the different events of the Baler 400 Years Celebration. Here’s more we should look out for:

Ongoing from March to December is a playwriting competition for radio and film. In June, there will be a sabutan fashion show. Also upcoming is the Juana La Loca production.

Slated for August are the airing of the “Tabak at Sampaguita” series over DZRH, and the staging of the zarzuela “Baler ng Puso Ko,” “Gabi ng Musikang Filipino,” and “Balagtasan Para sa Paglinis at Paglunti ng Baler.”

In September, the “Green the World” clean up project in Baler will be launched; and in October, the UN Stand Up and Take Action Against Poverty campaign will take place.

Planned for November and December is the Hispanic heritage-linked studies with participants from Union Latina in cooperation with UNESCO, Spain, Casa Asia/Instituto Cervantes leading to “Baguio to Baler Arts Caravan.” Also planned for December is the setting up of the Baler Arts Academy.

More activities are lined up for the Baler 400th anniversary celebration including those of under the National Historical Institute and the National Museum.

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By the way, Baler is actually more than 400 years old. It’s already here when the Spanish landed in 1609.

Little Paradise. From Raneil Antonio Ibay’s Multiply Page:

Merely describing Baler would not suffice. You’d have to be there to know what I mean. Experiencing this little paradise for yourself is the only way you’ll see the true essence of Baler.

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The Bounty of Baler

from the Business Mirror written by Benjamin Layug:

BALER, the provincial capital and center for trade and industry of Aurora province, found itself back in the radar recently when a namesake movie won as Best Picture and a host of other awards in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, its plot based on the 337-day (June 27, 1898-June 2, 1899) siege of its Spanish garrison by Filipino rebels.

When the garrison finally surrendered (the last to do so in the country), Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, in admiration, declared, on June 30 (now Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day), that the remaining 33 Spanish soldiers were not to be imprisoned but honored as friends. Me and my family watched the movie and, being actually filmed on location, I was also impressed by its rugged scenery and decided to visit it. I did so on Holy Week. With me were my two kids, Jandy and Cheska, plus lady friends Lourdes “Lulu” Siguenza and Rosevie “Vi” Sevilla.

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I just want to correct something. In the article, Mr. Layug wrote:

Long before the movie, Baler was already known as one of the country’s top five surfing areas, its tall waves “artificially” created when the town’s engineers opened the mouth of Baler Bay to the town’s river to prevent flooding during the rainy season. The clashing waters coming from the river and the Pacific formed strong, sharp break waves that now provide an exhilarating high among experienced surfers.

This is not true. Baler always has big waves and they were not artificially created. Town engineers periodically open or enlarge the river’s mouth to prevent floods during typhoon season but they only affect the natural waves near the river. The more popular surfing spots along Sabang Beach and Cemento Cove are all natural.

Tourism Update

Some updates from the Provincial Tourism Office:

Mdme. Charlotte M. alerted me about a 1-day jewelry-making exhibit happening at the Baler Municipal Plaza right this very moment – March 20, 2009. Buy and patronize the products of the women of Aurora!

And the youtube page of the Aurora Tourim Office has a new video: Aurora Philippines Friday the 13th Surfari. The surf spot is Dalugan, Casiguran, Aurora. Watch.

And I discovered that they also have a flick page. Check out the Tourism Aurora Flickr Page.

A website would be good.