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Are you in favor of converting Baler into a City?

Date Filed: 2007-12-06
Principal Author: ANGARA, JUAN EDGARDO M.
Date Read: 2007-12-17
Primary Referral: LOCAL GOVERNMENT
Bill Status: Pending with the Committee on LOCAL GOVERNMENT since 2007-12-17

Asides from an act of Congress, a plebiscite is required before a town could be converted into a city. So let’s have a mini-plebiscite right now. Just click on the red or blue bar (or the yes or no words) depending on your vote.


from a news in Manila Bulletin:

Cong. Juan Edgardo M. Angara, a son of Senator Edgardo Angara, has filed a House resolution seeking the creation of Baler into a component city, saying that its conversion will spur the economic growth and progress of this historic town.

Another news is here.

There is a hurdle in this bill because the Local Government Code has specific requirements that a certain town should meet for conversion into a city. A town’s population should not be less than 150,000 (Baler – 34,000), the land area should be at least 100 square kilometers (Baler – 121 ) and average income should be 20,000,000 or above. Baler does not meet all the requirements that’s why Cong. Angara is asking for an exemption. Last year 16 towns in the country, all doesn’t meet the Local Government Code requirements, were converted to cities by means of legislation. The League of Cities of the Philippines is against this move because it would mean a decrease in the internal revenue allotment for all the existing cities in the country. Read here, here, here and here.

What do you think are the pros and cons of turning our town into a city. Will it really cause “economic growth and progress” or will it only add a meaningless word to our towns name?

This reminds me of one observation I had during the Sining Silangan workshop held on 2006 at ANSHS. In one art exercise, the children participants were grouped and given a white cartolina and some pastel crayons. They were asked to draw a scene of Baler 10 years from that year. There were about 10 groups and all of their finished works includes a Jollibee and an SM stuck somewhere in the streets of Baler. The moral of the story: for the kids, progress means having a Jollibee and an SM in town. The bad news is, most adults also think so.

My vote to the poll is NO.

You’re also encouraged to comment on this issue.

Note (March 13, 2008): I accidentally deleted this post a while ago. I wanted to edit it and I clicked on “delete” instead of “edit”. I only managed to restore it by copying the feeds. Unfortunately all the comments were erased. The last time i checked there were almost 20 comments in this post and all provided good insights on the topic. Most of them were against the proposed conversion. So I’m urging those who posted their comment to put their opinions again. They would help bring more sense to the issue. Thanks.