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First Week of April

I posted this weeks ago and didn’t know it was on private mode until somebody asked me where is it. So I’m re-posting it. And this is where I’ve been on the first week of April.

On April 1st the guests of the 12th Commencement Exercises of ASCOT arrived and we have a sort of welcome thingy at the Bay’s Inn. Among the guests were the French Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Gerard Chesnel which was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the graduation (the one with the white hair and beard); Dr. Benny A. Palma, first president of ASCOT and currently the president of Aklan State University (the one on striped yellow shirt with both hands in front) and Dr. Romeo S. Cabanilla, 2nd President of ASCOT (in red). Also in the picture are ASCOT VP Mr. Gerardo Rillon (white shirt), Mrs. Chesnel (in grey), Mr. Eriberto Rivera, ASCOT Student Affairs Director (in black), Dr. Eusebio V. Angara , ASCOT President (in pink, in front of Mr. Rivera) , and Dr. Oscar T. Vallejo, ASCOT VP-Academic Affairs (in plaid shirt). With them are the ASCOT streetdancers. Click on the picture to view the large version.

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GJ and Dylan

I whipped up this MTV of my two kids GJ (3yrs old) and Dylan (1yr old) to serve three purposes: (1) To update their Ninongs and Ninangs about them; (2) to try out my video editing skills; and (3) to test uploading videos to youtube. Consider this a Christmas greetings from the kids, their mom and myself. Happy Holidays. The youtube link is here.

Quick Post

I just came back from a 2-day trip of Metro Manila and Central Luzon. I attended a techie seminar at Systems Plus College Foundation in Angeles City, Pampanga. I managed to sneak out one time and go to SM Clark just in time for the North Luzon Philippines International Tourism Fair where Aurora has a booth. Gov. Castillo, Vice Gov. Tangson and other Aurora officials were there. I also managed to catch the EP launching of the OA’s, a Manila-based band with Balerian Kangker managing the drums. It turned into a sort of Akaw reunion with mostly Balerian audience. I have photos of the two events and I’ll post them in the coming days. Back to regular programming.

BB Fundraising Update

Great thanks to the early donors for the BB fundraising. The cash plus the pledges I received now adds up to a little more than 50% of the target. Thanks to Rubio Ruidera and Mr. & Mrs. Ador and Cora Del Prado, Kohne A. Bitong and Mayor Ariel Bitong, and Mr. Ric Atienza for your early replies.

For more info on how you can help, click here.

Wanted: Sponsors 2006

Batangbaler is again in begging mode. As of my last check, the BB piggybank has only 99 pesos, good for only half a day of hosting. It means that if the fund chest is not refilled by March 1, BB will close shop. Usually, the fund drains around June of every year. Actually I have already paid for hosting until June but I had to upgrade to a higher hosting package since the one I paid for can’t handle the traffic. End result: the dreaded “This Website Have Exceeded It’s Bandwidth Limit” message every last week of the month. In order to avoid this, I quadrupled BB’s hosting plan. And the money I paid for one year turned out to be good only for 8 months. that’s why i’m into begging mode this early. The domain registration however, will not expire until June.

Q. Why do I need to have Batangbaler hosted when i’m using a free blogging service –
A. I’m just using Blogger for convinience and I first used it for emergency purposes (2004 flashflood). Then i got stuck. I’m currently into migration mode, and this February or March, BB will switch to WordPress. I use blogger only to publish my blogs. The images (which eats up about 80% of bandwidth) still needs to be hosted. The guestbook, messageboard, chatroom, email client, and photo gallery are also hosted on the BB server – which is located somewhere in New Jersey.

Q. Why not ask the help of local politicians?
A. Ha ha ha, nice joke!

So I’m calling the usual Batangbaler benefactors and some new ones, to please help me with this problem. I need at least 15k to keep this website running for a year – most of it to be used for hosting and domain registration and about 1% for beer and sisig. If you’re in Manila or somewhere with a Unionbank or Metrobank branch you can email me for instructions on how you can deposit directly to BB’s hosting company so that you can be sure that your donation will be used for it’s real intention. If you’re from the US or other parts of the country, you have to send me your donation first and trust me that I will use only 1% of it for cervesa negra. My email address is batangbaler at gmail dot com or josephisdead at yahoo dot com.

I would like to thank all the BB sponsors who keeps on filling the piggybank. Without you Batangbaler is dead a long long time ago. And to all regular visitors of this blog – don’t change your channel. Thank you very much.

Now back to regular programming.

Welcome 2006

Howdy! I went out of Baler for a while. I just returned yesterday. The only passable road to Aurora is in a really bad condition. The road is in a comma and about to die. Going home is not a trip…it’s a torture. I hope that the planned construction project will push through this year. There was a buzz at the Cabanatuan central terminal yesterday that a D’ Liner bus fell off a cliff in the Canili-Pantabangan road and more than 30 people were killed. I later learned that it was even reported on local radio. It turned out to be a chismis. Whatever happened to fact-checking? Last December 29, Mike Enriquez reported on Channel 7’s 24 Oras that Baler is “lubog sa baha”. I wonder if they’re source is the same person who reported the bus accident.

Casiguran is still not accessible by land. The only way there is via sea. A “pump boat” was reported missing the other day but it was later found by Navy helicopters. All passengers were safe (from Channel 7).

Here’s the’s news about the recent flooding in Casiguran.

Wassup with BB this year?

I’m currently rewiewing all of last year’s BB posts. I’m planning to come up with a Batangbaler’s Best of 2005. I’m also in the process of migrating BB to WordPress and hosting the posts in it’s own server instead of piggybacking on blogspot. Target date is before 2010 :-).

I will also revive the Batangbaler Videos. Hopefully BB can come up with original videos or short clips to be hosted on Google Videos. I tried posting a sample video last week and it’s now live. Check out a low-fi 4-minute vid of Villa Aurora a month after the 2004 disaster.


Thanks to Banot and Donna Costa and to Ate Gay Avellano for my Christmas gifts/pasalubong.


On the wedding of BB regular Connie Bayudan last December 27 and for the upcoming wedding of Enod Buen. Spread the Balerian genes!